Moving from Cincinnati. Moving to Cincinnati.

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Long Distance and Cross Country Moving and Auto Transport

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Moving from Cincinnati. Moving to Cincinnati

Owning a car is a great advantage in a big city. It can also be a liability if you are moving long distance. You either have to drive it up to your destination of the move, or you can have a cross country shipping company do the dirty work for you. Basically, those are your only two options. Perhaps the new hometown is just a state away and you won’t need professional help, but if you find yourself moving from afar to Cincinnati, consider hiring Flat Price Auto Transport as your car transportation company. Auto shipping is a delicate, sometimes risky business, and you don’t want your precious ride to be handled unprofessionally during the moving process. Now imagine hiring the best in the business, shippers who can transport your car, and your belongings, from anywhere in the States, to any other city within boundaries.
There are some general tips and rules you should make sure to follow, and we can list them for you right here:

Decide whether you need the car right away. When planning the move, see if you can predict the conditions upon moving and whether you will need the car immediately. When you’ve made up your mind, and the answer is yes, make sure you contact the car shipping company, so you can give them enough time to prepare the move and transport it safely in time for your arrival. And if you want to save some money, and have the most current pricing, and you get that by staying within two weeks of your first available date to ship. Have in mind that seasonal changes can affect the price of the transportation service.

Always document the condition of your car. You don’t want to take any chances while explaining to authorities how your vehicle got scratched during the transport, you just need to have the proof of the vehicle’s condition before you entrust it with anyone. Before giving it away, document all current scratches, dents and rust spots prior to shipping. Wash your car and carefully inspect the interior and exterior for scratches, dents and rust. Document all imperfections. The best way to do this is to take pictures and save them on your computer. While you’re on that, make sure you remove all personal belongings from the car.

Follow the company’s requirements. Some companies will tell you specifically what to do to prepare the car for transport, and that usually includes checking tyres, fill/empty the tank, charge the car battery and so on. Make sure you leave the doors and windows closed, since the majority of the vehicle transportations are done by Open Trailer. You wouldn’t want any dust, water or weather conditions spoiling your ride. Remember to deactivate your car alarm.

Always pay the deposit. A company that collects a deposit recognizes the good faith placed in them and will work to perform. Otherwise, the deposit gets returned. Our car transport rate calculator gives several hundred quotes every day, but only the ones that place a deposit get action. No reputable company would do it any other way, which only makes sense.

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