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      Packing Services

      Are you searching for a company that provides impeccable services and assistance during the entire long-distance relocation process? Years of experience and genuine reviews that can confirm the company’s reliability? A team of professional packers who will handle your belongings and take care of them as if they were their own? Take a look at what Flat Price has to offer.

      Packing Services

      Why Choose Flat Price Packers

      Is your relocation date approaching, and it is now the time to think about all those moving-related services you will need? You are in the right place because Flat Price offers more than just the basic cross-country moving service. We know that, for many people, packing their entire household is not their idea of fun family activity. It can take quite some time to organize everything and come up with a system, especially if you have not done that in a while. Since our basic moving package doesn’t include the packaging of the entire household, just handling some larger items such as furniture, we leave it up to our clients to decide whether or not they want these extras.

      Packing is not rocket science, but it certainly is much easier when you are a professional who packs all kinds of items daily. You learn a few tricks along the way, and everything goes much smoother and faster. If you already tried to do it by yourself, we are sure you know how complicated and time-consuming it can be. If you do not want to go on that adventure ever again, there is an entire team of experienced and professional Flat Price packers that will gladly step in. All members of our crew are trained and have loads of experience in handling various types of objects. You can choose either full or partial packing services, and our movers will make sure that everything is safely packed and transported to your new home.

      Why Do I Need Packing Service?

      There are two types of people: those who are relocating for the first time and think that they can handle everything alone, and those who tried to pack on their own and don’t want to repeat that experience. The truth is, relocating can be quite stressful. Whether you are house-hunting or doing job interviews, the last thing on your mind is how to pack. Because that should be the easy part, right?

      Not necessarily. There is a difference between packing a few suitcases for a family vacation and having to pack every single item, from chairs and furniture to books and needles. Whether your move is local or interstate, it will take days to do it on your own. Our packers can do it much faster because we already have a system that works, we pack things in a certain order, we have all types of high-quality supplies, and there are a lot of us, so it is all done efficiently and quickly.

      Why Do I Need Packing Service?

      Packing Services Our Movers Can Provide for You

      Flat Price strives to provide all moving-related services to its clients. Therefore, besides our basic moving package, we offer several extra packages that we know you will love.

      Full Packing Service

      Clients who opt for our full package can expect that our crew will carefully pack all the things listed on their inventory list and provide all supplies such as wrapping paper, cardboard, padding, mattress covers, bubble wrap, and boxes of all sizes. In case there is furniture on your inventory list, our guys will first disassemble it, and then wrap every part of it. We also pay special attention to electronic devices and fragile objects. After everything is wrapped and packed, we put barcode stickers and reference numbers to label each item.

      Barcode stickers are electronically scanned twice, at check-in and check-out. By doing so, we guarantee our clients that we keep track of their belongings and reduce the chances that something gets lost or mixed. Upon delivery, our crew will unload everything and bring things inside your home. Reassemble all the furniture, and place all the boxes into rooms according to your schedule. We do not reassemble things that were not disassembled by our team members, or things that are brand new.

      Partial Packing Service

      In case you want to do some wrapping and packaging on your own, you can do that. Although our movers are experienced in handling all kinds of items, from bulky to fragile, we respect our clients’ wish to do some things on their own, whether it is something of sentimental value or a delicate electronic device. This means that the client can pack most of the boxes but still wants our crew to come and pack a certain amount of boxes. Keep in mind that prior to the relocation day, we have to know exactly how many should be packed by our company. Up to 15 boxes can be considered partial, everything above that is considered as full pack service.

      Custom Crating Services

      In case our clients want to move things such as pianos, hot tubs, safes, or grandfather clocks, they should let us know because these objects require special attention and often wooden crating and a heavy item handling fee. That is why it is essential that our clients provide a detailed inventory list with dimensions of larger objects.

      Do We Offer Unpacking Services?

      Since unpacking can be quite a time-consuming activity, we do not offer to do it. Our crew will unload all the items from the truck, and bring them into your new home. Also, we will unwrap everything, but we will not unpack the contents of the boxes. Each box will be placed on a flat surface in the correct room. When it comes to furniture, after reassembling it, we will reposition it around the new home. However, since we strive to provide only the best services, if you have any special requests about this, including questions about unpacking, please do not hesitate to ask our agents.

      We Offer Guaranteed Price

      As a professional company that has been in this industry for years, we strive to do our business transparently. Therefore, we form our prices based on the client’s inventory list. We do not rely on the shipment’s volume or weight, which is one of our main advantages and something that not a lot of companies in this industry offer. While others will give you an estimate, we give you a guaranteed price. As long as the client’s inventory list does not change, the price remains the same. When it comes to changes on your inventory list, you can add or remove certain objects and inform us about it before your moving day.

      Request a Moving Quote

      If you are ready to relocate with Flat Price, feel free to request a moving quote on our website. The process is pretty straightforward: all you need to do is fill out the form, and we will soon get in touch with you. Another option is to give us a call and go through all the details with our agents, who will then provide you with all the information and prices.


      How to Create an Inventory List?

      Since this will dictate the final price, we recommend you to be as detailed as possible. It may be a long and boring process for you, but our agents are here to help if you have any questions or doubts about the list and necessary details. Pay special attention to delicate objects like mirrors, pictures, electronic devices, etc. and make sure to measure them and send us all the information.

      Do You Offer Free In-Home Estimations?

      In cases when our client has a large amount of stuff, in-home estimates might be the best solution. We will send one of our representatives to do a free in-home estimate and create an inventory list together with the client. However, this service is, at least for now, available only to our clients in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Our clients in other cities can do a video estimate, which is a very simple process, and all you have to do is to use your smartphone and record a tour around your house.

      Do You Offer Insurance?

      All things that are packed and transported by our company are covered with basic insurance that covers $0.60/lbs per item. However, we do recommend our clients to invest in full replacement value insurance coverage, especially if they plan to move expensive and valuable items, electronics, and fragile things such as TV’s, large mirrors, speakers, etc.

      Can I Leave Some Things In My Desk or Dresser Drawers?

      All drawers should be empty because otherwise, you are risking that something gets damaged during the transportation. Please make sure to empty all of your drawers and shelves you want us to move. All loose items will be packed in boxes to avoid any damage or loss.

      How Can I Prepare My Appliances for the Move?

      Appliances such as the oven, refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc. have to be properly disconnected before our team arrives. Do not forget that freezers and refrigerators should be defrosted, dried, empty, and clean before our movers start handling them, so it is better to start preparing that a few days in advance.

      How Can I Know Which Things Require Boxing or Crating?

      Whether an item can be packed in a box or a crate depends on several factors. However, this decision is very important, especially for the protection of valuable things. Some of the criteria that have an impact on the final verdict are value and fragility. If you are not sure what is the best option, feel free to contact our agents: they will help you find the best solution.

      My New Home Is Not Ready Yet. Can I Use Your Storage?

      Absolutely. If your home is not ready, or you are still house-hunting, you can take advantage of our 30 days of free storage, with no obligation to continue using it after that. For further information about storage rates, contact our agents, and they will give you the best offer based on the amount of stuff and the period you need storage for.

      How Do I Prepare for the Moving Day?

      Whether you have been planning your relocation for months or weeks, once the big day approaches, the stress level tends to rise.  If you are doing a part of packing on your own it can also be very time-consuming. Therefore, we would like to help you with a few useful tips that will ease this process for you:

      • Consider throwing out all the junk and donating to a local charity organization the things that are still in good condition. If you know you won’t be using something anymore, there is no reason to move it with you. You can also organize a local garage or online sale to get rid of the things you no longer use.
      • Create several checklists. These lists will help you stay organized, and you won’t search for things for hours. It can also be helpful once the time comes to send us your inventory list. If you are a visual type, you can also do a photo inventory by room.
      • Search for affordable supplies at a local store or around your house. Things like newspapers, socks, blankets, can serve as great padding and protection for delicate objects.
      • Separate things that are traveling with you, valuables such as jewelry, money, important documents, and make sure you have secured them properly.
      • Pay attention to things that moving companies do not move, such as perishables, alcohol, hazardous materials, plants, pets, etc. If you are not sure about certain things, feel free to contact our agents and consult them.

      Request a Moving Quote

      If you are ready to relocate with Flat Price, feel free to request a moving quote on our website. The process is pretty straightforward: all you need to do is fill out the form, and we will soon get in touch with you. Another option is to give us a call and go through all the details with our agents, who will then provide you with all the information and prices.

      Packing Checklists for Price Estimates

      Keep in mind that, if you are planning on using our full services, you might be asked to provide a comprehensive checklist of the items you need us to pack once you contact us. In other words, to accurately calculate your moving quote, we will need detailed information on all the belongings we will be handling.

      Ready to move? Then contact us! One of our customer service agents will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with all the additional information you’ll need. They will also help guide you throughout the whole process and calculate a price estimate for your relocation. Contact us today to schedule the best available moving date. We are looking forward to helping you move.

      Packing Checklists for Price Estimates

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