This is Why You Need Exercise Equipment Movers

January 31, 2018 / Posted in Before the Move
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Whether you have a little home gym or a fitness center, if you’re planning on relocating it somewhere else, you will need the help of exercise equipment movers. Attempting to move fitness machines and other gear on your own will not only put your belongings at risk of damage, but it can also be dangerous for you.

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If you're moving for the first time packing your gym equipment can be difficult.

Reasons to Hire Fitness Equipment Moving Experts 

If you’re planning on relocating your gym to a new home, here is why you should seriously consider hiring fitness and gym equipment relocation experts to provide you with moving services:

  • The weight. We don’t have to remind you how much gym machines weigh. From barbells to plates, to weighted machines, it can all amount to astronomical numbers. Even the machines that aren’t weight-based, such as a treadmill or an elliptical, still have a lot of weight on their own.
  • The size. Even if all that equipment didn’t weigh as much, most of these machines are simply huge. Their size and irregular shape make it impossible for one person to move them around, let alone load them on a moving truck.
  • The complexity. Aside from being heavy and large, most machines have a number of different parts to them. Sometimes, these parts are detachable, and sometimes they move around. This procedure can be compared to moving a pool table, you would either have to disassemble the object or secure it so that it doesn’t move. Either way, this fact would make your job that much harder.
  • The electronics. Sometimes, in order to move a piece of gear safely, its electronic parts should be taken out. Only professionals can do that without the risk of damaging or breaking your belongings beyond repair. If you don’t have a lot of experience with taking electronics apart, it is best to leave this task to experts.

Luckily, good relocation experts have the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle a task such as this one. Professional relocation companies do their best to train their staff regularly. They are up to date on the best methods of relocating various items, including home workout gear. If you decide to hire professionals to help you out, all you will have to do is prepare your equipment for packing and moving. For example, you will have to clean your gym gear.

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Your equipment is one of the things you'll need for your first apartment, so you need to take proper care of them in the packing process.

Guide for Finding the Best Exercise Equipment Movers and Their Cost

Unfortunately, not all relocation companies will do a good job of relocating your gym gear. This is why you should make sure you hire reliable, well-trained experts for the job. Here are some tips on how to do that.


Find Movers That Offer the Services of Moving Exercise Equipment

Not all relocation companies offer this service. Some simply refuse to move anything besides the items most commonly found in an average home. That is why it is important that the company you hire for your relocation also covers the relocation of your gym machines. You can do so by merely browsing the internet for relocation companies, contacting their customer service, and asking if they offer such assistance. If you know someone who has been in your position before, asking them for some recommendations will help you shorten the list of potential companies.

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To have a stress-free move, you need to find the right relocation company.

Ask for Additional Information

Once you’ve shortlisted a handful of companies you’re considering hiring for the job, it is time to get additional information. Here are some of the things you should ask when you contact relocation specialists:

  • What are other services are at my disposal? If you want services outside of a simple relocation, such as auto transport or storage, make sure that the relocation experts you’re talking to offer them.
  • How should I prepare my belongings? Find out if the movers offer specialized packing services for this kind of objects, or if you will have to do it all on your own. 
  • How long do I need to wait for the deliveries? You will also probably be interested to know how much time the whole relocation is going to take.
  • Is there anything you won’t move? Before hiring someone, you should always make sure they can help you move everything you need.
  • Ask anything else you might want to know. A company’s customer support is at your disposal to help you fully understand the relocation process and all its parts. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask them anything else you’d like to know.
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If you have any questions about how your belongings will be handled, make sure to ask your movers.

Ask for a Fitness Gear Moving Quote

Once you’re sure that the relocation specialists you’re considering hiring offer what you are looking for, and you’ve gathered all the other necessary information, it is time to get your quote. Doing so is usually as easy as dialing the number to contact the moving company. Once you request your price estimate, the customer support agent will ask you follow-up questions about the amount and type of things you’re relocating. Make sure you let them know that there will be gym machines and gear, as such services may come at an additional charge.

Once you’ve collected price estimates from all the companies on your list, decide which one fits your budget best. Pro tip: never go for the suspiciously cheap companies, as they are most likely frauds and will end up charging you way more than the initial price.

All you have to do now is contact your chosen company and schedule the relocation date. Good luck!

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