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June 13, 2021 / Posted in Moving Basics
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According to the stats, Idaho experienced the most inbound moves in 2020, and during 2019, more than 31 million people changed their residence in the US. But before moving to a new state, they all had to follow certain steps and do their share of researching, purchasing, categorizing, and getting rid of things.

a person writing down a list next to a laptop
Learn how to move to a different state efficiently and save up on some costs.

More importantly, a good portion of these people chose to contact reputable long-distance movers and picked an auto transport company to ease the process. If you want to learn more about the things to consider when moving to a new state, follow these guidelines. This comprehensive list will help you grasp the necessary stages you will go through.

What to Do Before Moving to Another State?

Getting organized to move isn’t as tricky as it might seem. If you follow the proven relocation tips, you will get ready to go swiftly:

  • Create a plan and follow it,
  • Prepare your finances and get familiar with the costs,
  • Visit your chosen area,
  • Learn about the housing and job market,
  • Explore schools and crime rates,
  • Find a reliable cross-country moving company,
  • Get services from an auto transport company,
  • Choose the right date to move,
  • Cancel or transfer all subscriptions, memberships, and utility services,
  • Inform your bank, credit card company, and tax agency,
  • Pay your old bills and keep important receipts,
  • Notify your colleagues, friends, neighbors, and relatives,
  • Discuss the relocation with your children,
  • Be careful and meticulous when packing and ordering supplies and materials.

If you follow these proven guidelines, your relocation to a brand-new environment will run easily and trouble-freely.

person holding to-do list
Writing down a to-do list and sticking to it are among the main things to do when you move to a new state.

Get to Know the Area: Visit Your New City

Whether you’re relocating from a small town to a big city or the other way around, you should explore the region meticulously before you make the final call. Get familiar with the neighborhoods and everything they offer prior to setting a date. Although online guides can provide a lot of useful information, it is always recommended to visit the chosen location and check it out in person.

Arrange at least one trip to the chosen city and get a good feel for the location and various communities. Bring a guidebook to have all the maps and recommendations close. If you book a hotel, ask the staff for instructions. Besides the city’s touristic charms, seek bars, restaurants, have a look at the local stores and grocery shops, visit some popular hot spots and less-known hangouts.


Research the Market to Find a New Affordable Home

Housing is at the top of the list of reasons to move among Americans. In an ideal scenario, you’ll find a perfect place to live prior to your move. Rent an apartment or house for the first six months while learning about the city.

To find a snug, cost-friendly home to live in, hire a reliable real estate agent. They will show you homes in your chosen zones. Seeking their guidance is super important when making a huge change like this. Also, they will help you with all the legal paperwork and explain how to move to a new state the right way.

Meeting new neighbors after you relocate and befriending them will be another important step and an excellent way to adjust to the environment. But before you do so, be sure that the community is safe and aligned with your needs.

white and brown house
Exploring the housing and job market is among the main things to do when moving to a new state.

Find a Reliable Long-Distance Moving Company

If you want to obtain the best long-distance moving services, you will have to dig deep. There are countless providers out there. However, you must learn how to determine who your real allies are and avoid relocation scams. Pay attention to these red flags:

  • Avoid companies that change their names a lot and remove valuable information from their websites.
  • Don’t consider hiring movers that ask you to pay in cash only.
  • Compare prices and learn about the industry. Beware of unrealistic estimates, regardless of whether they are too high or low.
  • Get a free quote and request an on-site estimate. If the representative declines it, move on to the next relocation and car shipping company on your list.
  • Avoid those who base their prices on the space your belongings will take in their trucks.
  • Finally, run their USDOT number (which should be written on the website) through the FMCSA database.

Think about the questions to ask the movers. Make sure to save some time and money by gathering all the necessary information.

Choose the Best Moving Date and Order Supplies on Time

Choosing the ideal time of the year to move will help you cut relocation costs and have a smoother process. When planning a relocation and selecting a date, make sure to take into account the mover’s availability, your work schedule, family matters, and the weather. And if one of your prime concerns revolves around the question – What is the average cost of moving to another state? – you should know that the date also plays a role.

Keep in mind that the average cost of relocating with the assistance of experts is around $5,000. People who relocate during the holidays, on weekends, or in the summer will most likely run into greater demand. Since cross-country movers have their hands full over these periods, that will imply higher prices. If you move during a weekday, the costs will be lower.

While you’re at it, plan to get your packing boxes and supplies ready. It is best to order them at least a month before the day of the move.

Know Your Alternatives: What is the Cheapest Way to Move From State to State?

If you’re a bit low on finances, be sure to find the cheapest way to move out of state alone or with family. Firstly, you can rent or borrow a portable relocation container, which can also double as a short-term storage unit. Renting it for an out-of-state relocation can cost from $2,000 to $3,000 per month. Still, the charge will depend on the duration of the rental period and the size of the container. Another option is to rent a truck and drive your household items to the destination yourself. Lastly, you can use a large trailer to transport your belongings when moving out of state alone or with family.

Get in touch with friends and relatives to notify them of the move. Ask them to come by and give you a hand with massive objects like furniture or electronics. They can assist you and disassemble these bulky items, and then you can load them onto the carrier without risking an injury. Use these proven hacks to move out of state on a budget and plan it all timely.

a plant growing from a glass filled with coins
How much should you save to move out of state? Do the math and find a place that matches your budget.

Research Schools When Moving out of State With a Child

When relocating with children, there is always more to explore. For starters, look into the crime rates. Although neither high nor low rates guarantee permanent safety, it is best to look at the stats and do your best to pick a peaceful community.

Also, researching schools should be one of your top priorities. If you intend to transfer your child to a public school, discover which areas are connected with your schools of interest. Use online tools and reviews, but strive to pay a close visit to the educational institutions you have shortlisted.

Get a Car Shipping Service From Reliable Cross-Country Movers

Going on a road trip is always pleasant. However, long drives can get tedious with all the questions regarding the relocation process invading your mind non-stop. And not to mention that these drives can even become dangerous due to their length and the driver’s stress.

The safest and the most convenient choice is to assign this to the pros. When selecting a suitable service provider, take a moment to look into the things to know when shipping a car cross-country. First of all, you will be presented with a choice between open and enclosed auto transport. Also, you will get to pick between door-to-door delivery or auto transport service from one terminal to another.

Reaching out to professional service providers is an excellent choice for everyone, especially those who relocate with kids. Booking a flight and not having single care regarding your vehicle will grant you the fresh start that you (and your children) deserve.

car shipping wagon
Save yourself a lot of stress by getting your vehicle shipped to the next address.

Cancel Your Memberships and Notify Your Providers of the Upcoming Move

Don’t forget to contact your local post office and inform them of your address change, so that the future tenants don’t have to do it in order to stop receiving the old resident’s mail. You should also notify your cable, phone, and internet suppliers. And not to mention your bank and the IRS. In addition, you will have to reach out to water, gas, and electricity providers.

You don’t want to keep paying for a gym you no longer use. That is why canceling or transferring all memberships is inevitable. Since monthly membership programs usually require at least one month’s notice before canceling an account, don’t let it slip from your mind.

Pro tip: Keep in mind that your important documents are among the most commonly forgotten things to pack when moving from one state to another. Keep them close at all times, and better yet – create a binder and store all of the paperwork, bills, and receipts in there.

Here’s a video that can teach you how to do it:

Make Sure to Transfer Utilities Timely

Contact your utility companies a few weeks in advance to inform them that you are relocating. Technically, you could survive without cable or internet. However, these companies also include water and sewer, gas, and electricity. Schedule their visit as soon as you learn your next address.

electrician handling the wires
Canceling some services and transferring utilities must be on the checklist for moving out of state.

Other Things to Do Before Moving Out of State

There are other tips and hacks to master when relocating from your old residence. Firstly, be sure to pack everything correctly. Dispose properly of unneeded belongings. You can throw away, sell, recycle, or donate unwanted items. Doing so will ease the packing process and enable you to save up some more. Additionally, here is a list of other things you should do:

  • Get your documents ready,
  • Pay attention to transferring your healthcare and other plans,
  • If you’re relocating with pets, get their paperwork in order as well,
  • Register to vote,
  • Renew your driver’s license,
  • Measure your future residence carefully before purchasing furniture,
  • Deep-clean the house or apartment before the move-in day,
  • Hire someone to clean up the old household,
  • Make friends in the brand-new city.

Start to plan and prepare everything at least two months in advance. And if you can’t start getting packed at least three weeks before the move, contact professionals and book a packing service.

closeup of a person’s handwriting a checklist
Start your preparations early to avoid mistakes and stress.

Discuss Your Relocation with Family and Friends

Before leaving, you will need to say bye to friends and neighbors. But more importantly, you will need to talk it over with your closest family members. Discuss the entire process, and cover the advantages of your move. Let your loved ones take part in planning and include them in decision-making. Letting your children participate in the conversation will allow them to process this significant shift. They must also say goodbye to classmates and teachers.

people having dinner
Discuss your move with loved ones and share your thoughts with friends.

Cross Everything off This Essential Checklist

Relocating away from friends and relatives is never easy. However, once you select the best time to move and understand precisely what to do when moving to a new state, it will become more comfortable and stress-free. In addition, when you hire a reputable company to ease your relocation process, you can relax and feel confident about your choices. All of your belongings will reach the destination safely and timely. And once you pick a car shipping company, you’ll have even fewer issues to worry about.

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