What People Say About Us

What People Say About Us

Flat Prices for Boston Auto Shipping and Cross Country Moving. Guaranteed prices. No hidden fees or surprises.

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      Transporting my classic 1951 Chevy

      “Flat Price auto transport is 100% the go to auto transporter. I inquired about transporting my 1951 Chevy classic from the Bay Area to Southern California. Within less than 24 hours I was contacted by phone & spoke with a transporter expert, Mike. He told me about all my available options and explained everything including how my car would be insured during the transport. Flat Price Auto transport is very efficient and offers an excellent service. They follow up with you & keep you informed throughout the entire process. Paperwork is painless. I felt so assured that my classic was in great hands (which it was)! My car was delivered in a timely manor. My whole experience was great and would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking to transport your car. 5 stars! Definitely use Flat Price Auto Transport”


      Very careful!

      “I found this company online, checked the reviews and thought it’s a pretty good place to help me with my moving. From the very start they were professional and proved their good reputation. Everything was done on time and I was very careful in checking for damage. Long distance move is no joke, so I was really waiting for some setback… Thank you so much for your help, my parents are moving soon too, so I will recommend this company to them for sure.”

      Erica K.

      They aren’t your average moving company!

      “I moved from one place to another like every year, and each time I either rented the car or hired people to help me set up my new household. But every time I was like “eh, ok, could’ve been better” and movers were not showing any interest in helping me at all. !!!!BUT!!!! Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping is something I’ve never seen before. I’m now telling everyone I know to contact them as soon as they need to move out and need help in moving because this company is the best of all! They really do quote you a flat price based on your inventory!”

      Tome E.

      Chose professional movers

      “There’s an option to just rent a truck and move everything by yourself, but then I found these guys and thought it’s much easier because I had a very heavy drums set and piano. My family is a group of musicians. We figured we would be exhausted if there was no help. Therefore, choosing a help of a professional moving company was our best bet. David and Mark were super positive and it seemed like they were not tired at all during the moving process. Thank you so much!”

      Lessy T.

      We used their auto shipping too

      “I am so glad I selected this company, special thanks to Mary for great customer service. My husband and I haven’t moved out in years, so we accumulated a lot of stuff. Workers of Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping handled all the packing and wrapping tasks and till the last moment they were checking if everything was in the right place. We also had them pick up our van and my Prius, which was a time and money saver! Driving 2 cars cross country didn’t sign too appealing. We are more than happy with their service!”

      Barbi K.

      Really positive experience!

      “I have to say – it was a really really really positive experience! Henry and Jon were such funny guys, I was smiling during entire moving process. At the same time they were very professional and friendly. There was no luck of communications in this company, I called them five times because I kept forgetting the questions and concerns I needed to talk about, but they were very patient. I was not feeling uncomfortable at any moment, and I’m so happy that the most stressing thing – moving – is over. Thank you very much!!”

      Joanna M.

      I enjoyed my move

      “These people were knowledgeable, people I could rely on and they have done everything in a very professional manner. They proved they knew what they were doing and told me that I should not freak out about the change in my life. That was a good experience. I am now in my new two bedroom apartment with my furniture was placed wherever I asked them and. It looks really good, thanks to Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping!”

      Peter F.

      My dream move was made real!

      “I’ve been dreaming to work in film industry for so many years and finally I got this opportunity, so I had to move closer to the center of movie industry. Guys from Flat Price were the first to answer my call and made my moving process much less scary, since it was my first time moving from my house where I was raised. I also had them transport my Nissan Altima since I didn’t want to spend money on a new car in LA. It arrived in 3 days! Can’t thank them more! I was not even worried about packing or wrapping anything because I chose their full packing and unpacking service!”

      Jessica S.

      Great Value

      “The best value for your money – thanks to Flat Price. I needed to do the moving for a very long distance, so I was so nervous about that, you can’t even imagine. I had so much stuff. But these guys are something else, I stopped stressing out when I saw movers, and when they showed how delicate they were with my furniture, I was relieved! I was scared something might happen, as we all are, but they did their job well, and I’d rate them 5+ stars if there was an option!!!”

      Maria J.

      Fast and professional movers

      “Great customer service! Great guys, I felt safe and they were totally reliable. I needed to move to Los Angeles for work, and I was not happy because I kept thinking how long it will take to move everything back and forth. But everything was suuuuuuupeeeer faaaast and professional. Don’t know how to thank these guys, definitely recommend!”

      LaDonna K.

      Got referred by a friend

      “My close friend advised me to check out Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping because he had a great experience and that dude is always too attentive to all the details, so I was sure it will work out just fine. I was surprised they helped me with all the information I needed to have, such as paying my attention to changing the address, and completing all the required moving procedures. Movers worked fast and showed me how professional they are, so I was calm and wasn’t worrying at all. That was a pleasant experience.”

      Fiona J.

      Very reliable and safe

      “I was so tired with all the packing and stuff, I thought I won’t survive doing all the moving by myself, so I definitely needed help. Thanks to the Internet, it’s now available to check the place out before contacting them directly. So it looked really good and we set up the date and they had my information and also provided me with details I needed to know. I bet no company could be that interested in my safety, so it seemed to be legit and I felt like I could trust these guys. Oh my, I’ve never thought I’d work with such professionals, they were even passionate about what they were doing, when I said “it’s okay, just put that TV down”, they checked million times all the surroundings, so it’s all safe. Thank you guys, I’d definitely tell all my friends that this company is awesome, too bad 5 stars is the maximum here.”

      Oscar K.

      Smooth shipping, great rate!

      “Had to transport a classic car to my dad. They gave me good quote and I couldn’t say No. The drivers came, picked up the car and delivered it on time. I love flat rates when it comes to things like shipping or transportation. Great experience, very much satisfied!”

      Josh K.

      Reliable, professional, fast!

      “Flat Price Auto Shipping was rapid in arranging this shipment for me, and the rate was a fixed price. Very polite and professional customer service, and delivery was on time with no damages. I’m happy to have chosen this company!”

      Ben O.

      Very professional movers!

      “We used this company to move my grandma’s house. They were awesome! My grandmother was very particular about how she wanted things done and they met all her expectations. We bought the boxes from company as well and the pricing was very reasonable.”

      Samantha A.

      Really Flat Price!

      “Their rate was really flat! No hidden fees. My car was delivered in 7 days and was in the same condition it was picked-up. Dispatch was constantly in touch with me, so I was not worried about anything. I had a great experience with this company, will definitely recommend it.”

      Matthew R.

      Good move

      “Everyone I dealt with, either by email, on the phone or in person was professional and courteous. My belongings shipped from Texas to Ohio were meticulously wrapped to ensure nothing would happen to them during transport. Delivery was within the time frame they promised. Good company to work with.


      These folk know what they're doing.

      “Just the best. A to B. Done. All good. No hassle. Thank you.”

      Thomas Freeman

      Moving made Easy

      You said 3 days and it was delivered in 3 days!

      Nothing was missing and car delivered without scratches! Great Service definitely will use again!

      Thank you!!!

      Rosalina Cordero

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