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      Moving to or from Detroit

      Whether you pick Motor City for its history, musical heritage, the simultaneity of the urban and family life, or the strong neighborhood community, you would need to contact top-level Detroit movers who are one hundred percent up for the task. With Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping, you can’t go wrong – we offer a guaranteed quote with a range of top quality services and a highly experienced crew that cares about your wishes and needs.

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      Meet the True Nature of the Motor City

      Detroit’s nicknames are well earned, regarding that it is home for the “Big Three” car companies – Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis North America. Many crucial events regarding the American automobile and traffic history are in one way or another connected to this city, earning him the title of The Town That Put The World on Wheels. Preoccupation with traffic and automobiles is evident when it comes to the town’s infrastructure, but that is all about to change – the Motor City is currently focused on creating larger numbers of green spaces and roads intended just for biking or walking.

      Automobiles and roads are not everything Motor City is good at – it has an outstanding music scene. Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Eminem are just a few of the music names whose young life is connected to Motown and shaped by its culture. Furthermore, the beginnings of some nowadays famous music genres like punk rock and techno are linked to this exquisite city. It is no wonder that music and dancing are a must when it comes to public events. Art is obviously a huge part of Detroit’s culture, and you are able to see it in easily recognizable Art Deco style in the town’s architecture (buildings such as Fisher Buildings, Fox Theatre, and alike), but also just by walking through the city and looking at numerous murals and graffiti.

      If the urban scene is not what you are looking for, know that the most frequent housing type is a single-family home with amiable and friendly neighbors who value personal contact and often organize very entertaining gatherings.

      Detroit Neighborhoods That Will Enchant You

      The Motor City is in the top thirty most populated cities in the United States and the most populated one in Michigan, which results in a vast number of neighborhoods (even 85!) Each of the following neighborhoods has something unique to offer and is often considered affordable when it comes to house price rates (compared to other American cities).

      • Indian Village would be one of the top-rated residential areas of Motown, with lots of parks and outstanding architecture – some of Indian Village houses are built by famous architects at the beginning of the 20th century!
      • Downtown is the right choice for you if you prefer urban surroundings with lots of restaurants, parks, and coffee shops. The Downtown neighborhood is also a historic financial district of Motown and one of Detroit’s business centers. It is a preferable living area for young professionals, artists, and fans of the urban scene.
      • North Rosedale Park is another neighborhood that will give you a suburbian feeling with homes built in a diversity of styles, in which English Tudor-styled details dominate. It can also be helpful to know that this neighborhood has the second-best median income in Motown.
      • Midtown is famous for its nightlife, galleries, lofts, and condos suitable for renting and buying, as well as the historic structures, Wayne State University’s campus, and breathtaking views.
      • Corktown is the oldest neighborhood of Motor City – it dates around 1850, making it a historic district. Its name is connected to Ireland and Irishmen who named it by their place of origin – County Cork. It is firstly a residential area but contains few business properties, as well.

      When it comes to housing costs, note that urban locations can have a significantly higher price.

      Things to Do in Motown, Michigan – A Little Bit of Everything for Everyone

      As you can see, Motown represents an excellent mixture of different housing opportunities, according to your wants and needs. One thing is certain – with almost endless possibilities, living in Motor City could never bore you.

      If you consider yourself an art or history enthusiast, there are numerous museums you would love, located mainly in the Midtown neighborhood. Be sure to visit the Detroit Historical Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, or the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Note that more than half of Detroit’s population is African-American and that the African-American heritage is a big part of Detroit’s culture.

      When you get tired of inexhaustible nightlife in clubs such as Marble Bar or El Club or when you just want to spend a nice day outside with your family, be sure to visit some of the famous parks and green spaces, such as Riverwalk or Rouge Park.  Belle Isle, a renowned island park, the biggest one in the United States, is an unavoidable stop for every nature lover. However, be sure to remember that there are some urbanistic plans with the final goal of making this part of Michigan greener.

      If winter is not your preferred time of the year, you may find yourself cold when it’s not summertime, but the solution exists! You could warm yourself by performing some skiing, hiking, or biking activities at the well-known Paint Creek Trail and even become a part of some Michigan hiking clubs. And when you get hungry from all that action, don’t forget to visit some high-quality restaurants with exquisite food.

      Research Long-Distance Moving Services and Place Your Trust in the Best Cross-Country Movers in Detroit

      If you decide that relocating on your own is too big of a task, you would want to research all of the cross-country moving services you think suit your needs. Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping is the top choice if you are looking for a company that will provide you with top-notch cross-country moving service so that you can live through this otherwise very stressful process without a worry in the world.

      A fact that separates us from most other companies is that we give our quote based on the inventory list you provide. That means that we can give you a guaranteed price that won’t change unless you modify your list of belongings. So don’t worry about any hidden expenses – everything we charge is transparent, and the payment we expect is always the one we previously agreed on. We value our clients too much to damage the trust they put in us.

      Make Sure That Everything Is Safely Packed With Detroit Movers, Michigan

      When it comes to cross-country moving, it is worth mentioning that everything from picking up, disassembling, wrapping, protecting, loading, unloading, and reassembling is done by our well-trained movers. The best part is that we, unlike other companies, don’t charge this standard packing service! Note that it refers to your appliances, electronics, and furniture and that the price is included in the original quote. Each member of our crew is a professional with years of experience, so don’t be anxious about the well-being of your goods. On the other hand, if you need help with your boxes or some other heavy objects, you would want to add our professional packing service to your wishlist.

      Partial and Full Packing Service – Protect Your Boxes in Long-Distance Moving

      When you calculate the distance and the time needed for your belongings to get from your old to your new home, think about your breakables and valuables, which might not live through few lousy roads. We offer you a solution – our crew can protect your delicate dishware, inherited crystals, or liquor collection.

      You can pick a partial packing service, which implies boxing up a smaller amount of your belongings. However, if you want to pack more than 15 boxes, you would need a full packing service – it refers to anything from 15 boxes to the rest of your household. If you decide to engage our professional packers, make sure to deliver a detailed list of each object that should be packed in each box. You won’t have to worry about the supplies – our team will bring everything from boxes to wrapping materials.

      Furthermore, we also offer you custom crating for items with a specific shape or in need of special protection.

      Ship Your Car “Like a Boss” With Top Movers Detroit, MI

      One of our specialties is auto transport, so if you are looking to find a trustworthy and reliable car shipping company – look no more! Flat Price can save you from sleepless nights, either from unnecessary driving or worrying about the state of your car. Our drivers have years of experience in loading, shipping, and unloading cars, and they will do everything in their power so that your vehicle stays unharmed. In addition to that, in contrast to other relocation companies, we allow you to pack some of your belongings in your car!

      Choose Between Open and Enclosed Auto Carriers

      Whichever type of carrier you pick, rest assured that we care that your precious car arrives safely at the desired location. If you choose an open-trailer option, that means that you opt for the standard one, which is cheaper. However, we are not miracle workers (yet), so we can’t affect the weather, which means your vehicle can be exposed to the influence of rain or snow. The enclosed trailer option costs more, but your vehicle will be nicely tucked in a closed space, safe from any external influence. If you are a proud owner of an expensive or exclusive car, or you just love your “baby” too much, our company strongly recommends choosing the second option.

      Pick Up and Delivery Services – Long-Distance Movers at Flat Price Will Meet Your Needs

      Our auto transport company can provide you door-to-door as well as terminal-to-terminal delivery. If you choose the first option, which is always more convenient, you can expect your car to be picked and delivered outside your home(s). Even though it is not the cheaper option, it can save you time from going to our closest terminal. However, if entering your new street with our truck isn’t possible, we guarantee that your car will be delivered to the nearest possible place (parking lot, for example).

      Keep Your Belongings Safe With Flat Price Free Storage Options

      Because our team tries to think about every possible scenario, we decided to offer 30 days free storage service to all of our customers. In case your new home isn’t ready when our relocation vehicle arrives, we can help you and prevent unnecessary panic attacks – your belongings will be placed in a storage unit with high-quality technology and reliable guards 24/7 for the next month.

      Right Relocation Insurance Can Ease Your Mind

      Don’t bite your nails, wondering if your most important belongings will be safe and what you would do if something bad happens. Trustworthy relocation companies will always offer you different insurance options from which you can choose. Our company offers you:

      • Mandatory liability coverage, which is standard insurance provided for all of our customers, is based on the weight of a damaged object. That means that our long-distance moving company will provide you with 60 cents per pound of your damaged item. It is the cheapest option, regarding it doesn’t demand some extra charges.
      • Full Value Replacement is insurance you must pay for, and it is a guarantee that a damaged object will be replaced, or you would get a full money refund. Note that it refers only to items packed by our crew.
      • Insurance for singular items is also a chargeable option, demanding that the specific item is packed by our packers.
      • Car insurance amount depends on the type of trailer you choose – you’ll get better insurance for an enclosed trailer option – up to half a million dollars, compared to 100,000 USD for open trailers. Remember that in both cases, it covers only possible external damage.

      Contact Flat Price and Get a Free Quote

      If you decide that Motor City, Michigan, is the city of your dreams, and you want some professional help, don’t hesitate to contact us and get a cost-free quote, as well as impeccable boxing up, shipping and storage services. With years of experience in this business and a goal to please your every wish, we will provide you with a stress-free relocation. Thanks to all our satisfied customers the volume of our work is constantly spreading, so be sure to book us on time!

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