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October 23, 2018 / Posted in Moving Basics
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There is no universally correct answer to the question of when is the best time to move. Many factors will influence your decision, and sometimes you may not even have that much of a choice. However, every season of the year has its advantages as well as drawbacks when relocating to another home.

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Some seasons are better for the move than the others

While you may get a more favorable price tag for moving services in certain periods of the year and you can find apartments much cheaper, the elements may be a bit harsher. Vice versa, if the weather is just perfect for the whole relocation process, the movers will usually charge you more and housing prices will be steeper.


When Is the Best Time to Move? The Right Month and Season Depend on Your Circumstances

Relocating interstate and long-distance is never easy, nor cheap, but there are different circumstances surrounding your move that will influence your decision. Are you moving for a job? Are you relocating alone or with your family? Are you relocating on a budget?

Sometimes, you will have to compromise between convenience and the lower costs, but the good news is that there’s always a way to adjust. As for the prices and weather, the best time to move are fall and spring months, and there is a good reason for that. The housing market prices are lower in this period and the climate is almost perfect.

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It will very much depend on your circumstances.

When Thinking About When Is the Best Time to Move, Your Safest Bet May Be Fall and Spring

While it is not a universal rule, the climate is usually perfect for transport in the fall. The temperatures are still high enough but not scorching, which will make the whole process a lot more comfortable. The only thing that you may have to worry about are rainy days, which can create some difficulties. For starters, your belongings might get wet during the loading and unloading and the roads are slightly more dangerous.

The main advantage of relocating your home during fall, besides the pleasant temperatures, is that housing prices are lower and moving companies are not in their peak season. But, if you have school-age kids, this may not be convenient or even possible.

The Benefits of Moving in Winter

Although you may get chills down your spine when you even think about relocating your home in winter months, this is the best period to move if you’re working with a lower budget. The market demand for renting and buying houses and apartments is at its lowest, and you could get some great deals. As for the movers, this is definitely their off-season and you may get the best prices due to lower demand.

The drawback is obviously the low temperatures and snowfall. If you are moving to or from a snowy area, that will make the process a whole lot harder for you and the movers.

When Is the Moving Season?

The relocation season reaches its peak in July and August every year, the slight warm-up is in June while the September has a declining trend. Why is it like that? First of all, most people choose these months because they can get days off from work, and they use it to move their household. Second, their kids have a long summer break and it is easier for them to adjust to the new surroundings and get to the new school timely without the stress of relocating during the school year or exams. The other factor is, of course, the beautiful weather without any rain or snow.

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Warm weather and many free days to spare make summer ideal for relocation.

Why Relocating in Summer Can Be a Good Thing, and Why It Can Be a Bad Choice?

As we already mentioned, the days you can spare to organize everything will play an important role in the whole relocation process. It will be much easier to organize the packing, transport, unpack and set up everything during your vacation or summer holidays, for example, than to ask for a week off and do all that in haste.

You may not even be aware of how much preparation a relocation requires if you never did it before. Also, it’s much easier to transport your belongings during the sunny days than during the rainy period – there are much fewer safety measures required.

Drawbacks of Relocating in Summer

Although you may love the heat personally, it can prove to be quite the challenge in some aspects of the move. To be on the safe side, avoid all the heavy lifting in the hottest parts of the day, leave that for the morning or the evening. You should also try to isolate as best as you can all the things that may be heat sensitive, like plants and some house electronics and appliances.

Another thing that is not working in your favor during summer are the prices. The prices of relocation services and rent are highest in the summertime.

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But practice caution, scorching temperatures can create some serious issues.

What If You Don’t Have a Choice?

Although it would be nice to have the choice of when you are going to move, sometimes it just may be out of your hands. For whatever reason, if that is the case, there are a few useful tips to prepare and organize moving, even if it is last minute. The key is to schedule your tasks, hire services as soon as you find out you have to relocate and be mindful of the climate and your budget.

Things to Consider If You Are Relocating During Colder Months

If you are relocating during winter months, you may think that a lot of things could go wrong, but you have to take just a few extra steps, and everything will go smoothly. What is important is safety and keeping yourself and movers dry and warm. Protect your belongings from snow or getting wet with the help of packing blankets, clear the pathways and drink a lot of hot beverages.

You may need some extra insulation in your boxes or the truck for your sensitive items. Be sure to have the option of rescheduling the move in case of an extreme blizzard – it is never a good idea to be on the road in the snowstorm. The bright side of it is that you will get every service at a much lower price than at the peak moving period.

girl holding a to do list
Every period of the year is good for a move if you do it with a plan.

How to Optimize the Relocation Process According to the Weather

Every weather requires some adjustments on your and mover’s part. For example, if you are moving during summer, you should avoid extreme heat – it is not a good thing for anyone involved in the relocation, nor for your belongings. Protect yourself from dehydration, and keep a water bottle nearby. Always take extra caution of placing and packing heat-sensitive items.

If you are moving during winter, you should always stay warm and protected from the elements. Don’t forget about your pets either. If you are moving with pets, be mindful of their needs, because they will need the same care as you, a lot of water and fresh air during summer and some added warmth in the winter.

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