How to Prepare for Movers – Best Tips for Relocation Day

July 19, 2021 / Posted in Before the Move
Gemma Collins

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So, you’ve hired movers, and now the time has come to relocate. They need to come over and pack everything, and you have to make their job a little easier by preparing for their arrival. Here are some tips on how to prepare for movers before and on relocation day.

 a young couple smiling and sitting among boxes before the arrival of long-distance movers
How should I prepare for a mover? Read our advice on preparations for relocation day

Before Anything, Ask the Relocation Company How to Prepare for Movers

To start, maybe there are things you could ask the relocation company you hired about how to prepare your home for movers. There are valid questions to ask movers that could help you prepare the house for a smooth and safe relocation process. They may ask you about doorways and their dimensions, in addition to the types of flooring you have in each room, the layout of the house, and other logistical questions.

A professional long-distance moving company typically sends one of their experts to your home to measure the doorway dimensions and see the house’s layout. While they’re there, they also estimate the value of household goods and the costs of relocation while you guide them through your home. They can also let you know about the cost of interstate relocation and potentially give you some tips on the easiest ways to pack for a move and especially what not to pack. If the movers are communicating with you properly and professionally, you’ll be able to ask them anything related to relocation.

a man holding a small dog and a plant, sitting on a couch surrounded by boxes
What to pack before the movers come? You can ask them about that if you want

Clear Out Your Closet and Declutter the Home

When it comes to packing clothes, that part always seems like the easiest to do; you just shove all your stuff into suitcases and call it a day. However, there’s a little more to that. The main question is: Do you need to empty dressers for movers? And the answer is straightforward – yes. It would be nice to empty your dressers and leave them lighter for the movers to carry out. However, doing this wouldn’t only benefit the movers, but it’d help you as well.

Clearing out your closet from unnecessary clothes is more than recommended before you start packing for a move. Decluttering helps lower the costs of relocation, allows you to pack easier, and have insight into the clothes that fit you and others that don’t. You can donate unwanted items to the nearest homeless shelter or donation center, and you can do the same with furniture and other household items, too.

Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture Before You Prepare the House for Movers

Just like decluttering the closet, doing the same around the house is a great idea before preparing for movers to come and load your stuff into the moving truck. Is there a futon you’ve meant to get rid of? Do you have a bunch of dishes and kitchenware taking up precious storage space in the cabinets?

Have a garage sale to get rid of those unwanted items. You can sell them for a symbolic price, and people are always out bargain hunting and chasing the thrill of haggling for items on sale. It’s an excellent way to make some more money and move out of state on a budget, too.

Recycling is also an option, especially if the things you want to get rid of are in poor condition or have become completely useless. Whether you’re planning your move months ahead or moving at the last minute, make sure to throw all of the broken stuff out of the house before packing everything else that’s important to you.

a man carrying a wooden table
Get rid of unwanted items before long-distance movers come to your house

A Clean House Guarantees a Clean Move

It should go without saying that cleaning is one of the vital parts of relocation. You should clean up and take care of dusty corners at the house before anyone comes along to take out your stuff. If you’re relocating in the summer, it may be harder to clean in the heat, but that’s no excuse. Ensure there’s no dust and dander on your furniture, appliances, gym equipment, and everything else that’s up for relocating.

For example, cleaning is mandatory if you’re trying to sell your house before moving out of it. At least vacuum the floors and leave the walls bare. Imagine shopping for a home and seeing it filled with dirt and clutter from the previous owners. If you wouldn’t like to find yourself in this kind of situation, then you’d understand that no one would. If you’re renting and plan on having tenants, a spick and span home will justify the rent, for sure.

Cleaning the house also makes everything more comfortable for you and the movers too. They don’t want to be navigating your dusty wardrobes and couches no more than you do, so put yourself in everyone’s shoes before skipping something as simple as cleaning up. Simply being considerate towards others can take you a long way, and in this case, make the relocation process easy.

a girl holding a bucket full of cleaning supplies
Giving your home a deep clean before moving out will do everyone a favor

Movers Will Pack Your Stuff, But You’ll Have to Do It, Too

Booking long-distance moving services entails getting packing services, too. Most of the time, essential packaging and relocation include carrying several large boxes, furniture, and assembling. You can always ask about additional packaging options, but very often, you’ll have to get in on the action, too. Cross-country moving is stressful enough as it is, but the fact that you have to do a lot of packing and unpacking shouldn’t come as a surprise. Overall, it’s a way better option to handle your stuff, especially the valuables, and pack them to your liking.

Prepare and Pack Jewelry and Other Valuables By Yourself

The most important tip for anyone trying to move and pack by themselves is to personally handle small and valuable items. Things like jewelry and electronics should be packed by you and into personal luggage that you’d carry until the end of the move. This isn’t because some long-distance moving companies have dishonest movers; this is only for your peace of mind. You should be careful with the most valuable items you have at home. In addition, watch the video below to learn how to pack jewelry for relocation.

Get Your Kids and Pets Out of the Way and Stay Safe on Moving Day

Whether you’re relocating to a city alone or with a family, getting out of the movers’ way so they could take everything out safely and efficiently is most recommended. This is especially valid for relocating with pets and small children, who tend to run around without being too aware of the situation. They may be adorable, but for a process as demanding as relocation, it’s a fine line between being cute and a nuisance. Not to mention that if they get in the way of some heavy items, they can easily get injured.


Get Some Friends, Parents, or Sitters on Board for Relocation Day

Obviously, you’ll be very busy with all the things to do on relocation day, and watching the kids and dogs on top of that is likely to distract you from having everything moved out of the house properly. If possible, get your parents, sisters, or brothers to babysit or petsit for you during that day so everything could go smoothly at home. You can also hire someone to do it for you, but why spend the valuable time and money on that when we’re sure you can find a friend or a relative to participate in one of the busiest days of your life.

Are You Moving Out While Pregnant? Take Some Precautions

There are lots of precautions to take if you’re relocating while pregnant. First, you must understand the risks this situation can cause, especially with lifting and carrying stuff. Here are some tips on how to relocate while being pregnant:

  • Firstly, don’t carry anything at all. You can grab a couple of baskets filled with fluffy pillows and lightweight stuff, but don’t lift anything that can cause you to strain,
  • Find a doctor at your new living place before getting there. Ask the doctor you’ve been going to until now if they know someone good there and for recommendations,
  • Stay hydrated and well-fed during relocation because standing all day long can cause exhaustion,
  • Stay calm and take deep breaths. If someone drops a box or carries stuff the wrong way, let your partner or anyone going through the move with you take care of that problem. Relocation is very stressful, and even the healthiest people get affected by it; don’t let yourself get upset about anything on this day,
  • There are items movers won’t move, and those are usually toxic chemicals and flammable liquids that could cause damage during transport. If movers won’t touch them, you definitely shouldn’t either. Stay away from dangerous materials,
  • Read blogs and advice on the benefits of relocating while pregnant, so you’ll get encouraged and enthused about the process.
a pregnant woman looking into a cupboard
Take special precautions if you’re relocating while pregnant

Before Movers Arrive, Disconnect Every Powered Appliance

One of the ways of how to prepare for professional movers is to unplug the appliances, empty the gas tanks on the lawnmower and other gas and fuel-powered appliances, and check that all power sockets are still functioning correctly. Ensuring that things are running smoothly before leaving the house is vital, and removing gas from tools and appliances helps movers relocate them safely. If you leave gas in any tool, they wouldn’t even consider carrying them, so don’t forget this step.

Have you noticed how getting organized to move entails more than just ringing up cross-country movers and putting things in boxes? It’s a process that can cause trouble if you don’t think about its every aspect on time and put emphasis on safety and utilities. Take precautions on time, and if you’re relocating to another state, ensure that the place you’re moving into is safe, too.

a pale blue kitchen with a gas stove
Unplug the appliances and check sockets before moving both in and out of the house

Prepare Your Car for Relocation, Too

Aside from preparing your household for relocation and learning how to prepare for movers to pack all your belongings, you can also prepare your car for shipping. Almost every relocation company is also an auto transport company by offering car shipping services, too. That’s another one of the benefits of hiring movers for your relocation process. You can look up different ways to have your vehicle shipped out to another state and how much it all costs.

Note that every type of relocation will cost more in relocating during the holidays, and it may take longer, too. Even a car shipping company may take their sweet time in transporting your vehicle over to the next destination. So, be wary of the time of year you plan on relocating in. Another thing to note is that you’ll have to let the movers know exactly where to pick up and deliver your vehicle, as well as the rest of the stuff. You can leave your things in storage facilities, too.

a moving truck shipping cars on an open trailer
Car shipping is a part of services you can book while relocating

Plan to Be There During the Moving Process

Most importantly, no relocation company wants to organize and arrange a move with you if you don’t intend to be there. While it matters to be present, you may wonder what to do while movers are moving. The best thing is to simply allow them to do their job, and you do your part by packing personal belongings into your vehicle, clear out the paths for them to take out all of the stuff, and clean up whatever dust and trash get left behind.

If you’re moving in with your significant other, you can let them know about the relocation process from the old house, or if they’re there, ask them to help you bring those personal items. In relocating with family, let the professionals do their job while you think of ways to meet new neighbors once you start settling into the new place. It’s great that you’ve decided to hire professional relocation services because now, you can simply lay back and imagine what your new life may look like.

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