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      Moving to or from Seattle

      If you’re heading for the Emerald City, a hub of technical and musical innovation, our Seattle movers can be a valuable asset in your relocation process. The largest city in Washington is located on the picturesque Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. It offers newcomers a perfect taste of American culture. Professional movers of Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving company can give you a helping hand with all you need to get to this dream city.

      Our Moving Services in Seattle Can Do You a World of Good

      Our movers can provide impeccable long-distance moving services and make your transition much easier. We know how hard it can be to change your entire life, which is why we listen to each of our client’s special requests and questions. You’ll be covered every step of the way. We will handle your belongings and load and unload them onto the moving trucks.

      Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving

      However, most people want to know how we form the price of our service. Now, that’s a tricky question since there’s no simple answer. Still, what you should know upfront is that the size and distance of your move determine the final cost. Make an inventory list of things you want to relocate.

      You can change the list up to one working day before the moving date. With this info, we’ll be ready to give you a solid price. Low-balling our clients is the last thing we want on Earth. Our reviews can certify that we truly believe in doing our business honestly and transparently.

      Do You Need Help With Packing? Our Seattle Movers Know a Few Tricks

      Packing is the most tedious task to do on your own. It can get quite time-consuming and exhausting if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you want a stress-free moving experience, let our crew do the heavy work by booking our packing services. Our moving team is equipped with packing supplies and boxes of the highest quality and trained to box everything up smoothly.

      There’s no item too bulky or petite for our cross-country movers in Seattle. Thus, your precious possessions will be as safe as houses in our hands. The only thing that’s up to you is to let us know to what degree you’ll be needing our assistance. This way, we can calculate how this choice affects the moving costs.

      The Best of Seattle WA Moving Companies Offers Top-Rate Full Packing Services

      Are you looking for reliable flat-rate movers in seattle rate? Well, you are in the right place. If you want us to take the lead and handle everything, we are ready and willing to jump in and take the burden off your shoulders.

      Our full packing caters to all of your needs, and our foolproof system is designed so that nothing gets lost or mishandled.

      Moreover, our long-distance movers will label all your belongings, disassemble those bulky stuff, and scan everything before loading the truck.

      When we reach your new home, we’ll see to it that everything is reassembled and put in spaces you direct us to.

      Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving

      You Can Also Book Our Partial Packing

      If you’d like to take up some of the work and pack some of the items yourself, we completely respect your wishes. And you can find expert tips on our blog to facilitate your tasks. Our partial packing system is the same as the full one, the only difference is that we take up to 15 boxes. Anything more than that will be charged as a full service.

      Our Seattle Movers Can Provide You With Immaculate Car Shipping Services

      Car shipping constitutes a huge part of all long-distance moves. Having your four-wheeler handled professionally is a smart decision. Heaving it at the new destination will be a great asset as it facilitates exploring the new surroundings. And our auto transport services can help you accomplish this. Numerous satisfied customers can tell you that nothing is more important to us than the safety of your vehicle.

      The delivery option and carrier type are significant factors that determine the final price. There’s no single answer as to how much this will cost or how long it’s going to take. The safest way to get the info is to contact our customer service, and our agents will walk you through all your options and pricing. You can also get a free estimate on our website by filling out the form.

      We Have the Best Transportation Options

      One of the finest cross-country moving companies in Seattle, ships vehicles on open and closed trucks. Our open trucks are what most of our customers choose due to their affordable prices and shorter estimated arrival times.

      They are perfect if you ship in fall or spring, and the weather can’t spoil your plans. Nevertheless, enclosed carriers also have some advantages though they’re much more expensive and require longer waiting periods.

      They’re still unbeatable in terms of protection they give to cars on it since the closed space serves as a shield from all the elements and road debris.

      Whichever you choose, the insurance will cover external damage on the car up to $100,000 on open trailers and up to $500,000 on closed ones.

      Cars carrier truck on the asphalt road. Truck transporter

      Opt for Pick at Your Pace After Long-Distance Moving

      In case you want to be behind the wheel again as soon as possible, our door-to-door delivery can speed up the pick-up process for you. However, if you’d like to save up some money, terminal-to-terminal delivery is a much better option for you. We will pick up and deliver the vehicle to the terminal closest to your location.

      Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving Company Gives You a Month of Free Storage

      If relocation becomes overwhelming, our storage services are here to fall back on and give you time to think and plan. Our storage units are climate-controlled, dry, and clean. The best part – we offer this service free of charge for the first 30 days.

      Storage Safety Is Our First Priority

      Many of our clients fear for their personal belongings’ safety. Still, with our service, nothing bad can happen to your possessions since our storage is under constant surveillance. Our Seattle long-distance moving company strives to go to great lengths to prevent theft or any misuse. So, spare yourself the headache and enjoy the ride.

      With Our Moving Insurance, You Won’t Have a Care in the World

      A stitch in time saves nine when it comes to moving insurance. That’s why we never get tired of recommending it to our clients. All our relocation packages contain basic insurance, which is 60 cents per pound for a lost or damaged item. Still, we highly advise you to consider full-value replacement based on the total worth of your belongings and not their weight.

      The Emerald City Is Always a Good Idea

      When you first see this city, you’ll be captivated by the stunning views of Eliott Bay, the Olympic Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean. You’ll immediately understand how this magical place has maintained its allure throughout the centuries. Strategically crucial as the Gateway to Alaska during the Gold Rush, the city started its real economic and industrial boom after the 1950s when it became a major aerospace manufacturing center.

      In the 1980s, numerous software, biotechnology, and internet companies decided to open headquarters here. It gave a fresh impetus to the whole area and created a diversified job market. Today, famous names such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks all operate in this city. This makes this metropolis the current backbone of the state’s economy.

      space needle during the sunset

      What’s It Like Living in the Emerald City

      The Emerald City is an awesome place to seek your fortune and create a new life for more reasons than getting a great job. The climate is mild, and it offers boundless opportunities for outdoor activities since all seasons are pleasant.  Education here is top-notch and highly valued, and the city is much above the national average in terms of college graduates.

      The vicinity of the state of Oregon and the relative closeness to Canada’s province of British Columbia grants chances for unforgettable getaways. It offers countless ideas on how to spend your free time since it boasts unrivaled restaurants, concert avenues, and museums.

      Choose From Numerous Amazing Neighborhoods

      Whatever your lifestyle entails, there’s an area in the city that will suit you. From luxurious quarters to hip, modern, playful areas, this metropolis has it all. Let’s see what areas you should pay attention to:

      • Ballard – this is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods, founded by Norweigan and Scandinavian sailors whose influence is still visible in the architecture. This northwestern area offers unique living experiences. Start your day in one of the modern cafes on the historic Ballard Avenue. Taste the unforgettable local craft espresso blend, regular or with a twist. And if you believe life begins after coffee, after this one, you’ll be ready to go swimming in the Golden Gardens Park.
      • Belltown – if you’re looking for a blend of upscale, luxurious concepts and easy-going new places, this is the area for you. Perfect for those who like elegance, riches, and splendor. It’s also good for those seeking to redefine it all in their views. The area is bursting at the seams with classy and shabby restaurants, shops, and clubs. Home to the iconic music venue, the Crocodile, which saw the rise of R.E.M., Nirvana, and many worldwide famous bands. It’s one of the favorite places to enjoy the night of many residents.
      • West S – for those who want to live peacefully with their families, there’s no better area than this one. It is popular with young families because it offers the perfect trade-off between affordability and home quality. In Junction, you can find family-friendly shopping, bakeries, restaurants, thrift stores, and several nurturing schools with stellar reviews. Near is the Alki beach, which you might recognize from the movie Sleepless in Seattle. With its volleyball courts and surfing opportunities, it’s great fun for everyone.

      Free Time Was Never More Fun

      The Emerald City has all one needs to unwind and forget about the troubles. Climb up the Space Needle, one of the city’s most famous landmarks, and revel in the spectacular panorama from this 520-foot-tall structure. Don’t miss the Art Museum and its Olympic Sculpture Park. They flaunt an impressive collection of contemporary art located in the green oasis close to the city’s waterfront.

      Join a harbor cruise and sail Eliott Bay while learning about the city’s history. Moreover, when the night falls, treat yourself to some real music. In the end, this is the town that birthed legendary Jimmie Hendrix and inspired Ray Charles.

      Contact Today Our Movers in Seattle Washington Because Our Services Are as Good as They Get

      Our moving company in Seattle provides high-quality services and has a professional team to support you through this transition. Regardless of the distance and size of the move, the best Seattle moving companies will be an ace up your sleeve. Our crew will simplify this journey and help you enter this chapter fresh and unburdened. Contact Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving today. Let us handle the rest.

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