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Moving Insurance

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      Being nervous about relocating is common, and it’s even more common to worry if all your belongings will stay in one piece during transport. Since we all know accidents happen and there’s never a guarantee things will go flawlessly, Flat Price Moving and Auto Transport Company offers moving insurance to cover potential damages.

      What Does Our Company Offer With the Moving Insurance Service?

      When you book standard moving services with us, you can choose between many options to accommodate your needs and budget. To us, the most important part of any relocation is that the customers feel comfortable throughout the process, and insuring all their belongings at home isn’t just the fastest way to achieve that, but the fairest, too.

      Trusting your items and furniture with a company is never an easy decision. Still, we can guarantee that, despite providing compensation in case of damage, our movers are professional and trained to pack and handle all sorts of items. If it were easy for everyone, relocation companies wouldn’t have existed; this is why, with us, you won’t regret the decision.

      With relocation insurance, we offer fair compensation, reliability, and trustworthiness.

      What Does Our Company Offer With the Moving Insurance Service?

      Moving Insurance is an Essential Part of Our Standard Relocation Service

      The best part about choosing our cross-country moving company is that, when you contact us for standard relocation service, you get a few services for free. And if you guessed that insurance might be one of them, you’re right.

      Besides the mandatory protection for damages, you get furniture and appliance packing, truck transport and loading, and storage use for free. We provide expansions for every type of service to make it possible for the customers that don’t want just the basics or have the budget to add a little extra to their move.

      To learn what we cover as essential parts of your relocation, it’s best to contact our customer support and talk to them about all the necessary services and options for going to a new home. There’s nothing support can’t help you with, so ask for a free quote through our website or call our number.

      What Kind of Relocation Insurance Can You Get? We Can Help You Decide Based on Your Needs

      As mentioned, our cross-country movers provide expansions of services, which essentially means that, besides the basic coverage, you can opt for other types of it, too. These come at a new, additional cost, which is something our customer support team can help you with the most.

      Mandatory Liability Insurance - the Basic Relocation Coverage

      Mandatory liability insurance for moving companies is the free service every customer gets with their move. Long-distance movers can promise you 60 cents per pound of damaged goods in case of any damage to your belongings.

      The mandatory liability protection applies to all the packed things, whether you or movers handled them. Everything in the transportation truck will be covered in case unexpected events happen. Our customer support team will let you know which stuff cannot be transported in the truck, too, to avoid damage altogether.

      Full Value Replacement Insurance - Total Coverage for the More Valuable Items

      If you want the more extensive moving insurance coverage, you can opt for a Full Value Replacement Insurance policy (FVRI). It isn’t just some cents per pound – it’s the whole package. This type of coverage applies to the items packed only by our movers at your home but can also be used for the more valuable and custom-crated things.

      It’s a great decision to insure items at their full value if they’re extremely important to you. However, this comes at a fee, the cost of which will be determined after you decide what to insure this way.

      Because We Think of Everything, Your Car Is Insured During Transport, Too

      Since Flat Price is both a relocation and car shipping company, there’s a coverage included for your vehicle, too. Transporting our customers’ vehicles safely is the policy we like to boast about, but as with any shipping, cars can suffer damage, too.

      Depending on the trailer you choose, we have car protection for sums of up to $100,000 and $500,000. Contact our support to get more information on car shipping and which insurance sum applies to which.

      Because We Think of Everything, Your Car Is Insured During Transport, Too

      The Best Kind of Coverage Is the One Where You Feel Safe and Protected the Most

      Our long-distance moving company can offer services for anyone’s needs – from 60 cents per pound liability to full value coverage. This is important because we want every person who moves with us to feel safe and protected during relocation. All that matters is that you decide what kind of coverage works best for you and prepare your home, and we can handle the rest.

      Make sure to use the option that balances the budget and needs, and think hard if any of your household items require extra protection. While we are here to help and do the most for you, it matters how much and what you do for the belongings you value the most. We can’t promise any absolutes, but we can always do our job and provide the best relocation services possible.

      All You Have to Do to Get More Information and Choose the Services You Want Is to Call Us

      Finally, to get the best of our long-distance moving services, all you have to do is contact us. You won’t simply choose insurance after calling us – you’ll choose among so many other services included in the standard package, the cost of additional ones, and learn about our every policy.

      Just fill out the free quote form on our website or simply give us a call. Our customer support team will be happy to help and answer your questions to the best of their ability; more importantly, they will organize your move fully and without a hitch.

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