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      Sacramento Movers

      Moving to the California capital is a great decision for anyone looking to experience the Golden State without having to pay too much. You can call our Sacramento movers and plan your relocation efficiently. Read more about our long-distance moving company and how to have a perfect relocation.

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      Moving With Our Sacramento Movers Is an Excellent Decision

      Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping offers a complete package of long-distance moving services, from standard packaging and shipping to mandatory insurance. Our clients’ happiness is a top priority for us, and we’ve developed a well-functioning system that’s been trusted over the years.

      With our movers to Sacramento, CA, you can get some essential services for free as part of the standard relocation package. They include:

      • Packing basic furniture and appliances,
      • Assembling and disassembling furniture,
      • Loading and unloading the relocation truck,
      • Truck transportation,
      • Relocation insurance,
      • Storage service for a month.

      We’re also an auto transport company that handles vehicles, so each customer can plan their entire moving experience with us without ringing up multiple companies. Our standard relocation package can be upgraded in each aspect.

      The household inventory list determines the relocation costs, and it’s changeable until relocation day. You can adapt the list and change it, and the price will be adjusted.

      Contact us by submitting a form on our website; you’ll get a free quote and keep in touch with our customer service.

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      We Offer Many Options for the Ultimate Packing Services

      Our movers to Sacramento will provide the best packing service in the industry. They’re trained to handle any sort of household inventory, from the most fragile and valuable items to the bulky, large furniture and appliances.

      Our customer representatives will help you create an inventory list and notify you of any other packaging options that suit your needs and budget. When you contact us, you’ll hear about full and partial packaging and custom crating for all types of objects.

      Our Movers Offer Full and Partial Packing Services

      With professional long-distance movers, you won’t have to worry about your stuff’s state and packaging methods. We provide the packaging materials, assemble and disassemble the furniture, and ensure the appliances are adequately packed.

      Besides these essentials, our team can package the rest of your household items with full and partial packing options. Partial packaging entails our crew packing up to 15 boxes – that means you can take part in the relocation process and handle more delicate and personal items yourself.

      Full packaging means our professionals pack more than just 15 boxes, and it’s a more convenient and comfortable option. You’ll be able to handle other aspects of your relocation without having to think about any belongings.

      When you contact us, our representatives will tell you more about these packaging options and prepare for each. A free quote at the start of your journey with us will help you understand our costs more and give you time to plan the move efficiently.

      When Moving, You Can Opt for Custom Crating Service

      In addition to standard packaging, our professional crew can create custom wooden crates for some of your more fragile items. Anything breakable or precious can be specially packed and additionally protected.

      Ask about custom crating at the time of chatting with our customer support team, and they’ll tell you which items are recommended for this type of packaging.

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      Plan Your Move to Include Our Car Shipping Service

      Aside from providing home relocation services, our professional movers to Sacramento can complete your move with a car shipping service. We have a team of experienced and careful drivers, experts in transporting multiple vehicles across the country and long-distance.

      You can customize even your auto transport experience by choosing between a few pickup, shipping, and delivery options. Our customer support will send you a free quote for this type of transport, too, so you’ll have insight into the price range of your move immediately.

      Choose Between Door-to-Door and Terminal Pickup and Delivery

      Our relocation and car shipping company offers a couple of pickup and delivery options for your vehicle. It’s an excellent way to combine convenience with the budget.

      Terminal-to-terminal delivery entails using our local company terminals as vehicle exchange points. You’d have to drive to our parking lot at the original location and pick up your car at the destination terminal.

      Door-to-door delivery is more convenient as your car is picked up and shipped directly to your address. However, some areas aren’t accessible by truck, and if your home is in one of them, the exchange must be done at the nearest street or location.

      Open vs Enclosed Trailer Transport Options

      You can also combine convenience and budget by choosing one of two shipping trailer options. There’s the open trailer choice, which is more affordable but exposes cars to potential external damage. This is why our company doesn’t like to take risks – we insure all vehicles on open trailers for up to $100,000 in exterior damage.

      Enclosed trailers aren’t risky and won’t expose your car to the elements, but they’ll definitely cost you a bit more. If you have a costly vehicle, you may want to consider this risk-free route. Cars on enclosed trailers are insured for up to $500,000 in exterior damage.

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      You Have Insurance as Part of Your Essential Relocation Plan

      Ensuring your belongings are safe is very important to us, which is why our long-distance moving company offers mandatory relocation insurance. The standard policy is 60 cents per pound of damages and applies to all packed stuff, both by you and our crew.

      If the standard policy doesn’t seem enough for some belongings, you can always add the Full Value Replacement Insurance policy. This is also known as FVRI and covers your stuff for their total value, and it is an excellent option for custom crated things and other very valuable ones. However, this policy can only be applied to the stuff packed by our team.

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      Storage Services are Integral With Our Professional Sacramento Movers

      Cross-country moving wouldn’t be complete without the feeling of security and peace of mind. At Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping, we consider insurance and storage services to be two of the most valuable things to have while relocating.

      How can storage make your move and life, easier? Our storage units are available to use for as long as necessary, and better yet, the first month of safe-keeping is totally free. Our units are climate-controlled and equipped with state-of-the-art security systems that ensure clients’ belongings remain safe and intact.

      If you need to store your things for longer than a month, our customer support team will give options and assist you in deciding how to move forward. The people that work with customers are helpful and informative, which is integral to the success of our business.

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      Move to Sacramento - the Californian Capital and Administrative Center

      Sacramento has been the California seat and capital since 1850, and it was named after the river of the same name. Unlike the most famous cities in the Golden State, the capital is located in the northern-central area, occupying a large part of the famous Central Valley.

      Around half a million people live in the city known under many nicknames, such as Sac, Sactown, and The City of Trees, among others. It’s considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, a financial and educational center, and a hipster mecca.

      Young professionals looking to start or advance their careers will find Sactown an excellent place for that. It’s also great for raising a family since it’s full of nature-filled areas and parks, and it’s cheaper than a typical Californian metropolis.

      More fun facts about Sac are:

      • It’s one of the oldest incorporated communities in the country,
      • A Spanish explorer named Pedro Fargas discovered the Sacramento River in 1770, after which the city was named too,
      • The Native American people of Maidu lived in the area before the arrival of the Spanish,
      • The nickname The City of Trees comes from the fact that Sac has the most trees per capita in the world, being close in competition to Paris, France,
      • It has 40 farmers’ markets,
      • Some parts of town are considered haunted; in 1862, a significant flood forced locals to move out of their homes and inhabit the underground area, thus officially living under the city. Ghost stories are aplenty here,
      • There have been only three major snowfalls recorded throughout Sactown’s history,
      • Another category the city is known for is being the most diverse place in America,
      • It’s an excellent place for lovers of gastropubs, coffee, and trains since all these things have a well-developed culture here,
      • Some famous people born in Sactown are Jessica Chastain, Sam Elliott, Colin Hanks, Adrienne Barbeau, Gregory Porter, and Joan Didion.

      The Cost of Living in Sacramento Will Make California Pleasant

      The most important question on your mind is likely – how expensive is Sac? Since it’s California’s capital, you’d expect it to be out of most peoples’ league in terms of budget. However, it’s not, and that’s good news.

      People looking for one-bedroom apartments can expect to spend between $1,300 and $1,600 on monthly rent, depending on the area. Those who need a bigger place, such as three-bedroom apartments, should be ready to take out between $2,000 and $3,000 per month.

      Utilities for a larger apartment are around $190 per month; monthly transport tickets are about $100, and a gallon of gas is around $3.

      Where to Live in Sactown – the Best Rated Neighborhoods

      Sactown is divided into four distinct areas, simply named Area One, Two, Three, and Four. The division is mainly based on orientation. For example, the southern neighborhoods are in Area One, while Area Four has the northern parts.

      Generally, the best-ranked neighborhoods are all located in Area One, with many standing at the top for being family-friendly, full of work and school opportunities, and easy to find a place to live.

      However, your preferences may be different; that’s why you have about 124 neighborhoods to choose from. We’re sure Sac has at least one place suitable for you and your needs.

      Across all four areas, these are the highest-rated neighborhoods:

      • Boulevard Park (Area One) – this neighborhood encapsulates the ideal place to live. It’s the most suitable for young professionals to raise a family, and overall voted as the best in town,
      • Land Park (Area Two) – an area with many upscale homes, parks, and natural areas; it’s the third most suitable neighborhood for raising a family,
      • Alhambra Triangle (Area Three) – this neighborhood was one of the highest-ranked in Area Three because it’s full of social places, farmers’ markets, and has buildings from the 1920s and 30s,
      • Natomas (Area Four) – ranked as welcoming, diverse, and filled with places to walk, relax, and take time to explore the city. Young people often throw community events, and local authorities organize school and art festivals and food-truck events.
      Aerial images of downtown Sacramento

      If You Want to Move On, Call Our Sacramento, CA, Movers to Help You Leave

      In case you’re tired of living in California’s capital and wish to start a life somewhere new, our movers in Sacramento will answer your call and help you find the perfect relocation package. It’s okay to be tired of the lifestyle and want something different for yourself.

      However, significant changes typically require help, and who better to ask for it than our cross-country movers. Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping has a service for your every need, and we’ll ensure you leave Sac satisfied and ready to start a new, big adventure.

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