How to Pack a Moving Truck – Learn to Load Everything Like a Pro

March 15, 2018 / Posted in How-to
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If you’re relocating on a tight budget, you may decide to do all or most of the work by yourself to save a few bucks. Whatever some people may think, it is totally doable if you know how to pack a moving truck properly. Fear not, though. Steps are easy enough, and if done properly, the hardest thing to do will be the actual carrying of the boxes.

moving truck on the road
There are some excellent ways to pack up the truck

Prepare the Loading Spot

“Before anything else, preparation is key to success,” Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the first telephone, once put it. It’s no different when it comes to relocating. If you decided not to hire professional moving services, but to handle it all alone or with a little help from your friends, the first thing to do is obvious – rent a truck. You should also get equipment such as a ramp and a dolly. You have to admit that it is a lot more appealing to haul crates on wheels than to carry full weight from house to the cargo hold. You may buy the dolly, but it can also be rented from specialized companies and stores.

Another staple of excellent preparation is packing. When stacking items, you should make sure that every box is well balanced. That way, both carrying and loading crates will be easier for you and safer for the stuff inside. Choosing the best-sized boxes will be very significant for that purpose, as well.

truck on a highway
Make sure the truck has a place to park

Tip of the Day – Load Heaviest Boxes First

So, the day has come, the parking spot in front of your house is cleared, and cargo hold stands wide open and ready for loading. The first general advice we can give is that the heavier stuff should always be loaded first, and placed at the bottom of the vehicle. Not only will the entire structure made of stacked boxes be more stable when built on a solid foundation, but the risk of anything light and fragile being squashed by, say, a full oak desk will be mostly eliminated.

Still, packing up the cargo hold should be done in a more specific order so that everything arrives at the destination safe and sound.


The Order of Packing or How to Pack a Moving Truck?

To take the most out of cargo hold, follow these simple rules. First, load the heaviest and the largest items, such as a refrigerator, washing machine, and a stove. They all should be leaned against the cargo hold’s wall. Next should come pieces of furniture that couldn’t be disassembled, like sofas and armchairs. Longer objects should follow suit, laid along the cargo hold’s sides.

And finally, it’s time for crates, heavier down, lighter up. Keep in mind that weight should be distributed as evenly as possible across the hold.

mover loading the truck
Make space for every single box

How to Pack a Moving Truck With Heavy Items

As we said before, the heaviest appliances should be packed first. Always keep them in an upright position, and be mindful of balance. Therefore, put a fridge in one corner, and a washing machine in the other.

Every house appliance should be secured in some way so that it stays in place and can also serve as a shelf for a box or two. Large pieces such as couches and mattresses should also be put upright, as should all the furniture that can’t be taken apart. In the case of bookshelves and larger wardrobes, they can serve as additional space.

Disassemble Furniture

Before the move, you should disassemble all pieces that can be disassembled. Remove legs from tables and chairs, take apart shelves, and disassemble bed frames. All parts should be put upright, with legs of chairs and tables bound together.

As with appliances, make sure to secure every piece with some kind of cushioning to avoid damage. A useful tip is to remove drawers before loading and put them back in place once in the cargo area. Drawers may be taped shut to minimize the risk of them falling out during the trip. Rugs also go in upright, after being rolled up, with upside facing out.

Furniture is also a lot easier to carry and store when in parts, especially if you need to put it in storage. The same goes for beds and shelves, but no less if you are moving a pool table.

living room
Beds, shelves, wardrobes - disassemble them!

Fragile Items Should Fill the Holes and Gaps

If boxes with books go to the bottom of the hold, and lighter items go on top, it is the job of the crates with more fragile items to fill the empty spaces. If you properly pack wine bottles, they can be perfect for filling the space between the crate carrying plates and the one with knives. If you have more knack for interior design, you may even load fragile stuff under some furniture piece. In that case, make sure that everything is well protected and secured from any potential mishap.

glasses and bubble wrap
Secure the fragile stuff

You’re Ready to Load!

And there you go. With all the basics covered, you’ll stash away your belongings in no time. If you organize for moving properly, tasks such as packing and loading a moving truck will be a breeze. And even more so if you do it with friends. Moving is not so hard. So load away!

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