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Moving Services

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      Relocating is a common occurrence, and everyone does it at least once in their lifetime. Despite having the courage to do everything on your own, it’s always a safer option to call a long-distance moving company and book their moving services. We at Flat Price Moving and Auto Transport are one of the most reliable relocation companies in the game, and we’d like to help you move with professional crews and a guaranteed price to quality ratio.

      What are the Moving Services of Our Long-Distance Moving Company?

      Moving long distance is complex and can take a long time, especially if done by yourself. Relocation companies exist to help anyone looking to move and change their lifestyle because having trustworthy and professional assistance is priceless. If there’s anything you feel to be overwhelming or difficult, don’t hesitate to contact us and get help from trained movers.

      What are the Moving Services of Our Long-Distance Moving Company?

      If you wish to reach out to us, you can submit a free quote request on our website instead of calling right away. This is an estimate of the cost of your relocation, but once you send it, our customer support will contact you back to make the full arrangements.

      How Much Does Our Relocation Service Cost?

      There are a few essential parts of relocation that are free and go into the standard relocation option. The main factor that dictates the cost is the household inventory list that you provide to the customer support team.

      Other factors that can determine the cost of relocation are distance, season, and any extra service you choose that can be booked for an additional fee. Of course, as soon as you contact our customer support and talk to someone who can give you more detailed information, you’ll also know which cost to expect.

      The one guarantee we can provide is that nothing besides the item list can determine the standard relocation price. This list can be altered before relocation day, and the price will adjust accordingly.

      What Services Do Movers Provide as Part of Their Essential, Long-Distance Moving Package?

      As mentioned above, we provide services for an additional cost and others that go into the standard relocation package. Our cross-country moving policy is to be transparent and open about everything that comes for a fee, but if you’re more interested in the free services, you’ll be happy to know the list is long enough to put a smile on your face.

      Our Movers Provide Furniture and Appliance Packing and Unpacking

      The first and probably the most important service that falls under standard relocation is handling the basic furniture and appliances – from the couch and chairs to the washer and dryer. Long-distance moving services may include packing all items you put on the household inventory list, but getting all the essentials packed and unpacked is a fundamental part of relocating.

      When you arrive at the new home, our movers will unload and unpack the very same furniture and appliances and even put them in the appropriate rooms. This is great because otherwise, you have packing options that are charged according to the amount, but no matter what, at least you’ll have your essentials right where they belong.

      Our Movers Provide Furniture and Appliance Packing and Unpacking
      You'll Get Free Truck Transport, Loading and Unloading with Our Company

      You'll Get Free Truck Transport, Loading and Unloading with Our Company

      We all know that there is no relocation without a relocation truck, so this service is also part of the standard relocation package. Of course, there has to be something to transport, so everything you add to the inventory list will end up in the truck.

      Loading the truck can be a more complicated matter than it seems. It isn’t just about placing boxes into a storage trailer. Arranging the furniture and boxes to fit perfectly, without colliding during transport, is the kind of thing we train our relocation crews for.

      And when your belongings arrive at the new home, they’ll be safely unloaded out of the truck and taken inside. There’s no room for error when handling customers’ belongings, which is why we have a safe, reliable, and efficient system that makes it possible to move without a hitch.

      The Best Way to Keep Your Items - Free Storage Service for Thirty Days

      What would happen if, by some chance, your home isn’t move-in ready just yet? What if an accident occurs, and you need time to fix it before placing every item where it belongs? If you did all of it alone, you’d spend so much money and time looking for a high-quality storage service.

      With Flat Price Moving and Auto Transport, storage use is free for thirty days and falls under the essential relocation service. This means that not only will you have a place to store your items, but you’ll be leaving them in top-notch, modern, and security-equipped storerooms provided by us.

      If you have to keep your items in storage for more than thirty days, our customer support team will let you know of the conditions and costs of that. The important thing to remember is that you can communicate with us about every aspect of the move, so contact us whenever necessary.

      Moving Long-Distance Is More Reliable with Relocation Insurance

      We wouldn’t be a very good relocation and car shipping company if we didn’t provide a safety net for your belongings. While our relocation workers are professional and highly skilled in packing and protecting boxes and furniture, accidents happen. We can’t promise that a little bump or dent won’t happen along the way, but we can promise reimbursement for any external damage.

      The essential relocation insurance is called mandatory liability coverage, and it reimburses you for 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. This applies to all the items located in the truck that both you and the movers packed together.

      If you feel like 60 cents per pound of damages isn’t enough reimbursement, contact our customer service to learn about other insurance options that come for an additional cost. We like to provide our customers with choices because we want to be there for those wishing to save up and move on a budget and those that don’t like to leave anything to chance.

      How Far in Advance Should You Book Our Long-Distance Movers?

      Knowing how far in advance to book relocation companies depends on many factors. Spring and summer are busier seasons than autumn and winter, so about two months in advance would be the best time to do it. You’ll have enough time to consider your home inventory list, declutter, and possibly save up for other, unexpected costs.

      Another thing to consider is the size of your home. The more belongings you have, the longer it will take to pack them all. Having more time means everything will be packed safely, you’ll be able to decide what to keep in storage and what to throw out, so when our relocation team arrives, you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

      We advise our customers to plan ahead, so when you send a quote, you’ll be asked about the time and distance of your move. Since we are an auto transport company, too, opting to pay for this will also take time and money to plan out, since the teams that transport cars and belongings are not the same.

      In short, you should book moving services for long-distance two months ahead at best, and four weeks at worst. Moves that are booked around four weeks before are considered last-minute since there’s not much a person can accomplish in this time window. It may seem like enough time to organize everything, but if you read some of our relocation-related blogs, you’ll see how many moving parts make one entire relocation process.

      How to Know if a Relocation Business Is Legitimate?

      Choosing a legitimate relocation firm is probably the most common dilemma potential customers have when they want to move to another home. How can I choose, and are the ones I chose the right mover for me?

      There are a few factors that distinguish a legitimate from a scamming relocation firm, and those are:

      • Legitimate relocation companies are registered on the FMCSA website and have a USDOT number,
      • They offer a quote before relocation even happens,
      • Relocation workers come to your home or take a video call to assess the number of items and the cost of the move,
      • They provide a guaranteed price that doesn’t change according to volume or weight, only by a home inventory list,
      • They have all the mentioned free services included and don’t ask for money in advance,
      • There are no hidden fees with legitimate relocation companies,
      • Their customer support is helpful, ready to assist and answer any questions, and they answer the call with the company’s name first.

      Generally, legitimate relocation companies will have all the necessary information listed transparently on their website. If there’s some information you can’t find, calling is the next thing to do.

      If, after calling in, you get all your questions answered, you won’t feel like this business is trying to rip you off, but more as if they know what they’re doing and that everything they provide is safe and reliable. On the other hand, if you still have questions, dilemmas, and trouble understanding some essential concepts, you may fall into a trap.

      Our customer support team consists of experienced, helpful, and knowledgeable people. They will explain every aspect of relocating clearly and give you a chance to choose between the standard options and the ones that come at additional cost. If you call us enough time in advance, you’ll be able to consider how to move forward and what your budget can accommodate.

      Relying on Flat Price Moving and Auto Transport Company Is the Best Decision For Your Move

      Booking our long-distance moving services is a great way to get everything you need out of relocating. We have experienced, skilled cross-country movers that provide the best packing and car shipping out there. We’re proud of every service we provide because we know they’ve helped many people move and start a new life effortlessly.

      When you get a quote on our website, the first thing our customer support will do is call you back to check for details. This means discussing in length about everything you wish to pack and add to the costs with them. They’ll advise you on the best time to move out, start packaging and planning, and the options you could pay for that would benefit you the most.

      Everyone’s relocation experience is different, which we haven’t just learned over the years but prepared for really well. This is why we know that offering various options to customers isn’t just wise but saves everyone a lot of time and money. Getting a custom relocation experience is our expertise, and the only way to find out how well we function is to call us and see for yourself.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Services

      Before you send us your quote request, we are sure you have more questions about our company and how we go about our business. Since we can’t tell you how much it costs to move a three-bedroom house before you fill out a quote and send us your inventory list, here are some FAQs that should show you the way around the often mysterious world of long-distance relocations.

      How can I know the price of your moving services?

      We strive to do our business transparently. Therefore, we always point out that we form our prices based on the inventory list provided by our clients. We offer guaranteed prices that aren’t susceptible to any hidden expenses. And we respect ourselves and our clients too much to low-ball them and charge more than we agreed. Once you get our offer for your list, you can add or remove things from the list up to one day before the moving day.

      How do I know if my move is local or long-distance?

      When it comes to this, keep in mind that a local move is a relocation within a 50-mile radius in the same state. Therefore interstate moves can also be considered local, but everything on a distance above 50-100 miles is considered a long-distance move. If you’re not sure what your relocation classifies as, give us a call and we’ll explain in more detail.

      I can’t move into my new home yet. What are my options?

      A lot of our clients are hesitant at first about whether or not they want to use storage. Perhaps you have not found your ideal home yet, or it is not ready for you to move in? You want to do some painting and remodeling before all the boxes get in? Then this is the perfect service for you. The use of our local storage is free of charge for the first 30 days, without any obligation to continue using it and pay anything after that.

      Can you help me move chemicals, flammables…?

      There are some items that not just us, but any other moving company out there won’t transport, and it is important to be aware of that to avoid any inconveniences on your moving day. This includes, among other things, hazardous materials, chemicals, explosives, living organisms, and flammable things. If you are not sure if something falls into these categories, feel free to contact our sales representatives and be on the safe side.

      How to create an inventory list?

      The ideal inventory list would contain all the items you want our movers to move, including their rough measurements, which are very helpful, especially for bulky items. In case some of your items require custom crating, we also offer those services.

      Can I still get supplies from you if I don’t want your packing service?

      Flat Price provides all the necessary supplies such as bubble wrap, boxes, mattress covers, wrapping and packing papers, but they are available only as a part of our partial or full packing service; we do not sell or rent them separately.

      The mandatory insurance you offer isn’t enough for me. Can I get third-party insurance?

      We are aware that, when paying for relocation services, our client wants to feel secure that their belongings will be handled with care, and that their items will be insured in case of any mishap. Whether you are moving furniture or transporting your car, your items are covered.

      • Open trailer truck transport – your vehicle is covered for external damage up to $100,000.00
      • Enclosed trailer truck transport – your car is covered for external damage up to $500,000.00
      • Household goods – your items are covered with liability insurance for 60 cents per pound. But, we always advise our clients to consider paying extra for full replacement value insurance.

      Does your company offer free in-home estimations?

      In some instances, when a client has a large amount of stuff, we will send our representative to help compile a precise inventory list and perform an in-home estimate. However, our company is currently able to offer this service only in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Our clients in other cities can perform a video estimate with the help of their smartphone.

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