How to Plan a Move to Another City – 7 Things That Will Get You From Start to Finish

October 21, 2021 / Posted in How-to
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Knowing how to plan a move to another city will make the whole process easier and faster. You won’t have to stress about forgetting something important or doing something the wrong way. Since the cross-country moving process can be quite tricky, we made a list of things that will help you get from start to finish without losing your mind. Check it out, and move like a pro.

A happy couple planning their long-distance moving
Thorough planning will get you from point A to point B in no time

How to Plan a Move to Another City – Decide Where You Are Relocating To

When pondering how can I plan a move to another city, firstly you have to choose the city to relocate to. And that is not an easy task. You can research and do as many “where should I move” quizzes as you want, but the question remains the same – what do you actually want and need in a location?

Make a list of all the things you are used to and would like to have when you relocate. From good job opportunities to plenty of entertainment options, everything that you consider important should be on the list. When you have your priorities straight, it will be easier to pinpoint the location that fits all of your needs and desires.

People looking for a car shipping company to help them with cross country moving
Research potential cities before deciding to move anywhere permanently

#1 Start House Hunting Long Before You Actually Relocate

Before relocating to a new home, you actually need to have one. And since the real estate market in some places in the US can get pretty competitive, it is advised to plan house hunting long before your stuff is all packed up.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. There are many real estate agents that can lend you a helping hand during the process. All you have to do is give them a price range, tell them if you wish to move from an apartment to a house or vice versa, and they’ll do the rest.

Research the Cost of Living in the New City

If you plan to move out of state on a budget, researching the cost of living is a must. Keep in mind that relocating from a small town to a big city can put a big dent in your savings. However, not all big cities are extremely expensive. If you know where to look, you’ll surely find the metropolis with relatively affordable costs. To help you, we made a shortlist of some of the more affordable locations in the US you should consider when looking for a home:

  • Relocating to Texas or, more precisely, to El Paso will do wonders for your savings. Here median home value is $127,400, which is below the national average.
  • Memphis in Tennessee is also a great spot to settle in. Here, according to Niche, the median home value is $101,800. With prices like that, you should employ all available house hunting tips and land a dream property.
  • Relocating to Tampa, Florida, will also be a great idea since most people here rent, and the median rent is on the national average.

Look Into the Commute Time and Consider Bringing the Car With You

Another thing to consider when choosing the next home is the commute time and different public transportation options. Since the average commute time in the US is 27.6 minutes, some people take traffic and transportation as main factors when choosing a new home.

For example, if you move to Los Angeles, where most people drive, hiring an auto transport company to ship your vehicle is a logical step. However, if you opt for a more walkable and bikeable location, pack up comfy shoes and enjoy daily strolls.

Rows of cars on the street
If you intend to drive around, hire a car shipping company to transports your vehicle

Finding an Affordable Apartment and a Roommate Can Be Good for the Budget

Relocating on a tight budget to a nice neighborhood sounds impossible, right? There is a way you can settle in a spot you want without having to work two jobs to pay rent and mortgage. For starters, if you want to move from house to apartment, just get a roommate. This way, you’ll not only have someone to split the rent with but also utility bills. Sharing the space might not be something you are used to, but it will be the solution to financial issues.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a house, consider relocating to the suburbs of a chosen city. Most of them are well connected to downtown, have plenty of different properties to offer, and most importantly, can be really affordable.

Two girls and a dog sitting on the bed
With the roommate, all of your bills will be split in half

#2 Make Sure You Start Saving up Months Before the Move

Let’s be honest. The move won’t be cheap. It will knock a lot of money out of your pocket. But if you don’t want it to leave you completely broke, start saving up months beforehand. Although you don’t need to cut down on all of your expenses, some small adjustments will save you enough cash to have a stress-free move.

For starters, if you want to save up, avoid eating out in restaurants. Opt for a homemade meal and pack a lunch when going to work. Also, you can cut down on bar hopping and clubbing (at least until you move). If you can use a bike instead of a car to commute, if not, consider carpooling as an option. All of these small adjustments will fill up your savings, making a move possible.

A girl putting money in a piggy bank
Small adjustments will do wonder for your budget

#3 Decide What to Pack and What to Throw Away When Planning a Move to a New City

Every stress-free move relies on knowing what you want and what you don’t want in your new home. That’s why long before the professional movers arrive – decide what to pack and what to leave behind.

Why should you bother learning how to pack some fragile items if you don’t actually want them in the new home? To avoid spending precious packing material on stuff that will eventually be left sitting in a garage, you should downsize.

Go over all of your stuff, and make three piles. One should contain the belongings you’ll bring to the desired destination, another should be stacked with things that need to be thrown away, and the last one should be a pile of things you intend to donate or sell. This whole process will prepare you for the movers and will also make the whole relocation fast and efficient, not to mention cheaper.

Organize a Garage Sale and Earn Some Extra Money

The pile of things that is left for grabs after you donate unwanted stuff, you can earn a bit. Just estimate the worth of household goods, see what can be sold, and then organize a garage sale to do so. Notify neighbors, put up some flyers, and then sell everything. However, if the move is happening last minute, you might not have the time to organize the garage sale. In that case, put the stuff online. There are plenty of groups on FaceBook and CraigsList where you can showcase belongings and earn a few bucks.

Big garage sale sign on a tree
Earn extra money by selling things you no longer need

#4 Hiring Cross Country Moving Company Is One of the Essential Steps to Moving to a New City

When moving to a new city, you’ll have a lot on your plate. There are so many tasks to consider. From gathering packing materials to more complex things like preparing the home for sale. So if there is a way to outsource some of the tasks, why not do it?

That’s where hiring long-distance movers might be the best thing for you. Not only can the cross-country movers offer you top-notch long-distance moving services, but they can also provide you with professional packing assistance.

On top of that, a reliable long-distance moving company might offer storage units to customers that have extra stuff that can’t fit into their homes. However, before picking up a phone and booking the move, you should know how to avoid falling victim to relocation scams.

Ask The Right Questions Before Hiring Movers

There are almost 7,000 companies in the US that work as relocation specialists. With a huge number like that, there are bound to be some bad seeds. To avoid getting scammed, and losing your money, ask movers the right questions (before hiring them), and find out if:

  • They are licensed and insured.
  • They offer a realistic quote without any hidden charges.
  • They have a long line of satisfied customers.
  • They are equipped to handle all sorts of moves.
A woman searching for cross country movers on the internet
Doing some research before hiring a mover will help you avoid scams

#5 Start Looking for a Job at Least a Month Before the Relocation

Have you ever wondered how to get a job in a new city without actually being there? It is doable if you start early in the relocation process. Freshen up your resume and write a cover letter that explains that you are soon moving to the location. This way, employers will know to take you into consideration.

Keep in mind that depending on the industry and the level of your expertise, the job hunt might go on for a while. That can also be said for the selection process. Don’t despair. Just start a job hunt two or three months in advance, and you’ll be all set when the big day comes.

Join LinkedIn and Start Networking

Remember, landing a job in a new state before the move is not an easy task. However, it is not impossible. While movers are handling all the grunt work, you will have enough free time to join a few groups online and network. Make connections with people on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Reach out to ex-colleagues and friends from the university, tell them you are looking for work. There will surely be someone who’s heard of a job opening you desire. For more info about networking on LinkedIn, check out the video below.

#6 Have a Detailed to Do List for the Moving Day

The big day is finally here. To make it without losing your mind, get up early and prepare the house for movers. Stack boxes in one room, prepare refreshments (especially if relocating during the summer), and also some disinfectants since the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing.

When the movers arrive and start loading the boxes, check the inventory once again, and get all the info about the duration of the move. When the boxes are safely loaded onto a truck, start cleaning up. When the residence is spotless, check if the heating, internet, and water are all turned off. Grab your bag of essentials and head to the desired destination.

Organizing the Unpacking Process Is an Important Step of Every Relocation

Since the unpacking process can be as hectic as packing, be one step ahead and organize the whole thing. Start it during the packing process by labeling each crate. You can mark it with color or simply write what’s in the box. By knowing what each container holds, it will be easy to direct the movers where to put them during the unloading process.

A woman thinking about hiring long distance movers
Keeping a detailed inventory list will help you unpack much more quickly

#7 Make the Adjustment Process Easier by Going Out and Meeting People

Relocating to an unknown location can’t be easy. You’ll be saying goodbye to your friends and family, which can be quite difficult. However, don’t despair. Just by going to work or doing something you like, you’ll be able to meet people and make some significant connections.

Start by reaching out to colleagues. Or, if you are relocating with pets, you can always take them to the park and meet some other owners. Use hobbies and interests to your advantage, join some classes, hit the gym, and you’ll surely make friends along the way.

You Can Make New Friends Online As Well

We live in a day and age where internet technologies give us a window to the world. So even with the pandemic, you won’t have trouble making friends. Go online, join a few local specific groups, and chat with the members. Soon, you’ll have plenty of new friends.

Two people talking
Inviting colleagues to grab a drink is a first step in making friends.

After Everything Is Said and Done, You’ll Be Ready for Cross Country Relocation

There you have it. Everything that needs to be done will get you from start to finish of the relocation process without making you lose your mind. Don’t forget to reach out to your acquaintances when it comes to work, hire real estate agents to help you find a home, and book a move with cross-country movers. With all of this help, you will surely relocate in no time and start adjusting to a new location.

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