Need Packing Materials for Moving? These Are the Supplies You Should Look For

June 15, 2018 / Posted in Before the Move
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Keeping your belongings safe during the relocation is of utmost importance. That’s why picking the right packing materials for moving can be essential if you want your stuff to reach your new home in one piece. While it’s technically accurate that anything can travel in any box if it fits, it is not a view to be encouraged.

couple surrounded with boxes
Gathering materials is one of the essential steps of relocation

Different things should go in different packaging and also require different handling and preparation. So stay with us and find out what you’ll need when the time for a move comes.


Boxes – Main Staple of Relocation

Stacked boxes are probably the first image that comes to mind when a person thinks of a relocation. It’s a scary image, too. Still, it is what it is, and when you move, you can’t escape from them. They will serve as storage for your possessions before and after the trip, as well as in a truck.

They come in various sizes, and each one has its purpose. When it comes to boxes, follow the inversion rule. Put heavier stuff, like books, in a smaller box. Spoons, knives, and other smaller items should go in a bigger box. If you’re using professional moving services, always feel free to contact your moving company and ask about the best-sized boxes for one household item or another.

They can be cardboard or plastic, with latter ones being useful for storing the essentials for the trip and the first few days in a new home.

Supplies of Boxes and Where to Look For Them

When relocating the entire household, you’ll definitely need lots of storage space. Luckily for you, it is very likely that your local store has plenty of used ones. You might even get them for free. Be careful, though, because used ones may have weakened structure and therefore, may need some reinforcing. Still, brand-new products are likely to be sturdier, so look for that kind.

You can always get moving boxes that you need from a moving company or even rent them.

pile of empty boxes
Don’t run out on containers, get them for free in a local store or buy them from movers

Protective Materials Are a Necessity

Almost every item put in a crate will interact with other items and the sides of a box, and so be in risk of damage. To counter that, you’ll need materials that provide a cushioning effect. Most famous of those is bubble wrap. Be sure to have vast supplies of it. Crystals, china, and other more fragile stuff can be wrapped in it for additional protection. Also, it can be used as a padding for the entire package.

A protective layer is also needed when you pack kitchen items, such as knives, for they should be tightly crammed together, so they can’t damage other stuff. A special kind of packing paper is perfect for wrapping the sharp objects and minimizing risk.

Electronics and How to Transport Them

Living in the technological age means that more and more often, we carry electronic devices with us wherever and whenever we move. That naturally raises the question of how to pack electronics for moving. It is recommended that a TV, computer, or speakers are transported in their original package. That‘s because they come with a protective foam adjusted to the shape of the device, providing it with a perfect shield from potholes and bumps the truck might run into. Foam can probably be acquired for free, too, if you don’t mind visiting storage or two, or a local electronics store.

bubble wrap, paper and tape
Enfold electronics in lots of bubble wrap before putting them on a truck

Other Supplies and Packing Materials for Moving

One thing that you’ll undoubtedly need in large quantities is packing tape. It can be used for the vital task of strengthening the boxes, and closing them up after they’re filled.

Another useful thing is the plastic wrap. With it, you can safely stack up plates together and be sure that they won’t wiggle during the trip. You can also use it to seal any bottle and prevent leaking.

Everyday Things That Can Serve as Packing Materials for Moving

You’ll certainly find a good use for small plastic bags. They can be found in any store, and you’ll struggle to find a better object to act as a storage for screws and other important and yet minuscule things.

Newspapers, too, can be used to a great extent, as cheap, if not outright free, layer of protection for packed belongings.

Myth And Truth of Duct Tape

If you believe the internet, duct tape is one of the most significant inventions of humankind, along with WD-40. And most powerful, too.

Now, it probably wouldn’t save the Titanic or bring Mufassa back to life, but it surely can fastly secure your crates before shipping them to the new home. So get your hands on as much of it as possible.

box filled with crumpled paper
Using plastic bags or newspapers as packing materials is a budget-friendly solution

Mind the Golden Rule

If you are in doubt about quantities of supplies that you’ll need, use some of the online calculators that help you with an estimate. Still, golden rule remains – it’s better to have more than you need than to be short a box.

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