5 Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

December 25, 2017 / Posted in Before the Move
Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

When it comes to long-distance relocation, there are plenty of things one should avoid in order to secure a smooth move. Moving mistakes are more frequent than you can imagine, and that’s why this entire process requires some thoughtful and smart planning. If you keep an eye on details and reduce the number of your errors to a minimum, your upcoming relocation won’t turn into a nightmare.

couple preparing for the move
Packing is usually tricky, but if you make a plan in advance, it will be a no-brainer

Throwing yourself into a whirlwind of relocation responsibilities and obligations can be challenging, but with a positive attitude and a reasonable time frame, everything is doable. Whether you need to pack a one-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment, there is always room for errors, and that’s perfectly fine. But if you nip those things in the bud, you’ll save yourself from a world of stress, worries, missed deadlines, and maybe even lost money. To help you out, we’ve made a list of five most frequent relocation blunders that you should stay away from


#1 Making a DIY Move – It’s Not Necessarily Better

If your relocation doesn’t require too many belongings to pack a moving truck or van, then doing it by yourself or with your friends’ help could save you some money. But, in case your apartment is crammed with bulky furniture, heavy and fragile belongings, you should consider professional moving services. Skilled packers are usually a better solution when deadlines and safety are your priority. They are also irreplaceable if you don’t know how to remove a chandelier, piano, china, or how to wrap all those objects carefully. Of course, you can always judge what belongings are not too demanding for you, and what should be entrusted to reliable movers with top-notch packing services.

a dolly in the storage
Storage units are useful places where all your belongings could be stored for a while

#2 One of the Most Widespread Moving Mistakes Is Failing to Research Companies

Doing research before the relocation is necessary, but it’s a trap too many people fall into by not undertaking it. If you think that companies with the most affordable prices are the best ones, think again. There’s plenty of factors you should check when it comes to hiring your potential mover in order to steer clear of scammers:

women working on a laptop
Cross your T's and dot your I's, and your relocation will go smoothly

#3 Giving Yourself Too Much or Too Little Time for Packing

It’s worth mentioning over and over that every successful move should be planned thoroughly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a workaholic or a person who enjoys leisure moments – performing preparatory steps can help you stay calm and efficient. If you start too early with the process, it might affect your life entirely and make you feel as if it never ends. People who are overly organized are often tempted into overthinking. Being overwhelmed with different questions and unpredictable scenarios is a trigger for anxiety and a constant feeling of dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, starting too late often means ending up in a situation where you have to pull off a last-minute move and pack in a hurry. If you’re a notorious procrastinator, let’s see how you can overcome this unproductive state of mind.

If You Like to Procrastinate, Here’s a Way to Conquer It: Be Organized

If you’re wondering how to do everything promptly when there are so many tasks to carry out before relocation, we can help you. Fortunately, with an action plan and a checklist, everything is feasible. There are several steps you should include in your preliminary steps, such as:

  • Hiring reliable moving experts in advance. Try to perform this task two months ahead, and avoid moving in the summer, on weekends, the beginning of months, and holidays – these are periods with the highest prices
  • Obtaining enough packing materials will help you to sort and wrap your belongings properly, stress-free, and carefully. Consider getting free boxes, paddings, and bubble wrap – that will reduce your total expenses
  • Start by tackling the items you won’t be using for several months from now – that could make the process much easier
  • Ask your friends and family members for help in due course. Making a deal with them in advance could be beneficial both for them and you – they will be able to plan their days, and you can organize your time properly
couple holding boxes
When relocating to a new home, don’t bring with you clothes or goods you don’t need anymore

#4 Not Labeling Your Boxes

Being in a whirlwind of boxes, piles of belongings, and moments jammed with tension might tempt you to just toss all the items into boxes, tape them, and leave them to movers to load into the truck. Yes, this can make the process faster, but it will bring you tension and headaches later on. Not knowing what each of your packages contains might spell trouble in the long run – you’ll end up spending way too long unpacking. To avoid unnecessary stress and effort, label your boxes properly, and create a checklist that corresponds with the numbers and content of each package.

You Guide to Labeling

Depending on your preferences when it comes to storing and labeling all your household goods, you can choose between different options. Whether you like cheerful marks and rainbow-colored sticky notes, or you’d rather opt for good old numbers, you should consider some of the following methods:

  • Color coding
  • Numbered labeling system
  • Colored markers
  • Colored tape
  • Colored paper
  • Labeling the inside content
pile of labeled boxes
You can use different methods to label your packages

#5 Forgetting to Declutter

Decluttering, or getting rid of the stuff you don’t need or haven’t used in a while, is not just a prudent way to save money on moving costs. It’s also a way to turn a new chapter in life by letting go of the things to which you’ve attached unnecessary emotional and sentimental value. That old pair of jeans or cowboy boots meant something when you bought them years ago. But after wearing them twice in all that time, now is a perfect opportunity to say goodbye. Of course, unwanted belongings don’t have to end up in the trash. You can always offer them as a gift, sell them (online or at a garage sale) or donate them to those in need.

Think About Storage

Sometimes, when you’re relocating to a smaller home, there are household goods you might actually need and don’t want to part with. Storage units are perfect solutions for those situations, as well as for all the belongings you don’t know what to do with.

Bottom Line

Now, after you’ve become familiar with some of the most common mistakes that may happen during relocation, start with your plan and jot down all the essentials. To keep your spirits up, make sure to be more vigilant now rather than later – then all your effort might be futile.

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