Sacramento is the capital city of California

Living in Sacramento California – All You Need to Know

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      Even though it is the capital, Sactown seems to be in the shadow of the much fancier fellow Californian cities. But that doesn’t mean that residing in SF, LA, or San Diego is necessarily better than living in Sacramento. On the contrary, it offers the chance to live in a more peaceful and affordable environment. Let’s check out how life is in Sac from a local’s perspective.

      streets of California
      The view over one of the rivers is everyone's favorite.

      Living in Sacramento Pros and Cons – the Ultimate List

      Those of you thinking about moving to Sacramento are probably eager to find out everything there is to know about life in the capital of California. And we are going to tell you the truth, including its positive and negative sides.

      Pros and cons are like the two sides of the same coin – one doesn’t paint the whole picture without the other. And it’s the same with Sactown, but that is just one of the reasons why everyone loves it so much. And don’t worry, there are not a lot of cons, so let’s get started.


      Pros of Residing in the California Capital


      The entire region of northern California strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and Sactown is no exception. Citizens here are recycling, reducing fossil fuel consumption, and embracing other green concepts.

      Job opportunities

      If you are trying to figure out how to get a job before you move, that should not be a problem here. From government jobs and agriculture to tech and development, there is something for everyone. Some of the largest employers are the state of California, UC Davis Health, Intel, and Sutter Health.

      Airport proximity

      There is no need to go to LA or SF because the Sacramento International  Airport is well connected to all major hubs in the US and just 10 miles northwest of the downtown. You can even go to Mexico, or drive to a nearby Reno for more flight options.

      Weekend getaway

      For those of you who like to explore, there are plenty of places to visit nearby, for example, Yosemite, Sonoma, Napa, Lake Tahoe, Apple Hill, Muir Woods, etc.

      There is no winter

      The climate here is mild, and you will hardly see any snow around Sactown. You will particularly enjoy the fall because autumnal colors here are in full bloom.

      Cons of Living in Sactown

      Hot summers

      Although it is not as hot as in the Death Valley, it feels pretty similar. It is not unusual that during July and August, temperatures go above 100℉. So keep that in mind if you are moving in the summer.

      Seasonal allergies

      Even if you never had problems with allergies before, here you might catch some due to the high concentration of pollen.

      Traffic jams

      The growing number of cars in this city led to a problem with traffic. Although the situation is not as bad as in LA, you should go out early if you don’t want to be late.

      High taxes

      California has some of the highest tax rates in the country, and it can take up to 12.3% of your income.

      2 Neighborhoods You Should Keep an Eye On

      Those of you who are planning on living in Sacramento, California, are probably wondering what the best neighborhoods in Sacramento are. Of course, there is not just one answer to this question because those who are moving to a new city alone don’t have the same priorities as those who are moving with pets and children. However, we selected two neighborhoods that seem to offer the best of both worlds, and you should definitely check them out.

      • Midtown – if you’re looking for unique things to do in Sacramento, you will for sure find plenty of them around Midtown. From quirky bars and pubs to fancy restaurants and live music venues. It is close to the river and Downtown, which is why young adults and students love this area and often choose to live here, even though the rents keep going up.
      • Elk Grove – there are a few things to consider when moving to the suburbs, but if you prefer a slow-paced lifestyle, clean neighborhood, and a safe community, Elk Grove should be on your shortlist.

      Other Sacramento Neighborhoods You Should Explore

      If you ever wondered what it’s like living in Sacramento, you should go on a tour around its neighborhoods. This place has more than a hundred distinctive areas and communities, and when you have such a vast choice, it can be hard to make the right decision. The good thing is that wherever you go, the locals are friendly, so it can be a good idea to explore different areas and ask locals about their lifestyle. It is also a great way to meet new neighbors before you move. Here are our suggestions for areas you should explore when looking for a home.

      What Is the Best Way to Get Around Sactown

      Despite traffic jams, cars are still the preferred way of transport among Sacramentans, especially for those who reside in the suburbs. But the majority of people rely on public transportation for their daily commute, and we have to notice that public transit is pretty decent in Sactown.

      Buses and light rails trains cover the better part of Sac’s metropolitan area, and prices are affordable. A single ride is $2.50, while the monthly pass costs around $100. Depending on the category, there are also discounts for students and seniors.

      If you don’t live so far from where you work, you can always use a bike, it is free, and it will help you avoid crowds. Plus, the weather here is usually always nice, so you can use your bike year-round.

      people in the car
      People tend to complain about traffic everywhere, and Sac is not an exception.

      Is It Expensive to Live in California’s Capital?

      Unlike other more famous cities in the state, the capital has more reasonable prices. Therefore, the cost of living in Sacramento is not as high as you might expect. The average home income is higher than the national average, but the median home sale price is definitely higher than the national. However, it is at the same time significantly lower than that in LA or SF, which makes Sac a popular option among those who want to live in the Golden State without breaking the bank.

      The closer you are to Downtown, the prices are naturally higher, but if you move a bit further to the suburbs, you can discover real hidden gems and save a lot of money on housing. The big recession in 2007 lowered the cost of living and housing here, so considering how expensive Cali is, Sac might be just the right place for everyone who is looking to move out of state on a budget.

      pot filled with money
      When you compare everyday costs to other places, life in Sac is not so expensive.

      You’ll Have Plenty of Outdoor Activities to Take Up

      Although Sactown is not on the beach, that does not mean you cannot have fun on the sun around here. How many cities do you know that have three rivers? San Joaquin, American, and Sacramento rivers run through the capital of California and the surrounding region. There are dozens of riverfront parks, swimming points, playgrounds, and you can even go rafting down the American River. So if you are looking for fun things to do in Sacramento for couples, you should definitely go to its rivers.

      The trails along the American River are also perfect for biking, hiking, or jogging, and enjoy the beautiful scenery along this 32-mile long trail that stretches from Downtown to Folsom. There are also a lot of golf clubs with excellent courses suitable for the entire family.

      Frequently Asked Questions: Is There Really No Snow?

      Winters can be cold, but no one remembers when they saw even a single snowflake around here. But if you are looking for some fun in the snow, check out some places nearby such as the Adventure Mountain, Nyack Snow Park, Soda Springs Resort, etc. Fall is the most evident season you will experience here, and it is much more colorful than in Los Angeles, for example.

      riverfront view
      Riverfront view is the best view in Sactown.

      Is Sac a Good Place for Foodies?

      When a town is known as America’s “Farm to Fork” capital, then we think it is pretty clear that you won’t stay hungry for long here. In the past few years, Sac rebranded itself and became famous due to the vast number of farmer’s markets and a new approach to food.

      They have everything here, including avocados, so if you can’t imagine breakfast without an avo toast, here you don’t have to worry about finding fresh ones. We are sure you will have enough time to explore all the best restaurants in Sacramento and enjoy delicious meals made with fresh and local ingredients.

      people in a restaurant
      If you prefer eating out, you will enjoy the food scene here.

      8 Tips for Relocating to Sactown

      Stress-free moving is the ultimate goal of every person who wants to relocate to another state or city, so if you want to avoid making moving mistakes, take a look at our tips.

      • Make sure to find a reputable team of Sacramento movers with professional moving services that will help you with your relocation. And remember, the cheapest way to move out of state is not always the best one.
      • If you’ve found a job before coming here, ask your employer to help you find housing close to your work, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time commuting.
      • Traffic is not the best, but a car is still the best way to go around Sac, so make sure you are aware of how car shipping works and transport your auto to your new home on time.
      • You should make an inventory list before you start packing. It will ease the entire process and help you figure out what are the things you do not need.
      • If you have a lot of stuff, you can always donate some things before relocation, but don’t forget to hire someone to handle all the packing services.
      • If you are planning to raise a family in Sactown, don’t forget to explore good schools and safe neighborhoods, before you go house-hunting.
      • Start planning everything on time and try avoiding last-minute moving. Although Sac is not such a big city, it still has a lot of diverse communities that you should investigate before your relocation.
      • Rent storage, just in case your home is not move-in ready yet. And if things don’t go as planned, storage might save the day.

      If You’re Wondering What’s It Like Living In Sacramento, Here’s Our Final Verdict

      Since Sac is the capital, it certainly offers a lot of opportunities to all newcomers. Whether you are coming here for work or to study, we are sure that you will manage to fit in. This is not a typical Californian city, but it certainly has its charm and character. Yes, it has its share of drawbacks, but those who call it home believe that the upsides outweigh them. For everyone relocating to Cali and looking for something that is not going to break their bank, Sac is the right place.

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