Sacramento is the capital city of California

Cost of Living in Sacramento – Everything You Need to Know

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      When changing the place of residence and moving to a different city in a different state, it’s only reasonable to worry whether you’ll be able to afford the lifestyle you are used to. Therefore, if you happen to be relocating to California capital, getting to know the cost of living in Sacramento should be one of your primary tasks. Though it could be considered expensive (it’s California, after all), the so-called City of Trees offers a lot of options for all budgets. With proper financial planning, it is more than manageable to cover the costs of everyday life and enjoy the new chapter in your life.

      In 2020, moving between cities requires a reasonable budget plan.

      The easiest way to check if it is unbearably expensive to live in a particular city is to compare it with the national average. By examining the numbers, you will see how your expenses will look, from the overall monthly cost of living to particular expenses, including groceries, utilities, transportation, and entertainment.

      Compared to Other Cities in California, Is It Expensive to Live in Sacramento?

      When you decide to relocate to Sacramento, make sure to get familiar with the housing options and their prices. Whether you are moving to the city alone, or with family, you should find an area and a place most suitable for your needs. If you are wondering if it is expensive to live here, you’ll be glad to know that housing in Sactown is more affordable than in most major cities in the state.


      Renting and Buying Options in Sactown California

      To rent an apartment in some of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento, you will need between $1,400 and $2,500, according to Numbeo.

      If you decide to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the central area, you will need $1,400 per month. On the other hand, the same sized place outside of the center is approximately $1,200.

      However, if you need more space, the monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment in the center is around $2,500. To rent a three-bedroom apartment away from the urban core, you will need $1,900 per month.

      According to Numbeo, those interested in buying a place (and we are talking about apartments) should know that the price for a square foot in the center is $330. To buy a condo outside of the center, you will need $200 per square foot.

      To make a small comparison – If you would like to rent an apartment in LA, the monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment would be 33% higher on average than for a same-sized apartment in Sactown. Not to mention the prices for purchasing a place. One square foot outside of LA is $475, which is over 130% higher than the price of a square foot in the capital of California.

      The situation is similar when you’re comparing Sac’s housing options with the ones in San Francisco. Renting a three-bedroom apartment outside of the San Francisco center would cost you $4,950 per month. That is 158% higher than the price for the same-sized apartment in the state capital.

      Grocery Shopping and Other Aspects of the Average Cost of Living in Sacramento

      The most efficient way to see what your grocery shopping bill will look like is to make a shopping list or your average consumer basket. List the products you usually buy, see the price of each one, and calculate the total expenses.

      We assume that most of us buy more or less the same things on a daily basis, so the grocery shopping list could look like this:

      • A gallon of milk – $3.75
      • A loaf of fresh bread – $3
      • A pound of rice is $2
      • A carton of eggs – regular (12) – $3
      • A pound of local cheese – $5.30
      • Chicken fillet – $4.10
      • A pound of ground beef – $5.90

      Your list will probably contain some fruits and vegetables, too. That’s why you should know their prices. One pound of apples is $2.25, and bananas are $0.80, while oranges are $2.30 per pound. On the other hand, one lb of onion is $1.25, and potatoes are $1.10 per lb.

      Compared to the same products in LA, half of the items from the list above are cheaper in Cali capital. However, according to BestPlaces, the grocery shopping costs in Sactown have an index of 104.8, meaning that they are slightly higher than the national.

      What Is a Good Salary in Sacramento?

      There is no such thing as a perfect salary. If you ask a few people about this issue, you will probably hear different figures. Each of us has a different perspective on how much money is necessary to live the ideal life. But, one thing is certain: every person should earn enough to cover the basic needs and live a decent life.

      When it comes to expected salaries in the Sactown, according to Numbeo, the median net monthly salary wage is $4,400, which brings us to the figure of $52,800 yearly.

      To be able to cover all the upcoming expenses, see how to get a job before you move to the new hometown. Consider visiting indeed and similar websites, and try to find as many job options as possible.

      The best salary is the one that covers both basic needs and activities reserved for leisure time.

      How Much Do You Need To Live Comfortably in Sacramento? Distribute Your Income Wisely to Cover the City’s Cost of Living

      Living in Sacramento, besides having enough money for rent, groceries, and renewing the wardrobe, includes having enough means on your bank account for all the fun activities you are interested in. Also, you should not forget about important things like childcare and healthcare. That is why you should try to organize your budget in a way most suitable for all your needs and wishes.

      At one point after the long-distance relocation, you will need to renew your wardrobe. According to Numbeo, to buy a pair of jeans, you will need around $45, and a pair of mid-range Nike running shoes will take $80 out of your pocket. A pair of men’s leather shoes are $110, and a summer dress in a chain store is around $35.

      For those moving with kids, there is one other thing they should think about – childcare. If you would like your child to go to a private preschool or kindergarten, the price of it would be around $900 per month. However, for older children, for an international private primary school, your yearly bill would be $17,150.

      Last but not least is healthcare. Depending on the reason for your visit and the type of exam you need, the prices go like this:

      • Doctor’s visit – $115
      • Dentist visit – $90
      • Optometrist visit – $107

      Moving with pets forces you to think about your pet’s needs during and after the relocation. Find the right groomer as well as a veterinarian for your pet. Here, a visit to the veterinarian costs around $55.

      A Good Budget Plan Is the Answer to All the Questions Related to Your Favourite Pastime Activities

      With a good budget plan, you’ll be able to enjoy the unique things to do in Sacramento, to explore all the fun things to do in Sacramento for couples with your loved one or go to some of the best restaurants in Sacramento. If you want to stay in shape and live a healthy life like many Californians do, going to the gym will cost you $45 per month, while one hour on a tennis court, on weekends, is $10.

      Going out with your loved ones and with kids, if you have them, is one of the most beautiful ways to spend your free time. If you would like to organize a date night with your significant other, the price for a three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant is $60.

      Those who have kids are familiar with the bond between children and McDonald’s (ok, grownups like it, too). So, if you want to make your little ones happy and take them to McDonald’s, a McMeal or an equivalent meal combo will be $8.

      The Bright Side of the Cost of Living in Sacramento in 2020 – Utility Bills

      According to BestPlaces, the utility cost index of the capital of California is 98.4, meaning, it’s slightly lower than the national. Essential utilities, including cooling, heating, electricity, water, and garbage for a 915 sq ft apartment, are around $180.

      Other than that, you will have to pay the bill for the mobile phone, and it will be $0.17 per 1 min. of a prepaid mobile tariff. The bill for the internet for 60 Mbps or more, with unlimited data, cable/ADSL is $65.

      businessman saving money
      An online calculator is a great tool to compare expenses between towns or states.

      Moving Between Cities Will Show You the Difference in Public Transportation Prices

      Driving a car in Sactown will lower your budget for $3.70 for each gallon of gasoline you buy. Compared to LA, gas in Sac is about 4% cheaper. And if we compare it to San Francisco, the situation is similar. One gallon of gasoline in SF is $3.95.

      If you want to use public transportation, a one-way ticket for local transport is $2.50, while a monthly pass is $100. For those who prefer taking a cab, the taxi start is around $4, and one mile is $3. If for some reason, you need a cab to wait for you, 1 hour of waiting will be $27.50.

      Compared to the national average, the cost of public transportation is higher in the capital of California, with an index of 121. However, if you are more of a taxi person, it is much cheaper to use a taxi here than in LA or San Francisco, for example.

      Ready for Moving to Sacramento?

      Before you decide what kind of transportation you are going to use daily, you first have to relocate to your new hometown. That’s why you should consider looking for the cheapest way to move out of state.

      We hope that your budget plan will handle all the expenses that will come with the move. Keep in mind that long-distance relocation is a complex process, so you should consider contacting Sacramento cross country movers near you and getting information about their moving and packing services. Open your suitcase; it is time to move!

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