Tips on How to Get a Job Before You Move

September 30, 2019 / Posted in Before the Move
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Have you decided to move to another city, but you still haven’t figured out a new career path? Should you move first and look for jobs later? Or should you look for employment well before? If you decide on the latter, the question of how to get a job before you move will be on the top of your priority list.

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Utilize tips and land a dream employment

You want to make sure your resume and cover letter are written in a way that points out your need to relocate. Do your research, connect with friends, family, and acquaintances. Make sure you build a strong network of people that can help you in the search for employment. Look for the companies that you wish to work for and make sure to reach out to them. Since there is no right time to start applying, make sure to start as soon as you decide to relocate. Following all of this will help you land a desired position, without additional stress.

When to Start the Job Search?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the question of when to start a job search when you are in the process of moving. Remember, there are many things to consider when relocating for a job

When you think about moving, you have to take into consideration your financial state first. If you’re able to afford to move away without salary and health insurance, you can start the hunt later. Since relocation itself can be pricey, you should think about the cheapest way to move out of state. So, if your finances cannot withstand that, you should look for employment as soon as you decide to move. If you have a friend in the new city, you can crash at their place and then look for employment. And once you find a place of your own, consider the things you are going to need for your first apartment.


Consider what type of employment you are looking for and what level you’re aiming for. Higher levels are harder to land than entry- or low-level positions. Also, if you are aiming for more senior levels, know that the process of candidate selection is longer.   

Before you start looking for a new employer, make sure that you check if your current one can offer you to work remotely. If your work is done mostly online or connected to a computer, there might be a chance that you can do it in another city. Also, if your company has an office in other places, you can ask for a transfer to one of those locations.

And if you are a dedicated worker, there is a high chance your company would accommodate you through employee relocation programs. This will do you good if you want to focus on finding a good moving company that will help you conquer the relocation task. Taking all of this into consideration, try to plan your search. And give yourself enough time to find the desired position.

Give Yourself Time to Find a Job

Looking for employment can be a long process. But even if you’re going to take your time with it, make sure you start planning ahead. 

Get familiar with the market in your future location. Make sure that your profession is needed in that area. If your CV is outdated, give it an update and add the experience you might have gained. Make sure that you have the list of references ready to use. Start checking for jobs in companies you are interested in working for. All of this will help you speed up the process of finding employment. 

Set up Internet Alerts

Going through ads is one way to look for jobs. But you can also sign up for email alerts. They let you know when there is an open hiring position that matches the criteria you listed. You can set these alerts directly on the website of a company that you want to work for, as well as on career listing sites. Alerts keep you notified as soon as an employment opportunity is open. And since you can access the Internet on your phone as well as on the computer, alerts will reach you no matter where you are. 

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There is no right or wrong time to start looking for work

Set LinkedIn According to Geography Preferences

When looking for employment in the city, internet platforms offer you many options. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can use it as a tool in your job hunt. All you have to do is update your locations and preferred commute time. LinkedIn uses given information to recommend jobs based on your geography preference. You will have insight into all companies and open positions in a specific location. Contacting them via LinkedIn is efficient and fast.

Search for Jobs in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn made connecting with professionals easy. Especially if you join LinkedIn Groups that are focused on professionals working at the same location and in the same industry as you.

Many metropolitan areas have groups focused on geography and industry at the same time, for example, Digital Marketing, AIGA San Francisco, and many others. Being active in these groups can help you learn about career opportunities since many recruiters post in them, trying to find specifically qualified local employees.  

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Look online for employment oportunities

How to Get a Job Before You Move – Reach Out to Your Network

Our friends and family can be of great help when it comes to looking for new employment. People in your life who know about your relocation might have some information about an open position in a new firm. Do your research, maybe some of your acquaintances live in the location you’re moving to. They can help you look for work since they are already settled in.

Facebook and LinkedIn are also great places to find out if any of your friends recently moved to the area you are relocating to as well. Look into and use your network of alumni and professional contacts, they can hold some information about career opportunities. 

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Reaching out to your network will speed up the process

Find Desired Companies and Get Noticed

When looking for new employment, you probably already have an idea about the career path you want to pursue. Research the market in the city, find a few desired companies, and wait for an employment opportunity to pop up. You can set up an email alert as well, making sure you don’t miss an opening.

You might want to create a plan that will help you get noticed by the recruiters of the desired company. Let them know why would you love to work there and how can your contribution make the firm more efficient. 

Write a New Cover Letter

You found the ad that you have been searching for, and now you want to apply for it. Make sure that you explain when and why you are relocating to their city. Some employers don’t take applicants from out of town too seriously. Write very clearly that you are moving to a specific location and that you’re serious about looking for employment. If you want to avoid discrimination, make sure to put a future, local address on your biography and cover letter.

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Cover Letter can set you apart from other candidates

Be Available for an Interview and Know What to Say

When you’re in the process of relocating, your schedule can get pretty hectic. But try to be always obtainable for online interviews and whenever it is possible to travel for them. Some employers prefer to have a conversation with a candidate in person. Luckily, many of them can talk to you via Skype as well. 

When you finally get to the interview part of the process, try to present yourself and your skills in the best possible light. Explain clearly and concisely just how can you contribute to the company’s success. And always keep in mind that the employer might need you and your expertise as much as you need that employment.

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Prepare for the live interview

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