The Comprehensive Moving To-Do List for Your Long Distance Relocation

July 13, 2021 / Posted in Before the Move
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Relocations are extremely stressful and can get quite chaotic, especially if you’ve never moved before. With millions of Americans relocating each year, even during the pandemic, you’re probably asking yourself how’s that even possible. The answer is in a moving to-do list. With it, the relocation process will become more applicable and ordinary, even for beginners.

A to-do list for cross-country moving
Creating a moving list of things to do when relocating to a new place is the best solution

We all want to ease our minds and experience stress-free relocation, regardless of the reasons to move. So, if you’re asking yourself, is there a checklist for moving and how do you prepare to move to a new house and do everything on time, you should organize and have a plan for this process that can become overwhelming in some cases. A to-do list for moving is a must-have, no matter if you’re relocating to a new city alone or you’re relocating with your pets. That’s why we prepared a checklist of things that can help you with the relocation process and keep you organized.

Prepare Your Move Weeks Before With Moving To-Do List

The key to a successful move is planning and organizing at least one month before the relocation day. But, sometimes, you can’t predict every step in life, and you have to handle a last-minute move. Nevertheless, even on short notice, you can make the relocation possible – the important thing is not to panic.

However, time is essential because there are many tasks to do, and some can’t be done in just one day. So, once you decide that the best time to move has come, you better get started organizing right away. Having everything in one place will keep you updated on each task, and it will save you a lot of nerves.

A man using a laptop to find a reliable long distance company
Having everything in one place will help you stay focused

How Early You Should Start Planning and What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving?

As mentioned above, you should begin gathering everything needed for the relocation as soon as you decide where to move. If this isn’t your first time to move out, but you’re still wondering why relocation is so stressful, it’s because you didn’t have a proper plan. So, the first step you should take is to create a checklist of all the things you can remember and put them on paper or in an online document.


Hire Professional Long-Distance Moving Company To Handle Your Relocation

Getting organized to move is a time-consuming process, and if you don’t plan it very well, it can become a nightmare. That’s why you should pay for professional long-distance moving services and let long-distance movers handle your relocation. However, if you’re relocating on a budget, you better prepare some questions to ask cross-country movers and explore your options and what tasks you manage to do on your own.

Start Looking for Reliable Cross-Country Movers Weeks Before the Relocation Day

Once you realize all the benefits of hiring reliable long-distance movers, you should begin searching your options and pick one of the cross-country relocation companies that will give you the best services. If you don’t have any recommendations, you better start two or more weeks in advance with online research for a reliable relocation company. Be sure the relocation company is legitimate and check the reviews and comments on their website.

You probably think it will be easy and fast to find one of the companies that can handle your relocation to the new home. However, you shouldn’t hire the first relocation crew you find and if possible, make sure you compare at least two or three quotes that companies offer you. A few weeks will do the job, and you will be sure you made the right choice.

Put a Car Shipping Company On Your List of Things to Do When Moving Into a New House

The relocation industry has grown significantly over the years, and no wonder you need more than one week to find that one company among thousands of them. However, suppose you gave up on transporting your car just because you can’t deal with another research for an auto transport company. In that case, you should know that reliable and experienced long-distance movers often have this kind of service as well. Just make sure you ask if there is a car shipping option for this when you contact them for a free quote.

Cars are getting transported with an auto transport company
Don't leave your precious vehicle behind

Set Your Budget and How Much Money You Can Spend on Relocation

One of the first things you need to do when relocating across the country is proper budgeting. That is crucial because every next step depends on it, from finding relocation companies to tipping long-distance movers. In addition, having a clear picture of your finances will help you with all other tasks that you have to pay for. You surely don’t want unexpected expenses that can easily come up when you don’t have a checklist of your costs – from insurance to boxes and other smaller things you need to think about.

Do You Need a Storage Unit and Insurance for Your Items?

You probably heard some stories about how hard it can be when you have some stuff you don’t want to bring with you to your new home, but you don’t want to sell them, or you couldn’t donate the unwanted items. All decent long-distance moving companies should offer you a storage facility for your things.

On the other hand, no one wants to spend that much time on the wrapping up process, and then, when the boxes arrive at your future destination, you see that some of the items are damaged or broken. That’s why you need to think about the relocation insurance for your belongings, because no matter how well you or movers packed your items, sometimes mistakes happen.

Blue storages with different items inside of them
You should think about storage and insurance for your belongings

Decluttering and Professional Packing Will Make Your Relocation a Breeze

When looking for the cheapest way to move, decluttering is a way to go. The less stuff you have to pack, the more affordable your relocation will be. The most efficient way to declutter your home is to go room by room and put all items you don’t need or use anymore into boxes destined for donation or selling. This will help you save on relocation costs, and you’ll experience one of the easiest ways to pack for a move.

Protecting and putting your items into boxes is a tedious process. If you realize you can’t do it by yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Make sure you know which things you want to pack – create a checklist of things after the decluttering part and call professional cross-country movers with the best packing services. That way, you’ll save at least two weeks of exhausting work, and you can be sure that even the most commonly forgotten items are safely packed.

How Early Should You Start Packing to Move – At Least Three Weeks Before

The sooner you start with the packing process, the more free time you’ll have to rest and relax for the relocation day. The best scenario would be to use the same method as to declutter your home – room by room and pack each room into separate boxes. This will keep you organized, and it won’t just help you decide what not to pack, but you’ll unpack much faster because you’ll know exactly where to find items you need.

Gather as Much of All the Necessary Packing Materials as You Can

When it comes to wrapping up your belongings, the essential thing is to make sure you get enough of all the materials and supplies you’ll use. Let’s see what the materials you should get are:

  • Boxes – we all know why and how to use a box when relocating, but getting different-sized cardboards is essential because you’ll wrap all items from your home,
  • Packing paper – this is an excellent material to protect your fragile belongings,
  • Bubble wrap – bubble wrap will keep your breakables safe,
  • Tape – to ensure your precious belongings will arrive safely at your new home, use the tape for each box,
  • Marker – labeling is a step you shouldn’t miss. With markers, write on the box’s side what’s in it.

All these supplies can be costly, and you might realize that buying them doesn’t fit your budget. Luckily, there are free options – use any soft materials you can find at your home, like blankets, sheets, socks. For other supplies, you can check online on Craigslist.

Only Pack What You Really Want in Your New Home

Learning how to move efficiently and saving precious moments is everyone’s goal. So, if you’re relocating during winter, pack only the warmer clothes. On the other hand, if you choose to relocate in the summer, you won’t be needing winter boots, for example. However, when you create a moving packing list, you’ll know exactly which items you’re bringing to your new home and which not. This is essential because you won’t lose energy on something you don’t even use. For some awesome tips and tricks on what things to put into boxes, watch the video below.

Moving List For One Week Before The Relocation

After weeks of preparing and organizing your long-distance move, the final week has finally come. The tension rises as relocation day is closer, but this doesn’t mean you should panic or worry. To have everything under control, make a checklist of things that are left to do:

  • Pack the rest of things in your old place,
  • Prepare the bag with essentials for the relocation day,
  • Be sure your place is cleaned,
  • Check-in with the relocation crew you hired.

Don’t Forget to Transfer Utilities and Notice Everyone About Your Move

One of the things we often don’t remember to do when relocating long-distance is to transfer utilities. You should call all the companies a few days before the relocation and let them know you’re changing the address. It’s very important because you don’t want to come into your new apartment with no electricity or water.

Other institutions should know about your move. The first ones are government agencies: USPS, IRS, SSA, DMV. Next is your bank, and then come insurance companies and those to whom you pay memberships or subscriptions.

Many turned on bulbs hanging from the wall
Let everyone know about your move

Create the Relocation Day Checklist and Have Stress-Free Experience When Moving Cross-Country

Since most things are already done, and the moving to-doy list is almost wholly checked, it’s the right moment to get some good rest and sleep. There’s no room for panic because you have everything under control. The one thing left to do on a relocation day is a final check of your entire place – just to be sure everything is packed, turned off, and cleaned after the relocation crew loads the last box in their truck. Then, check the relocation bag and all the important documents again, and if everything is set and prepared, you’re ready to embark on your new adventure.

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