Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack

June 4, 2019 / Posted in Before the Move
Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

Are you a person whose job requires constant moving and you don’t have a permanent address? Or you find relocating so inspiring because of sightseeing, eating fabulous meals, and discovering the cultural heritage of beautiful places? But if you have a problem with the most commonly forgotten things to pack from one trip to another, then it’s necessary that you do something about it. 

people packing
Maybe you think you packed everything on your list, but it is easy to let something slip, so you need to check your suitcase once again, just in case.

No matter how often they travel or move around, and no matter how much they check, there are just some things people forget to pack, and these can be of great significance, so forgetting them can cause stress and chaos. Our handy tips will show you what you should keep in mind before every trip and how not to forget to pack these essentials


Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack Should Be Your Luggage Priorities, Including Snacks

If packing is the hardest task for you when getting organized to move and you’re having trouble finding the easiest way to pack for a move, then you should know that you’re not alone. Many people say that this process is too demanding and, above all, exhausting.

Whether you are relocating or just going to a hotel, there are so many details to think about, so it is easy to forget to put something from the list in the luggage. Are you familiar with this situation? And the truth is that many of the items you usually skip are the ones you can’t do without. Thus, it is crucial to prepare for the journey to your future home or hotel carefully to make the process smooth and easy. Here are the six categories of the most vital belongings you should always keep in your suitcases:

  • Medicine and cosmetics. By having these, you’ll save you money on medication and toiletries. Going without them even for a day is unthinkable, so be sure you put them on your list.
  • Clothes. Whether you’re moving into warmer regions or those with cold climate, the content of your luggage should include several pairs of light and thick pieces of clothes. It is good to have them close on the way to your new home or hotel, just in case.
  • Food. You’ll need an emergency snack, as it can sometimes boost you to be more productive than the best meal.
  • Helpful accessories. Only a woman who went on vacation without her hairbrush knows how stressful that can be during travel.
  • Sun protection. If you’re planning to move for the first time to a warm city situated along the sea, then these accessories are a must.
  • Documents. No matter how they are essential for your trip, especially if it’s long-distance, this mistake happens to the best ones, too. To avoid it yourself, you’ll need to pack your travel documents first.
make room for your essential things
You need to make room in your suitcase for your favorite comb or hairbrush and so as soon as you start packing, as it is easy to forget them in all the hassle.

Moving in a Hurry? Don’t Forget the Painkillers

Depending on the distance and the climate, if your relocation has a deadline and you don’t have too much time to pack thoroughly, you should include several things that will make the whole thing more comfortable.

Keep in mind that the content of your luggage should be enough for a week or maybe two. That will give you plenty of time to adjust to the new environment. That’s why you shouldn’t forget those little things that solve even the most complicated situations when they seem unsolvable – for example, painkillers or headphones in case of headache or tension.

Also, it is a good idea to bring them as these little things will provide you with the necessary dose of privacy and peace during your last-minute move. We all know how important privacy is during this stressful moving period. So, if you’ve lost your headphones, head to the store right away and buy new ones.

Make Sure You Pack Everyday Items Related to Personal Needs for the Trip

If you have a chronic illness, it’s best that you take medicine prescriptions and a first aid kit and keep them close. You could get injured during your outdoor activities, or maybe your seasonal pollen allergy is triggered by the change, so having a medicine bag is always a good option.

Consider also taking a rain jacket or sweatshirt if you plan to visit colder places. And besides warmer clothes and an umbrella, you should think of phone chargers and toothpaste, too.

Whether You Travel or Move, Bring Only One Suitcase With All Necessities, Including a Sweatshirt

If you are a person who doesn’t like to carry too many pieces of baggage and thinks that the most crucial things can be placed into one bag, then you should consider several factors that will help you with the packing process before the move:

  • Consult the weather forecast
  • If your trip is by airplane, think about permitted liquids you can take with you
  • Here’s what you should do next: bring neutral–color and simple pieces of clothes, so you can combine everything without bringing too many garments. This method will help you avoid the situation of having one or two pairs of pants that you have nothing to wear with. You can store the rest of your clothes. 
unpacked boxes
Some pieces of classic clothing should be packed both for summer and winter holidays, but you shouldn’t bring too many - it is best to store a majority and pack light.

Even If You’re Going Away for Just One Day, Do Remember to Bring Some Crucial Items – Documents, Clothes, and First Aid Kit

Believe it or not, a passport is one of the things people sometimes leave behind when going to the airport. So before leaving your apartment, it’s best that you create a list and check whether you put all crucial travel documents in your bag. In addition to your passport and ID card, that includes plane or train tickets. You should also check whether your credit card is there.

If you are going to snowy areas, the chances of overlooking your hiking boots or ski equipment are next to nothing. But, in the middle of preparations, when your mind is already at your next destination and you’re making plans for the upcoming days, here are the items without which your vacation would be ruined, so be sure you remember:

  • Medicine bag
  • Glasses and contacts– in case you need them
  • Laundry bag
  • Hairbrush, lip balm, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, etc.

Almost like a Vacation – Trips Are More Enjoyable if You Are Well-Prepared for the Sun and Leisure

If your move is all about the sun, sea, and moments on the beach, statistics say that the possibility of forgetting your swimsuit is significantly large. Besides beach supplies, here’s what you need to remember to place in your suitcase when going on a vacation:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra memory card for your laptop or mobile phone
  • Phone chargers
  • Power cords
medical documents
documents are obligatory no matter the destination

How Not to Forget Things When Packing?

You can create your do-not-forget checklist and store it on your laptop or mobile phone. That will be a handy trick to use before any travel, local or long-distance. But, this is easier said than done.

Most people like to think they are organized and that if they don’t bring some sundries, it won’t have a significant influence on their holiday. And usually, the opposite happens. That’s why you should make your checklist and save it somewhere you’ll always be able to find and use it when needed. And you use your phone all the time, so that’s an excellent way to keep it close before you head to your new home or hotel.

Maybe the best method is to have these additional supplies and garments already stored in every bag and suitcase. You can purchase them during sales in bulk and get a discount. It will help you to save money on your credit card and to plan your next vacation in a more relaxed manner. That’s how you’ll improve the quality of every subsequent travel and will have enough experience in case of moving to another city or the country.

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