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      New York Movers

      Relocating to the Empire State will be that much easier and faster if you decide to hire top-rated New York movers. With the help of professionals, you won’t have to worry about the logistics of the move nor about obtaining supplies and equipment. Hire Flat Price Auto Transport crew, and we will help you with all kinds of furniture and delicate belongings no matter how big, or small they are. We will make sure everything is properly wrapped, neatly put in boxes, and safely loaded onto the truck. While we are doing all the grunt work, you can take your time and explore the Empire State, look for work, and a place to call home.

      When Relocating, Know There Is More to Empire State Than NYC

      Relocating to the fourth most populous state in the US comes with many benefits. Even though two-thirds of the population lives in the NYC metropolitan area, there are still other cities you can settle in. Choosing a location will depend mainly on your needs and desires.

      Career chasers flock here because of different employment opportunities, and with recent job growth, finding work will be easy. The area is the leading center of finance and banking, but there is also a large manufacturing sector. On top of that, the gross state product is ranking third in size, right behind Texas and California. This means that if the Empire State was an independent nation, it would rank as 11th economy in the world.

      Those looking for higher education will be happy to know that there are countless colleges and universities in the area. From the SUNY system that consists of 64 community colleges to Columbia and Cornell Universities. There will be an educational institution for you, no matter what you decide to study.

      There Are Countless Places You Can Call Home in New York State

      The Empire State counts 62 cities and 13 metropolitan areas. You can settle in huge, urban locations such as NYC or some smaller towns like Poughkeepsie. When looking for a residence, know that some of the most populous cities in the state are also among the most popular ones for newcomers, and they are:

      • NYC is also known as the Capital of the World because of its influence in technology, entertainment, politics, tourism, fashion, and sports. If you can handle a busy, fast, and loud lifestyle, NYC is the place where dreams come true. And you can pick and choose among the boroughs (Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Brooklyn).
      • Buffalo is the major gateway for traveling and commerce across the Canadian border. The city can be an excellent spot to settle in for those who enjoy occasional trips to a friendly neighboring country. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Erie, it is only 16 miles away from breathtaking Niagara Falls.
      • Rochester is an excellent destination for those looking for work in successful national and international companies. After all, the city is the home of enterprises like Paychex, Xerox, and Gannett.
      • Yonkers is where you move if you don’t want to live in the urban jungle that is NYC, but you still want to be close enough to all of its amenities. The city is only two miles from Manhattan, so all you have to do is hop on a train, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the glory of the Capital of the World.

      Entertainment Options in Empire State Can Suit All Tastes

      Depending on where you choose to live, some attractions will be closer than others. However, no matter what you are into, exploring Empire State won’t ever get boring or tiresome. It is one of the most desirable destinations with plenty of entertainment opportunities. You can experience everything from loud and crowded stadiums to world-famous museums filled with priceless works of art.

      The outdoor enthusiast will get to enjoy more than 2,000 miles of hiking and biking trails, you can also birdwatch or fish. History buffs can plan a visit to more than 500 historical destinations across the state. At the same time, foodies and wine lovers can indulge in various tastes from all over the world because there are more than 20,000 restaurants in the state.

      Our Reputable Movers in New York Offer Top-Notch Moving Services

      Are you considering being your own New York mover? Keep in mind that DIYing the whole thing can be a stressful and tedious process. If you want to avoid worrying about things like getting boxes and other supplies, seek professional assistance.

      Hiring Flat Price Auto Transport will not only speed up the relocation process, but it will also take huge responsibility off your shoulders. With our long-distance moving services, you won’t have to worry about anything. Just sit back and relax while we handle all the work.

      Use Other Services Our Cross Country Movers Offer

      Flat Price Auto Transport has handled a lot of different relocations in our time. No matter how complex the move seems to be to our clients, our team of professionals probably already encountered a similar one. That is why we offer our clients a variety of move-related assistances that will make the whole relocation easier. Check out some additional ways our crew can make your move more pleasant:

      • Hoisting is used if you have some bulky furniture that can’t fit through your front door. Don’t worry, our team will easily hoist your huge couch or piano through the balcony.
      • Long carry is an option that can come in handy when your home is more than 200ft away from the truck. If you don’t want to lift all the heavy boxes on your own, let our team do it. We have equipment that will make the whole thing easier and faster.
      • Stair carry is something you use if you live in a building that doesn’t have an elevator and your apartment is higher than one flight of stairs.
      • Debris removal is an option where our crew collects and removes trash after the boxes are unpacked in your home.

      Give Our Long Distance Movers a Call and Ask for a Free Quote

      Hiring moving experts to help you relocate is a smart decision, but picking the best ones requires a bit of research. Go over the reviews and certifications before hiring one. Luckily, when you hire Flat Price Auto Transport, you will gain a partner with a list of satisfied clients and stellar reviews. Give us a call and ask for a free quote. Keep in mind that we can give you an all-inclusive estimate based on the inventory list. This means there won’t be hidden costs nor fees.

      Flat Price New York Movers Will Swiftly Pack up All of Your Belongings

      No matter if you are relocating from a one-bedroom apartment or from a three-story house, if you plan on boxing up everything on your own, be prepared for a lengthy and dull process. However, if you don’t want to spend hours and hours trapped among a pile of stuff, hire professional packers to do it instead of you. Give Flat Price a call, and we will gladly provide you with an outstanding packing service.

      Full Packing Services Will Make the Process of Moving to NY Fast and Efficient

      Relocation is different for everybody. Some of our clients want us to box up everything they own, and that’s why they use a full packing service. Full option means that our packers will come to your home, bring all the necessary supplies, and box everything from the list. On the other hand, if you have less than 15 boxes, you can use our partial packaging service. No matter the option you choose, our packers will handle your items with the utmost care.

      Long-distance movers shipping cars on an open trailer

      Flat Price Auto Transport Company Will Ship Your Vehicle Without a Fuss

      The Empire State has one of the oldest and most extensive transportation infrastructures in the whole US, with over 110,000 miles of highways and approximately 17,000 bridges, so owning a car here is a normal occurrence. No matter where you choose to settle in, there will be a major interstate that can help you reach every part of the state.

      If you like to drive around more than to spend time in public transportation, consider bringing your four-wheeler when relocating. Furthermore, if you want to avoid all the planning and stressing about the vehicle, hire a car shipping company with great reviews to do it instead of you. Luckily, the Flat Price ticks all the boxes because we are an experienced and professional crew that will provide you with a top-notch auto shipping service. We even offer different shipping and delivery options to our clients.

      Choose One of Two Car Shipping Methods

      When you hire Flat Price to transport your vehicle to the desired location, you’ll get to choose between two types of trailers – open and enclosed ones. Open trailers are widely used in the car shipping industry and are the most popular and most affordable way to transport four-wheelers. They can fit more than one vehicle, so you can ship multiple machines. Enclosed trailers are used to transport expensive, luxurious vehicles. They provide an extra layer of protection from external factors ensuring the car arrives at a chosen location without a scratch.

      Flat Price Offers You Two Pick up and Delivery Options

      When you decide what kind of trailer you want, there is another choice ahead of you. What kind of pick up and delivery do you need? Flat Price offers door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal options. Door-to-door means your vehicle will be picked up and delivered to desired locations, while terminal-to-terminal means you have to pick up your car from our closest location.

      With Our Long-Distance Moving Company Storage Is Free for 30 Days

      Relocating to the Empire State will require a lot of planning. There will be many details to think about and sort through, but sometimes things don’t work out even with the most detailed planning. If it happens that your home is not ready by the time you have to move out of the old one, don’t worry, your furniture won’t be left on the side of the road. Flat Price will provide you with excellent storage units. Furthermore, you will get to use our surveilled and climate-controlled storage facilities for free for the first 30 days.

      Use Our Cross Country Moving Insurance When Relocating to the Empire State

      No matter where you are going or how prepared you are, some things are just out of your hands. Accidents can happen even to the most prepared people, and if you want to avoid losing your precious belongings during the move, you should have an insurance policy.

      The Flat Price crew is aware that you are entrusting us with your valuables, and we don’t take that for granted. That’s why we give you basic minimum coverage insurance for free. This means that for every damaged pound of your stuff, you’ll be reimbursed 60 cents. However, if you have some more precious belongings that need extra insurance, consider getting full coverage. This policy is also buyable through our company. Additionally, since we ship cars as well, vehicles in open trailers will be covered up to $100,000, while those in enclosed ones are covered up to $500,000.

      Contact Flat Price Because We Are One of the Best New York Moving Companies

      The Empire State is the home of the biggest metropolis in the US, but there are also many other cities that can offer you a variety of employment, education, and entertainment opportunities. If you want to settle here, don’t hesitate to contact Flat Price Auto Transport company and ask for a free estimate. Give us your inventory list, and we will provide you with a guaranteed quote. After that, all you have to do is schedule the move. Then sit back and relax while a crew of skilled and equipped workers makes sure your belongings are safely transported to the desired location.

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