Sacramento is the capital city of California

10 Best Neighborhoods in Sacramento to Move To

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      In 2002, Time magazine named the capital of California America’s most diverse city. It’s been almost twenty years since that, and this place has continued to grow and evolve. Therefore, if you are considering relocating here, you are probably aware that finding the best neighborhoods in Sacramento is not such an easy thing to do. There are so many great Sacramento neighborhoods, but you can only live in one of them at a time. We’ve put together a list that can serve as a guide to various communities, but the final verdict is all yours.

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      Will one of these homes be your choice?

      Sacramento Neighborhoods Guide for 2020

      If one of your New Year resolutions for 2020 was moving to Sacramento, now is the time to turn your plans into reality. Although it is the capital of California, the most populous US state, the so-called Sac is not so big. It has around 500,000 residents, which means that you will be able to find that ideal mix of urban and suburban living.

      The only possible way to have a stress-free moving experience is to be well prepared, and that’s why we are here. There are several criteria you should consider when relocating. Still, they depend on whether you are moving to a new city alone, or you’re moving in with your significant other, children, or pets.


      A Brief Guide: 6 Tips on How to Pick the Best Neighborhood to Live In

      We are sure you’ve heard a lot of useful moving tips so far that will help you avoid making common moving mistakes. But when it comes to choosing the right place for you and your family, you have to tread lightly, because these mistakes will cost you much more than a few dollars and nerves.

      • Carefully plan the budget for moving services and leave some space for any unexpected expenses. Then, figure out how much you can spend on a new home. While scouting for the perfect district, try to stay within your financial limits.
      • Know your priorities. Do you want to live close to your job or far from the urban crowd? Check how much car shipping costs and explore the options for public transportation.
      • If you plan to raise a family, learn where the good schools, kindergartens, and communities with a lot of families are.
      • Think about your preferred lifestyle. Do you like to go out, or do you prefer living a peaceful life? Is the proximity to downtown, clubs, bars vital to you?
      • Pay attention to the safety of the community, check the crime rates, and if it’s possible, take a walk around the streets and ask locals what they think about their life in this or that district.
      • Are you moving with pets? Pay attention if there are any dog parks nearby. If you are looking for an apartment, don’t pick floors that are too high, especially if you have an older dog.

      Start Scouting for Apartments

      Living in Sacramento has its perks. Located at the confluence of two rivers, American and Sacramento, this is a place with a very long tradition of agriculture. Local products are shipped across the country, and Sactown itself has around 40 farmers’ markets, which is an impressive number. So when you’re looking around for the best restaurants in Sacramento, you don’t have to worry about the ingredients: they are all fresh and locally grown. When it comes to the cost of living in Sacramento, let’s take a look at the statistics provided by Numbeo, a website that collects data about expenses in different cities.

      If you think that Sactown is the place to be, keep in mind that it has around 119 districts, which is a lot for a city of its size. Its metropolitan area has about 2.5 million residents, so wandering around and looking for the right place without a plan might take a while. Hence, we recommend checking out our list and getting a glimpse of everything that Sactown has to offer.

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      Ready to start house-hunting around Sactown? Use our guide to narrow down your options.

      #1 East Sacramento, a Picture-Perfect Neighborhood

      If you are looking for a charming neighborhood with historic houses and tree-lined roads, seek no more. This is not a hip central location where you can hangout. It is a district where the majority of residents are homeowners, and it is a perfect spot for raising a family.

      If you are moving from a small town to a big city, here you can find that feeling of a tight community. The population is around 16,000, and as many as 20% of them are families with children. There are some neat playgrounds, jogging trails, tennis courts, the Mc Kinley Rose Garden, and overall, the district scores high in terms of walkability.

      #2 Midtown, Where the Cool Kids Hang Out

      Midtown ranks high on our list, and it is especially popular among young adults, students, and couples. Here you will find all the hip places to hang out, from bars to restaurants, nightclubs, galleries, and live music venues. If you are looking for fun things to do in Sacramento for couples, we are sure you’ll find plenty of options around Midtown.

      It is close to the river and downtown, but it wasn’t always so urban and trendy. It had been an affordable district for students and artists for decades, but with the opening of new restaurants, chic boutiques, and a building boom, the prices went up, and Midtown was reborn.

      people dancing in the club
      If you are looking for nightlife and clubs, you can find it in Midtown.

      #3 Oak Park, Sac’s First Suburb

      The history of Oak Park dates back to the 1800s. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was a popular place among families, but during the 60s, due to the construction of freeways, the infrastructure changed, and this district did not have a good reputation. However, today, this is one of the most desirable areas, primarily due to affordable housing. The median rent here is around $1,000, close to the national average, which attracts many young people who are on a budget. Also, this district is home to Gather, which is now a traditional party that takes place in the summer months. You can certainly meet new neighbors there.

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      The median rent varies from one part of town to another, so don't forget your budget.

      #4 Hollywood Park, the Best Place for Raising a Family

      If you are looking for that small-town charm, you can find it right here, south of Midtown, in Hollywood. Affordable housing, good schools, and a strong sense of community are only some of the reasons why many young couples and families prefer this district. Almost 30% of residents are families with children, neighbors are friends, and the area is very pet friendly and walkable.

      Every year, neighbors throw their 4th of July Parade, and that’s when everyone gathers to have fun and spend some great time together. Streets are tree-lined and tidy, the William-Land Park nearby has duck ponds, picnic, and fitness areas, and the local zoo is also around the corner.

      kids playing
      Moving with kids? Don't forget their needs and seek family-friendly communities.

      #5 Central Folsom, One of the Smallest Sacramento Neighborhoods

      With just a bit over 3,000 residents, this is a small community where the vast majority, over 90% of people, rent their place. The real estate market here is blooming, and the median rent goes for around $1,500. Central Folsom is actually a small area in the heart of Folsom, a town in Sactown’s suburban area.

      There are, of course, a few things to consider when moving to the suburbs. Here, the unemployment rate is low, and although the Folsom State Prison is close, this is one of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento.

      #6 Tahoe Park, the Best Place for First-Time Home Buyers

      If you are looking to settle down more permanently and invest in a property, it is good to know that Tahoe Park is an up-and-coming neighborhood. It was built during the first half of the 20th century, and it features homes in various architectural styles. Among locals, Tahoe Park is often divided into several smaller and unofficial districts such as East, West, and South Tahoe. But what all of them have in common is that the majority of residents are homeowners, median rent goes around $1,300. In the middle of it all, there’s a beautiful 19-acre recreation ground, perfect for outdoor activities and strolling around.

      girl riding a bike
      Sactown has plenty of parks and green areas, perfect for everyone who's outdoorsy.

      #7 Rocklin, a Growing Community

      Although it is located in the suburbs, Rocklin is one of the fastest-growing communities in California. Yes, you will have to drive to reach the city center or Folsom Lake, but overall life here has more advantages than disadvantages. Just carefully pick who will handle your auto transport, because when you’re here, it would be a shame not to visit Lake Tahoe, which is only a few hours away.

      Rocklin has an excellent school system with highly ranked public schools and plenty of amenities for the youngest ones, which is why it is so popular among young families. The majority of people are homeowners, and the median rent is around $1,500.

      car parked by the park
      Daily commuting is something we can hardly avoid in bigger cities.

      #8 Elk Grove, Suburban Living at its Finest

      Located in the Sac’s metropolitan area, Elk Grove is one of those suburbs that offer a high quality of life, and it is just a fantastic place to live in. Almost two-thirds of residents are homeowners, and the rents are pricey, but so is the median home income.

      Elk Grove is a very clean and neat district, and most importantly, it is safe. A sound school system attracts many families, but the cost of living is slightly higher, so keep that in mind when looking at all those picture-perfect homes.

      house in the suburbs
      Looking for a comfortable life in the suburbs? Elk Grove might be the right place for you.

      #9 Downtown, the Heart of Sactown

      If you want to be in the trendiest location in town and you can afford it, downtown is a logical choice. More than 90% of people living here rent their places, but the good news is that the median rent is not as high as you might expect, especially if you find a roommate or you’re moving with someone.

      You’ll be close to the river, restaurants, cafes, shops, parks, museums, bars, and it is well connected to other parts of the town in case you need to commute to work. There are not as many families here, though. It is a district preferred by young professionals and entrepreneurs. Besides, a lot of tourist attractions can be found around here, so it is a dynamic place, and something is always going on.

      Sacramento during the night
      Once you settle in the heart of Sac, you'll hardly ever want to move out.

      #10 Pocket-Greenhaven, One of the Safest Neighborhoods in Sacramento

      If you are looking for a safe and friendly place, with lots of greenery, great parks, and good schools, Pocket could be the right choice for you. More than half of its 26,000 residents are homeowners in this dense suburban district. It is quiet and neat, which is why the best deals on the housing market go fast. Downtown is just 5 miles away, and it is close to the river as well. Most of the newcomers are young families who are looking for a central location, while older locals live mainly on the periphery. Neighbors have their association and even a Facebook page where you can find out more about this lovely district.

      Ready to Become a Sacramentan?

      We hope we helped you narrow down your choice before you start packing your bags and schedule your relocation with professional Sacramento movers. Living in the capital is always an advantage because there are so many opportunities and unique things to do in Sacramento that it would be a shame to miss it all.

      Think about your priorities when choosing where to move. These are all good places to live, but only you can tell whether or not you feel comfortable somewhere. You can always leave your belongings in storage and take some time to stroll around your personal favorites from this list.

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