How to Move Safely – Safety Tips to Consider When Moving

November 26, 2021 / Posted in How-to
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Relocating across the country is a challenging process. There are many tasks to plan and do before the professional movers come to get your stuff. And in that whole chaos, you can easily forget to consider how to move safely and why that’s something to keep in mind the entire time. Not only do you have to think about your belongings and car, but you also have to prioritize your well-being during the whole process.

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Take some useful tips for safer relocation

Once you decide it’s the best time to move, you will slowly realize that can be quite a dangerous thing to do. You’ll be dealing with some heavy and sharp objects that could easily injure you if you’re not careful, especially if you plan on DIY-ing or are in a last-minute move and don’t have time to organize better. However, if you hire professional long-distance relocation services, the movers will help you with lifting bulky and heavy furniture, dealing with fragile belongings, and more. Either way, here are some moving safety tips you should follow.

Why It’s Important to Know How to Move Safely and What Can Go Wrong if You Don’t

We all know that you can’t move for free. In fact, the average cross-country relocation with all the needed services – packing service, moving insurance, storage facility, and secure auto transport – costs around $4,000. So it’s completely reasonable that cutting some costs is a priority.

However, there are a million reasons why leaving all the hard work to professionals is a good idea, despite the high costs of interstate relocation. The most important one is your health. That’s why, if you still want to do some of the tasks on your own, everything should be planned accordingly.


Take Some Steps Before the Relocation – Choose a Reliable Long-Distance Moving Company

Planning a relocation will require some effort if you want it to be a successful one. Not only do you have to think about practical things, like how to prepare a house for sale, but also consider hiring reliable movers. Whether this is your first move or the fifth one, some things are just better left for the relocation crew.

However, before you get to that part, first check if the relocation company is legitimate. There are around 6,000 registered relocation companies in the US. Luckily, you can do almost everything online nowadays, and checking the relocation crew isn’t an exception. Take the USDOT number of the company and run it through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) database.

Feel Free to Contact the Movers and Ask Them About the Quote and Covid Procedures

Once the relocation crew is checked, it’s time to find out whether they are right for you. This means you should contact their customer service and ask absolutely everything you want to know. Prepare all the questions to ask them in advance and ask for a free quote. That way, you’ll be able to plan your finances, especially if you’re relocating on a budget. Also, plan to separate some money from your relocation budget for tips for the relocation team. Lastly, don’t forget to check if they follow all the coronavirus procedures and measures.

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Contact the relocation team, check if they are legitimate, and ask for a quote

Apply Some Measures in the Challenging Times of Coronavirus

There are many reasons why people move. Some are looking for a new and better home, others better job opportunities and education. However, given that you’re about to move during the Covid-19 pandemic, keep in mind that things have changed a bit. Coronavirus has changed almost every segment of our lives, and you’re probably wondering if relocation teams are essential workers?

Luckily, the moving industry continues to work during the Covid outbreak with some modifications, of course. This means that you can move to your new home following some precautions for everyone’s safety:

  • Use cloth face coverings,
  • Wash your hands often,
  • Sanitize all of your belongings before and after the move,
  • Use new boxes or the ones you already had instead of getting used ones,
  • Schedule the move during a non-busy season,
  • Try to pack up your belongings on your own,
  • Wrap soft surfaces of the furniture with plastic,
  • Unpack yourself.
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Take some safety measurements before and after the move

Use Some of the Best Packing Tips When Moving Cross-Country

One of the best tips you can get when it comes to a tedious process like this is to decide what not to pack because there is always some clutter you won’t need in the new house. Then, you should gather as many different packing materials as possible. Start decluttering first room-by-room, and gather all the stuff you won’t be using anymore in one pile. That way, you can donate the unwanted items more easily. Check with the local charity organizations or visit Goodwill.

Pack Light and Don’t Overload the Boxes

When it comes to packing your household belongings, whether you’re preparing clothes or some bulkier items – less is more. You should follow this rule because someone has to carry all those boxes, right? Apply this method to the whole preparation process of the move and figure out the easiest way to pack.

Just because you can fill one medium-sized box with around 20 books doesn’t mean you should do it. It’s likely possible that cartons, even the most sturdy ones, will survive heavy things. So, ensure that cartons aren’t fully packed because the bottoms could easily break during the move. Also, think about how many boxes you will have to move in just one day. Your spine will suffer if you get carried away.

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Keep in mind that, on average, one household has 300,000 items

Make Sure Pathways Are Clear When Movers Come

When you start preparing for the movers, keep in mind that your home will get crowded on the big day. That’s why you should keep all the pathways clear and accessible. Even if you plan on relocating household items by yourself, this is an extremely important safety precaution.

Not having to worry about obstacles on the way will provide you with a more comfortable approach to the whole process. Also, tripping and falling can result in injuries. And just imagine how much more dangerous it can be when you’re holding a bulky object or a box in your arms. The key is to avoid any potential problems and keep both inside and outside pathways clear and passable.

Keep Your Well-Being in Mind During the Move

Lifting heavy items and boxes is a part you probably won’t be able to escape. However, if you don’t know how to reduce the risk of injuring yourself, severe physical trauma could be. The spine, joints, and muscles will suffer the most.

Also, here the organization will be more than necessary. For example, avoid lifting and carrying packages more than you have to. Plan wisely how you’ll organize the truck and avoid transporting heavy packages a few times in vain.

Learn How to Lift Packages Properly and Don’t Hurt Yourself

One of the most common relocation mistakes that people make (especially on the moving day) is thinking they can do everything alone in just one day. Even if you plan on hiring long-distance moving services, there might still be some lifting for you to do. So ensure you use proper lifting techniques to avoid injuries. Always bend your knees and lift with your legs when dealing with furniture or similar heavy objects. That way, you’ll protect the spine and avoid straining your back. For more proper lifting techniques, check out the video below.

Remember to Stretch at Least Once During the Day

Although this might sound unnecessary to some, stretching every once in a while will relax tight muscles and instantly make you feel better. The best method is to stretch before you get to work and later after you’re done. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to include elaborate yoga positions – all you have to do is make sure to stretch all the major muscle groups.

Getting Enough Sleep Will Help You Stay Focused

When we’re exhausted, we tend to make more mistakes and blunders. And you won’t do yourself a favor saying up late packing instead of going to bed and getting some well-deserved rest. Get a good night’s sleep and start a fresh new day, rested and with more energy.

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Get some rest and have eight hours of sleep

Always Have a Relocation Aid Kit and Safety Gear

Getting organized to move isn’t the easiest thing to do. There are many tasks you need to check on the to-do list before the relocation crew comes to load the truck. However, some things should always be near – the right gear and proper equipment. Yes, if possible, the same stuff that professionals use would be the greatest solution. Here are some items you should have at home when relocating:

  • Work gloves – these gloves will ensure more protection because they are thick and durable, which will provide a tight grip.
  • Dolly – by avoiding carrying stuff and rolling it on a dolly instead, you’ll avoid potential physical trauma.
  • Furniture sliders – a much safer option for heavier furniture and other items. Sliders will move buky belongings without risking your well-being.
  • Quality straps – straps are a great option for reducing stress on your shoulders, back, and knees when lifting heavy objects.

These will help you avoid some potentially serious injuries during the whole process. Also, keep a first-aid kit always near.

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Get the right equipment for this job

Staying Safe Should Be Your Goal – Take Safety Precautions

Having a stress-free move is achievable only if you take some steps that will ensure safety. Besides your well-being, think about securing all of your belongings to ensure they arrive at a new location in one piece. You surely don’t want to spend so much time and effort and end up asking yourself why relocating is so stressful.

Ensure You Have Moving and Car Shipping Insurance

One of the things that you shouldn’t skip is buying relocation insurance. You never know what can happen during transport. Also, if you opt to transport your car instead of driving it, it’s best to learn how car shipping works first. Then you can move on to preparing your vehicle for transport and get proper insurance as well.

Be Sure the Future Apartment Is All Cleaned Up Before Settling In

It’s stressful enough that you have to organize and prepare everything for the move and apply all the measures for a safe move. However, there’s another task that needs to be done – cleaning. After all the benefits of this relocation are considered, you should start looking for a place to live and think about how you will arrange it.

Keep in mind that you should get the apartment all cleaned up before the unpacking process starts. You can’t know for sure how well the previous owner cleaned it up. And since the pandemic is still a great threat to our health, you should make sure it’s cleaned properly and ready to settle in.

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Ensure the apartment is all cleaned up before you settle in

With a Trustworthy Relocation Company, the Whole Process Will Be a Breeze

Staying safe during the move requires a lot of things to be done and learned. You should do as much as you can to avoid dangerous injuries. However, there’s no better way to do it than having professional assistance that will ensure all of your stuff is carefully loaded into the truck. With all the tips and tricks above, you’ll have a successful move.

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