How to Cope With Moving Away From Friends

October 1, 2019 / Posted in How-to
Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

Birthday parties, travelings, hangouts, and shared laughs – can you imagine these everyday activities without your best friends? But when moving away from friends, this once improbable scenario will become a reality.

friends packing
A true best friend will be there for you no matter how far you are.

Saying bye to friends is never easy, but no matter how stressful this life event can be, there are many benefits of separating from your loved ones. But, don’t worry, a true friendship will last no matter how long you two do not see each other.


Moving Away From Friends – Tips on How to Overcome It

Your close friends are your safe harbor and leaving them is maybe one of the most challenging events in life, in addition to leaving your family behind. But just because your relocation will create a physical gap between you doesn’t necessarily mean that your friendship will come to an end. In moments of solitude, you can learn to become calmer and more fearless. So if you are wondering how to cope with leaving away from family and friends, just keep in mind the following things:

  • It’s all right to feel like this way
  • Recognize that your feelings of loneliness are temporary 
  • Be extremely generous to yourself
  • Remind yourself of the hard moments in your life that you overcame
  • Be thankful for positive things that happen to you
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for support
guy using a phone
You can stay in touch, no matter how long the distance between people is.

You Can Stay in Touch with Your Friends

Maybe you think the distance is an obstacle for your hangouts? And that you cannot share experiences and impressions with your favorite buddies anymore? Luckily, there is a way. With modern technology and social media networks like Facebook, everyone including my cat has a Facebook profile, so whenever you think you need advice from your best friend, send a text or call them on the phone. You just need to find ways to do creative things side by side. You could watch your favorite film or TV show together on a mobile phone. Or perhaps you could have coffee and cake time via video chat from a confectionery.

Wait a Minute, Your Life Isn’t Actually Lost Just Because You’re Moving

Even though it may not look like it at first, but your move carries many benefits that can affect your life in a positive way. Think positively about it, every fresh start opens unique opportunities for gaining knowledge, personal growth, and precious experiences. Besides a better standard of living in a different city or a better job, you will have a chance to forge new friendships and meet some amazing people. Your life will get an entirely different dimension and that will allow you to expand your interests and insights.

girl working on laptop
No tears, you can always find time to text your best friend on Facebook.

It Is Okay to Make New Friendships

Your old friends will always be a source of support and stability. But you shouldn’t dwell in the past and be nostalgic about the life you once had. Those feelings might prevent you from building new relationships – don’t let that happen. Your new place of residence offers many opportunities to meet new people. For example, if you want you could join a group or club of individuals with similar interests. It will improve your mood and prevent you from falling into despair and depression.

Don’t Know How to Deal With Loneliness?

It is normal to be sad and lonely after moving to a strange environment. And it’s also reasonable to have an impression that nothing seems to cheer you up. Know that those are signs of relocation depression and anxiety. And it doesn’t matter how old you are. It can affect everyone with varying degrees of intensity. 

Going through this all by yourself can be really painful and you should ask for the help of a trusted professional. Speaking with your family or a counselor at school may be helpful also. These are healthy methods of coping with the feeling of loneliness and isolation:

  • Hang out in coffee shops, libraries, or sports events. Those places will help you feel less lonely.
  • Become a part of a group or a team. Belonging to a broader community will lessen the sense of sadness.
  • Get a dog or a cat. You would get a cuddly furry friend, plus it so easy to meet someone when you are with your pet in a park
  • Search through Facebook to connect with local organizations and groups, and if you want you can join some classes as well
happy group of friends
Long-distance relocating is never easy, especially if you have to leave someone behind.

You’re Feeling Left out and Do Not Want to Go out Anymore?

Being friendless is not easy at all. And trying to make new connections and become a part of an unfamiliar social environment is extremely hard, even for the more outgoing types of people. But to fit into the community and find close companions again, you need to make several painful but crucial steps.

  • Accept invitations. You should accept as many requests and calls as possible right after your relocation. Your adjustment will go much easier and quicker this way.
  • Connect with local organizations. Find groups you’re interested in at local websites or in newspapers. By engaging in various hobbies, you will start feeling fulfilled and occupied with things that interest you. 
  • Find activities that entertain you. In a new town, there are so many local fun activities and events such as festivals, concerts, local charities, etc.
  • Become a friend to your neighbors. Essential persons in an unfamiliar environment are your neighbors. Even though you enjoy your privacy, the best way to meet someone new is to say hello to your neighbors. If you build good and healthy relationships with them, you can always count on their help and assistance regarding any problem you might have. As soon as you move in, introduce yourself to them and ask for information about the neighborhood. An excellent idea is to invite them over for dinner.
person working on a laptop
If you want to stay in touch with those you have not seen in long time, use social media.

It Is Time to Start Making New Memories

No matter how tough and unbearable your relocation may look at the beginning, the truth is that time is a cure for everything. Long-time no see does not mean you do not care about each other. It was never easier to stay in touch with old friends, thanks to social media networks. Making connections with other people will not jeopardize your old and lifelong friendships. It will just help you to overcome your sadness and loneliness. And remember that there are amazing people everywhere, you just have to find them.

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