A Guide on How to Estimate the Value of Household Goods

Moving to a new home can be quite challenging, with all the packing, arranging, shipping, and unloading that lies ahead. Entrusting movers to transport your belongings is not easy, even if you opt for the most renowned moving services. Regardless of the way you decide to relocate, make sure you estimate the value of household goods and check different coverage quotes to get the best deals for your unique possessions and vintage furniture.

Even if you choose professionals that offer excellent coverage deals and give a proper evaluation for your belongings, there is no reason not to check the market and see if there are better deals out there. Besides, who says that your goods should have only one insurance policy. If you want to have peace of mind while your personal belongings are shipped, arrange double insurance, one from the moving company, and another one from an insurance agent. Refer to the below tips, which will help you understand the importance of household valuation.

Estimate the Value of Household Goods – Get Fair Market Evaluation

This might seem like a daunting task at first. You have so much on your plate right now, getting organized for a move, obtaining moving boxes, finding the best packing services, dealing with utilities – getting an evaluation is one more task to be ticked off from the endless relocation list. You should come up with a list of items you are planning to ship to the new home. Create a spreadsheet on your computer and write down the worth of all those belongings. It will be a lot easier to compare it with the estimates you get from insurance companies and professional movers.

However, before you even come up with a list, you should get rid of any stuff you no longer need. After you arrange everything into boxes, you can stick the printed inventory list onto every box. This way, your chosen company will have an insight into the content of every box. Don’t forget to include large pieces of furniture, sofas, cabinets, a cupboard, and anything else that doesn’t fit the box.

What Should Your Content Value Estimate Include

If you have some stuff in a storage unit, keep in mind that it should be insured and evaluated as well. Take into account all the delicate items, too. Your glassware belongings, vases, porcelain, kitchenware, and anything fragile falls under this category. You will need some privacy to focus – use a home contents calculator before you have movers over to do a shipping quote. Even though you will be the one determining the worth of the items when you apply for coverage, you might be asked to prove those claims.

Determine the Value of Each Item

You have to determine the worth of each one of the items you are moving. If you think that some goods are not that important – it’s up to you to decide whether to insure them. Don’t worry if you cannot decide how to evaluate the goods properly – you can always get an expert to assess the worth of the items. This is the way to go with some antiques and vintage furniture pieces. For others, don’t hesitate to simply use Google and determine the price from the privacy of your own home.

A Note on High-Value Items – They Need Insurance as Well

Even though expensive things, such as jewelry, should travel with you and not inside moving boxes, you can have it evaluated in a local jewelry store. The goods that are too old and difficult to move should have proper coverage. Don’t just assume that everything will work out.

Consequences of Severe Weather – Destroyed Products and No Insurance

Sometimes, even the sunniest day can turn into a downpour and strong wind. When the storm hits, anything can happen. In case of heavy rain, some of the boxes might get wet, and the things inside can get wet and ruined. If your belongings are heavily affected and not insured, you will have difficulties getting the reimbursement from a professional company. Think ahead and protect all those things you have previously evaluated. Don’t accept anything less than their real worth!

Most Popular Estimate Calculators

Take a look at a content insurance calculator if you are not too happy with the paper and pen option. You don’t have to overthink about the worth with free online tools. Don’t overestimate the price of your possessions and end up paying more for the premium coverage. Be as accurate as possible.

Calculating the Cost of Your Business Equipment – You Are Not Moving Your Personal Stuff Only

If you happen to be transferring an LLC to another state and relocating your business equipment and not just your personal belongings, get them insured as well. Laptops, speakers, desktop computers, and other expensive gadgets make an important category of your private collection. Give them the protection they deserve.