Sacramento is the capital city of California

Best Restaurants in Sacramento – The Ultimate Guide for Newcomers

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      Knowing what the best restaurants in Sacramento are is one of the crucial things for every newcomer. You’ll definitely want to know where to eat well if you’re moving to Sacramento – every foodie loves what it has to offer. Enjoy reading our list; we hope it’ll be helpful!

      fancy dish in a restaurant
      There are more than a few eateries in the metropolis you should check out

      Share a meal at The Kitchen, one of the best restaurants in Sacramento

      This upscale family eatery has everything in one place. Everyone who has ever visited The Kitchen said that this is the place to be. Chatting with their executive chef while he’s preparing a five-course meal right before your eyes is truly one of the unique things to do in Sacramento. Fresh ingredients from local farmers and sustainably grown products are a great basis from which the chefs make magic for their guests daily. Since the very beginning, this eatery made an imprint that has stayed in every Sacramentan’s heart. The portions are large, and if you wish to order a five-course, we recommend for you to share it with someone dear (we wouldn’t share the meal from The Kitchen with just anyone). They’re well known for the interactive “intermission” menu and tasting stations, so you can be completely sure that you like the meal you ordered. It’s a bit expensive – the price for a dinner is $155 per person, plus a 22% restaurant service charge, but the staff will make sure that you know what you paid for. No special dress code is required, even though it’s a fancy place. There is no exterior sign, so try to find them by the address and make sure that you leave a review on Facebook or Yelp.

      table filled with food
      This is an evening place since the earliest meal is served at 5 PM

      One of the Best New Restaurants in Sacramento is Backbone Café

      Up for a healthy meal? Organic ingredients meet in incredible tacos, sandwiches, and broths in Backbone Cafe. They like having a fun time while making meals, so eating or ordering from this place will never be boring. Above all, every ingredient you find in your plate is organic, meats are grass-fed, everything is cooked with minimal oil, and their sauces and dressings are house-made. If you wish to avoid eating sugar-infused dishes, you can relax here, because the dishes are refined sugar-free. Isn’t that something? Smoothies are also popular here.


      If You Have a Special Diet, This Is the Spot for You

      Whatever special requirements you have, just let them know, and they’ll fix up a delicious and healthy meal for you! They say that no diet suits everyone, and because of that, they strive to fit everyone’s needs, including paleo and ketogenic diets. Keeping in mind the cost of living in Sacramento, knowing that you can have a personalized healthy meal in the heart of downtown for around $15 is nowhere near expensive.

      a healthy dish
      Look after your health and listen to your stomach

      Going for Lunch at the Firehouse Restaurant Is Never a Mistake

      One of the most amazing places you should check out if you plan to explore the city is this eatery housed in an 1853 redbrick firehouse – hence the name. It opened up as a restaurant in 1960 and ever since it has been feeding the guests well. It’s a fine dining place with American fare that people adore – a bunch of good reviews on Facebook prove that. It’s also famous for its classic atmosphere that attracts politicians, diplomats, and celebrities. You can visit for a regular lunch or dinner, or for a special occasion. Make sure you have a taste of their cocktails after enjoying your meal, and as for lunch, we recommend a sandwich with grilled chicken, cranberry, and cream cheese.

      Share Some of Their Vegan and Vegetarian Options

      The portions are large, so to avoid the leftovers, share a dinner with your friends or prepare to make room for a big meal. Firehouse has so many different options for special diets, including meatless ones. Have a taste of their outstanding fall vegetable wellington for dinner or local beets with goat cheese and black garlic.

      food and wine glasses
      This eatery has been awarded many times for the finest dining, wine, and atmosphere

      Localis Has Great Lunch Options

      Searching for a spot to have some dishes from American cuisine? Every newcomer should check out this place in Midtown, one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento. Locals love Localis, so we guarantee that you will too.

      Why Is It One of the Essential Sacramento Restaurants?

      You can go a la carte, or go with the tasting menu. You can have seafood or duck meat with potatoes. You can try their vegan and vegetarian options, or order a steak or sushi. With an amazingly rich list of wines, your dinner will be perfect and the friendly staff will complete the impression in this family-owned restaurant. The menu is changed frequently, so you’ll never be stuck with the same choice of dishes. Lamb shank and pork belly are just some of their popular specialties. Localis makes sure that everything is super tasty and beautifully decorated.

      person eating
      You can ask the chef to pair the wine with your meal

      Tequila Museo Mayahuel Combines What Everyone Loves

      Newcomers who are fans of Mexican cuisine  are welcome to Tequila Museo Mayahuel. Relax in this spacious eatery and dive into Mexican culture – Mayahuel also has a tequila museum! The meals here are anything but ordinary. Portions are large (but there are also small plates), customer service is on point, and you’ll love the decor. Traditional flavors and recipes are changed just a bit so that they can bring you something you didn’t expect. Hot soup with tender chicken melting in your mouth after which you can have some enchiladas in unique sauces. For a drink, try and enjoy some of their cocktails. We know that moving away from friends  can be hard, but you can go to their Tequila Club, join it, and meet new friends. Capitol Park is nearby, so you can take a stroll after a tasty meal.

      person working on a laptop
      Make a reservation via their website or Facebook page; it can be crowdy

      Kru Sushi Serves the Finest Fresh Fish

      If you’re a fish and seafood lover planning on packing your stuff and moving to this city, you have nothing to be afraid of when coming here – Kru is here to welcome you. The aesthetics of their serving will wow you, but it doesn’t end there. Sushi rolls, dumplings, nigiri, and sashimi made from freshest ingredients are delicious, as is the miso soup. This is also a place where you can have Australian wagyu beef or a burger. No matter how many cities you have tried sushi in, this food joint never disappoints; come and see for yourself!

      person eating with chopsticks
      Sushi and seafood in this place are a pure delight

      Casual yet Delicious Bites at the Rind

      Not actually a restaurant, it’s more of a bar – but with great bites. Some more simple bites are at The Rind . Crunchy and tasty sandwiches with a good cold beer or wine waiting for you here. Vegetarians can enjoy it as well. You can come for lunch or just for drinks – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’ll get the chance to try the variety of cheeses on board or the grilled ones they have. Don’t miss the chance! Even mac and cheese are on the menu. Sandwiches are made with organic, humanely raised meats. Visitors are very satisfied, so even when the place is full (it has few seats), they take the meal to go. Multiple times. Repeatedly.

      Special Love Goes to the Wine

      Knowledgeable sommeliers will explain each and every one of more than fifteen wines on the list. They’re sold by the bottle, and the difference in price is very small. There are rose, whites, and reds in a number of varieties including the “knife and fork reds”.

      wine and cheese on a table
      Everyone who enjoys wine and cheese must come and try these options

      Go to Tank House Bbq and Bar for a Meaty Delight

      Some of the fun things to do in Sacramento for couples include going to fantastic food joints that work until late in the evening. As a late-night snack, we recommend tater tots in a cheese sauce topped with pulled pork and BBQ sauce. Classic Texas barbecue, sandwiches, salads, beer, and wine – all at one place until 2 AM. The best-smoked brisket with crunchy tots is right here! The meat on ribs falls right off the bone once Tank House prepares it. In the meats part of the menu, you can find whatever you want, and you can be sure it’s made the way you want and like it. If you’re sharing a meal, order a platter. They even have the big ones that serve eight people! They don’t take reservations, so it might be tricky to find a table sometimes. If you’re moving in the summer to the California capital, you can grab a seat outside.

      pulled pork served in a metal plate
      Dirty Macs are also a great snack late at night

      Hawks Public House Is a Gastropub You Can’t Miss

      This is a great casual place for a delicious dinner. They’re proud to say they make their own pasta they dip in flavorful sauces and serve to hungry customers. But it’s not just pasta! You can come for brunch and order some briskets or pork cheeks, and we guarantee it’ll be perfect. Hawks Public House has plenty of parking, so if you plan to transport your car with you when you move, there will be no problems with finding a spot. It can be crowded, so make sure you have a reservation to avoid waiting. People leave Hawks satisfied with everything – the food, service, the ambiance, and the vibe, saying that they will definitely come back.

      They Have Some Sweet Offers You Can’t Say No To

      Don’t think that we forgot about desserts! They are served all day long: croissants, buttermilk biscuits, coffee cakes, bostocks, chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal and currant cookies – all for three or four bucks! Hawks will make sure your meal is complete and there is no better way than to have something sweet after a yummy meal.

      chocolate chip cookies and coffee
      Chocolate chip cookies are to die for

      Restaurant Espanol in the Heart of the City Has the Longest Story

      If you ask anyone who’s been living in Sacramento for years to recommend the oldest and finest eatery, chances are that you’ll hear about Espanol. Contrary to the name, this place serves home-cooked Italian fare. They have been serving for over nine decades and winning people’s hearts with their food. Starting with the usual – minestrone soup, ravioli, spaghetti with meatballs, lasagna, cannoli, and other Italian dishes are made with love, and you can feel it. This is a fantastic place for a family lunch, so if you’re planning on moving during the holidays, you can celebrate at this place. The interior is rustic, and the charming decor hasn’t changed much throughout the years.

      italian food - pasta and pizza
      Have some ravioli and enjoy a good glass of wine

      Another Gem Makes Sacramento’s Food Scene Irresistible

      Tres Hermanas is an eatery in California capital that serves the finest authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s always busy because of the fantastic dishes they serve. Taco salad is a local favorite, delicious appetizers are there, as well as the chicken enchiladas that people adore. It’s located in Midtown and it’s close to local attractions, so if you enter and see a crowded place, the staff will take your phone number and call you when your meal is ready, while you go sightseeing. Tres Hermanas has excellent mole and tamales, and you will surely enjoy their Chile Relleno. After the meal, go with a couple of margaritas or some tequila-based cocktails. Everything is made with fresh ingredients straight from the market and homemade sauces. The result? Finger-lickin’ good.

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