Why Is It Important to Look Into Long-Distance Moving Company Recommendations

March 30, 2023 / Posted in Moving Tips
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

With so many logistics to consider, it can be overwhelming to choose the right cross-country movers to help you through the stressful relocation process. However, one way to ease the stress of a long-distance move is by looking into moving company recommendations. Therefore, let’s explore why it’s essential to consider recommendations and how to choose the right mover for your needs based on them.

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Taking the time to research relocation companies can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth move

Relocation can be a stressful and complicated process, and working with a reputable company can help ensure that your belongings are transported safely and efficiently. Having recommendations can help you find a trustworthy relocation partner to assist you. They can provide valuable insights into the quality of service provided by different companies, making it easier for you to make an informed decision about who to hire.

You’ll Lower the Risks of Choosing the Wrong Long Distance Moving Company

Choosing the wrong long-distance moving company can be a nightmare, resulting in lost or damaged items or hidden fees. However, a recommendation from a trusted source can provide valuable insights into the company’s reliability, professionalism, and quality of service, which can reduce your anxiety about the relocation and give you peace of mind and confidence in your decision. By taking the time to research and evaluate potential companies and their reviews, you can lower the risks of choosing the wrong relocation and auto transport company and ensure a stress-free move.

You Will Avoid Becoming a Victim of Relocation Scams

One of the biggest risks of choosing the wrong movers is falling victim to relocation scams. Recommendations from friends, family, or trusted sources can help you find a reliable relocation team, reducing the likelihood of unwanted surprises. By taking the time to look into reviews, you can protect yourself better when planning a move to another city.

Every year, the BBB receives over 13,000 complaints regarding relocation companies and their services

There are several common relocation scams that you should be aware of when choosing your relocation partners. Some of the most common frauds include:

  • Lowball estimates – movers can provide a low estimate to attract you but then charge significantly more after relocation day preparations are over and your belongings are loaded onto the truck,
  • Holding belongings hostage – movers can refuse to unload your belongings unless you pay additional fees that were not included in the initial estimate,
  • Fake reviews – some companies create fake positive reviews to make their long-distance moving services seem more reputable,
  • No-shows – movers can fail to show up on the scheduled day, leaving you stranded and without your belongings,
  • Identity theft – some scamming companies may steal your personal information, such as your social security number or credit card information.

It’s important to be aware of these common relocation scams and to thoroughly research potential companies to avoid falling victim to them.

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The more recommendations you find, the lower the chances you'll be dissatisfied with the chosen team

Choosing Reputable Cross Country Movers Comes With Many Advantages

Choosing a trustworthy relocation company often means that you’ll be able to make your move easier and ensure it’s not such a stressful experience after all. Reputable long-distance movers are typically highly professional and experienced, able to provide you with high-quality service and attention to detail – and ultimately help you relocate efficiently and safely.

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Leading relocation companies, such as Flat Price Moving & Auto Transport, prioritize the safety of your belongings and take all the necessary steps to ensure that your items are packed and transported securely. In the end, they are able to provide top-notch customer support, answering your questions and addressing any concerns you may have before, during, and after the move.

Hiring Trustworthy and Highly Rated Movers Means Your Belongings Will be Safe

Professional movers have all the experience and resources to pack and transport your items securely, reducing the risk of damage or loss. Not only will they be using high-quality packing materials and the equipment needed to properly secure items in the truck, but they will have insurance coverage to protect your belongings in case of any damage or loss when you relocate to a new state.

You’ll Be Able to Choose a Variety of Long-Distance Moving Services

When choosing a company based on a recommendation you received, it’s important to focus on whether they offer different types of services, including packing services and transportation, personalized storage solutions, as well as auto transport if you plan on transporting your car. A company with good recommendations will most likely have all these services available, and it will be able to perform them on the highest possible level.

Evaluating Long-Distance Moving Company Recommendations Will Help You Separate Real Movers From Fake Ones

While recommendations can be a helpful starting point in finding a reputable company, it’s important to do your research and evaluate the recommendations carefully to ensure that they are genuine and reliable.

One way to evaluate a review is to consider the source. Recommendations from trusted friends, family members, or colleagues are typically more reliable than recommendations from strangers or online forums. Additionally, it’s a good idea to verify the reviews by looking into the company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau or other trusted organizations.

Another way to evaluate a review is to consider the overall pattern of reviews. If a company has consistently positive reviews from multiple sources, it’s more likely to be a reliable recommendation than if the reviews are mixed or negative. It’s also important to look for specific details in the recommendation – a genuine recommendation should provide specific information about the company and the quality of service they provide.

If you want to learn more about how to find trustworthy recommendations and spot fake reviews, take a look at some tips from the video below.

Friends and Family Can Provide You With Reliable Moving Company Recommendations

Recommendations from people you know and trust can carry valuable insights into the quality of service provided by different relocation companies, giving you confidence and peace of mind in your decision.

When asking for company recommendations from friends and family, it’s important to ask specific questions about their experience with the company. For example, you may want to ask about the company’s professionalism, punctuality, pricing, and customer service. Additionally, it’s a good idea to ask about any challenges or issues they may have encountered during their relocation to a new home and how the company resolved them.

It’s also important to consider your friends and family’s specific needs when evaluating their recommendations. For example, if they had a successful move with a particular company but had a smaller relocation inventory, you must first ensure that the relocation team is capable of completing larger moves successfully.

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Friends and family can provide you with reliable recommendations based on their firsthand experiences

What Else Should You Look Into When Choosing Your Relocation Partner?

When choosing a relocation company, there are several other factors to consider in addition to recommendations. Some of these factors include:

  • Credentials – when you want to move safely, it is important to choose a relocation company that is licensed and insured. Use the USDOT number provided by the company to verify its credentials with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
  • Experience – look for movers that have experience in handling moves similar to yours, such as long-distance moves or, for example, moves involving packing fragile items and other high-value belongings.
  • Pricing – get written estimates from multiple companies and compare the pricing and services they offer. As we mentioned earlier, be wary of companies that provide significantly lower estimates than other companies, as they may be using bait-and-switch tactics.
  • Customer support – evaluate the company’s customer support, such as their availability, responsiveness, and willingness to answer your questions and address your concerns.

By considering these factors in addition to recommendations, you can choose a relocation company that meets your needs, relocation budget, and expectations and ensures a successful cross-country moving experience.

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Good recommendations are not the only indicator of a reliable company - but they are a good place to start

Finding Trustworthy Movers Will Ensure You Have a Stress-Free and Easy Relocation

Working with professional and reliable movers can provide several relocation benefits, including the safety and security of your belongings, efficiency in the relocation process, and reliable customer support. Therefore, taking the time to find a reputable company can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth relocation.

You can start by simply following these relocation tips and doing your due diligence – or you can shorten this process and opt for Flat Price Moving & Auto Transport right from the start, as one of the best relocation companies nationwide. Once your time to relocate comes, don’t hesitate to contact us – and book our services on time.


What Is a Moving Company Recommendation?

A long-distance relocation company recommendation is a suggestion from someone who has used the services of a particular business and is satisfied with them. It’s a referral that comes from a trusted source, such as a person with a firsthand experience with the company’s quality of service.

Why Should I Use a Moving Company Recommendation?

Using them can help you find a reputable and reliable relocation company that you can trust. Recommendations can save you time and effort by providing you with a shortlist of potential companies that have already been vetted.

How Can I Find a Reliable Moving Company Recommendation?

You can ask for referrals from friends, family, or colleagues who have recently moved. You can also check with real estate agents, relocation associations, and online forums for recommendations. It’s important to ensure that the recommendation comes from a trustworthy source, and you should always do your research before making a final decision.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Moving Company Based on a Recommendation?

There are several things to consider when relocating to another state with the help of a relocation and car shipping company, such as the company’s reputation and reviews but also licensing and insurance, experience, and pricing.

Can I Trust Online Moving Company Reviews?

These reviews can be helpful, but it’s important to approach them with caution. Some reviews may be biased or even fake, so it’s important to go through different sources and consider the overall pattern of reviews. It’s also a good idea to check the company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau or other trusted organizations.

Should I Choose a Moving Company Based Solely on a Recommendation?

While a recommendation from someone you trust can be a helpful starting point, it’s important to do your research and evaluate the company’s credentials and pricing before making a final decision. Choosing a relocation partner based solely on a recommendation can be risky if you don’t do your due diligence.

How Do I Compare Different Moving Company Recommendations?

To compare different recommendations, you should evaluate each one based on the source, reputation, and relevance to your needs. You can also ask for more information or feedback from the person who provided the recommendation to help you make an informed decision.

Can I Negotiate the Price With a Moving Company Recommended by Someone Else?

Yes, you can negotiate the price. It’s always a good idea to ask for a quote and compare prices with other companies before making a final decision. You can also ask the company if they offer any discounts or promotions.

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Recommended Moving Company?

It’s recommended to book long-distance movers as early as possible, especially if you’re relocating to a new city during peak season. Ideally, you should book them at least two months in advance to ensure availability and to give yourself time to plan and prepare for the move.

What Should I Do if I Have a Bad Experience With a Recommended Moving Company?

If you have a bad experience with a recommended company, you should contact the company’s representatives and try to resolve the issue directly. If you’re unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or other relevant organizations. It’s also a good idea to leave a review detailing your experience to warn others and help them make informed decisions.

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