Top 6 Common Moving Mistakes and How to Overcome Them

Are you planning on relocating cross country soon? Then you should make sure that you are aware of the common moving mistakes that most people tend to make and know how to deal with them. Relocating long distance is a complex process, and even a small mistake can lead to significant consequences. For this reason, you should make sure to do proper research before you start preparing for the relocation. To help with this, Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping has put together a list of common mistakes when relocating and a quick guide on how to avoid them. Read more…

Is It Better to Ship Your Car or Drive It When Moving

Deciding on whether to ship your car or drive it when relocating to a new home is a question that plagues even those that have some previous moving experience. We offer a list of relevant factors that may affect the move. Contemplate them carefully and consider your current needs and circumstances to make an educated decision.
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3 Tips on What You Should be Packing Into Small Moving Boxes

Packing Items into small moving boxes
Packing Items into small moving boxes

As laborious and time-consuming as it might be, packing for a move is a very straightforward process. All that you have to do is wrap things, put them in moving boxes, provide cushioning, and seal the moving boxes. Breakable and fragile items need a little extra care, of course, but the main idea remains the same. As long as you know how to pack your things into moving boxes the right way, everything should go smoothly. Yet, it isn’t just the correct packing techniques that matter, using the right moving boxes is just as essential. There are bigger and smaller boxes, ideal for certain items. Flat Price Movers and Auto Shipping is here to help you by giving 3 tips on what you should be packing into small moving boxes. Read more…

6 Possessions That You Should Hire Luxury Movers to Pack

A luxury home
A luxury home

People who are moving are always looking to find ways to get through the move while saving as much money as they can. The whole moving process is a notoriously expensive affair. Each proved money-saving technique should be used to help you get your things to your new home without going broke. Depending on the type of household possessions that you are moving to your new home, there are times when it is much better to pay more for professional movers. They have more experience with moving who will ensure that your expensive and valuable possessions reach your new home in one piece. Read our Flat Price Movers and Auto Transport article on the 6 possessions that you should hire luxury movers to pack to know when hiring luxury movers is worth the cost. And above all, why hiring luxury movers when you can employ regular movers for less money? Read more…

7 Things That Affect the Cost of Your Car Transportation

7 things that affect the cost of your car transportationWhether you are moving due to work or family, you will most likely need to transport your car.

This may be a tricky question. If you are moving across the country, driving your car can be dangerous, and you have to think about hiring a vehicle transportation company. The cost of shipping a vehicle all the way across the country depends on a few key factors. The 7 things that affect the cost of your car transportation are: Read more…

Packing Without Bubble Wrap

How to pack without bubble wrapYou are going to need the proper packing materials if you want to pack up your things for the move so that they are safe during the transit to your new home. Getting all of the necessary packing supplies to ensure that your belongings get to your new home in one piece can be expensive, particularly if you want to move fragile and easily breakable objects. Now to help you lower the strain on your moving budget we at Flat Price Moving and Auto Transport want to tell you how you can pack without bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is an air-filled plastic material that is used primarily for packing all of your fragile objects. In the article below, you are going to find out about some great bubble wrap substitutes that are in your home for free.

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Tips for packing trophies for your move

TrophyYou have just confirmed your residential move, and you are about to start the introductory tour around your house with the purpose of deciding which of your household things you wish to take with you to your new home, and which items you will leave behind. You have probably read some useful moving tips, and you already know that moving only the things that you will need in the future will save you a lot of money and a massive amount of time. Now while going through your home, you will come across your collection of trophies that you have won over your time in your current city. Now, a few critical questions might pop up in your head very quickly, like: Is it worth moving all the trophies you own? How can you pack these trophies when relocating so that they can be transported safely? In this article, we want to provide you with a few tips on how you can pack your trophies to protect them as you move to your new home. Read more…

How to pack handbags when relocating

Tips for packing handbags

In case you consider your handbag your survival kit in everyday life, from your phone and your wallet to your lipstick and your pocket tissues, it holds everything you might need while you are out of the house. Additionally, it is a fashionable accessory to your outfit and helps show your individual style and preferences. Hence, the chances are that you count your clutches and purses among your most cherished possessions, and will want to keep them secure and in one piece for as long as possible.

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7 most common things people forget to pack


People forget things. Whenever we are put under a lot of stress, like during a relocation, for example, our memory-writing and memory-reading capabilities often seem to become too defective to serve us well during these transitional periods. This results in us ending up with a number of important things we forget to do and pack when moving to a new home. You probably will not forget to pack your TV, your computer or your favorite coffee table, but there are also some other household items in your home; some seriously important, that you might simply forget to take with you.

Here are the 7 most common things that people forget to pack when they move to a new house.
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Tips on how to pack a chandelier when moving

chandelierA chandelier can be a beautiful and expensive centerpiece in any home, and the last thing you would want is to see it damaged during a move. The chandelier you own may even carry a lot of sentimental value. Therefore it is essential that you pay extra attention when you are packing your chandelier for moving.

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