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      About Our Moving Services

      Flat Price is a company that offers a wide range of long-distance moving-related services, including packing, car shipping, and storage. Our basic moving package includes packaging and disassembling of furniture, as well as loading, transport, and unloading of your household belongings.

      All the trucks that we use to relocate our clients’ possessions are modern and in optimal condition, while our moving equipment and packing materials are only of the highest quality. We encourage you to contact us and let us know if you have any questions or special requests because we will do our best to meet them and prove our mettle. Simply fill out the quote form on our website or give us a call.

      Why Choose Our Company for Your Long-Distance Relocation

      As a reputable relocation company that has been in the industry for years, we helped thousands of Americans move cross-country and start a brand new life, and now you can be one of them.

      We take our work seriously by helping people move not just their households but entire lives quickly and safely to another part of the country. Our team consists of experienced movers who have all been well trained for this job and offer nothing but impeccable service. Therefore, our prices are the best you can find for such a level of service because we are known as a reliable company that takes care of their clients as well as their belongings.

      Why Choose Our Company for Your Long-Distance Relocation

      What Do Our Customers Say

      A lot of our clients opt for Flat Price services because someone else recommended us to them. We believe that there’s the right moving company for everyone, so feel free to check out our online reviews and see for yourself why so many people decided to open their doors for us and let us move their most precious belongings.

      What Else Can Our Movers Do for You

      If you are looking to get more than our standard service, our movers can do pretty much anything you need. There is not an item too bulky or too fragile for them; they will treat them all with equal care. However, keep in mind that the unpacking of the boxes is not a service we provide; everything else is listed down below:

      • Partial and full packing
      • Car shipping (open and enclosed trailer)
      • Storage (first 30 days are free)
      • Insurance (mandatory $0.60 per pound)


      Before you send us your quote request, we are sure you have more questions about our company and how we go about our business. Since we can’t tell you how much it costs to move a three-bedroom house before you fill out a quote and send us your inventory list, here are some FAQs that should show you the way around the often mysterious world of long-distance relocations.

      How can I know the price of your moving services?

      We strive to do our business transparently. Therefore, we always point out that we form our prices based on the inventory list provided by our clients. We offer guaranteed prices that aren’t susceptible to any hidden expenses. And we respect ourselves and our clients too much to low-ball them and charge more than we agreed. Once you get our offer for your list, you can add or remove things from the list up to one day before the moving day.

      How do I know if my move is local or long-distance?

      When it comes to this, keep in mind that a local move is a relocation within a 50-mile radius in the same state. Therefore interstate moves can also be considered local, but everything on a distance above 50-100 miles is considered a long-distance move. If you’re not sure what your relocation classifies as, give us a call and we’ll explain in more detail.

      I can’t move into my new home yet. What are my options?

      A lot of our clients are hesitant at first about whether or not they want to use storage. Perhaps you have not found your ideal home yet, or it is not ready for you to move in? You want to do some painting and remodeling before all the boxes get in? Then this is the perfect service for you. The use of our local storage is free of charge for the first 30 days, without any obligation to continue using it and pay anything after that.

      Can you help me move chemicals, flammables…?

      There are some items that not just us, but any other moving company out there won’t transport, and it is important to be aware of that to avoid any inconveniences on your moving day. This includes, among other things, hazardous materials, chemicals, explosives, living organisms, and flammable things. If you are not sure if something falls into these categories, feel free to contact our sales representatives and be on the safe side.

      How to create an inventory list?

      The ideal inventory list would contain all the items you want our movers to move, including their rough measurements, which are very helpful, especially for bulky items. In case some of your items require custom crating, we also offer those services.

      Can I still get supplies from you if I don’t want your packing service?

      Flat Price provides all the necessary supplies such as bubble wrap, boxes, mattress covers, wrapping and packing papers, but they are available only as a part of our partial or full packing service; we do not sell or rent them separately.

      The mandatory insurance you offer isn’t enough for me. Can I get third-party insurance?

      We are aware that, when paying for relocation services, our client wants to feel secure that their belongings will be handled with care, and that their items will be insured in case of any mishap. Whether you are moving furniture or transporting your car, your items are covered.

      • Open trailer truck transport – your vehicle is covered for external damage up to $100,000.00
      • Enclosed trailer truck transport – your car is covered for external damage up to $500,000.00
      • Household goods – your items are covered with liability insurance for 60 cents per pound. But, we always advise our clients to consider paying extra for full replacement value insurance.

      Does your company offer free in-home estimations?

      In some instances, when a client has a large amount of stuff, we will send our representative to help compile a precise inventory list and perform an in-home estimate. However, our company is currently able to offer this service only in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Our clients in other cities can perform a video estimate with the help of their smartphone.

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