Here’s the Checklist of Things to Do After Moving

June 3, 2021 / Posted in Moving Basics
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

The latest research shows that the average American moves around 11 times in a lifetime. So it’s not surprising that once in a while, we forget some things to do after moving. This happens because moving cross-country can be a very stressful and emotionally draining process, and keeping in mind every task you have to do is exhausting.

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Having a checklist of things to do will help you through the relocation process

You found your dream home and have everything settled with the long-distance moving company and their moving services, and you’ve been thinking the only thing left to do is unpacking. No matter what your reasons to move are, whether you are relocating for love or you’ve started the adventure of relocating alone, there are some steps you have to do after the move, as well. That way, your adjustment process will go much smoother, and you’ll have more free moments to enjoy the new apartment. If you’re wondering what is the first thing to do when moving into a new house, we’re here to show you some great tips that will help you.

Make a Checklist of Things to Do After Moving Into a New House

If it is your first time moving, you’ll probably want to know what you have to do because we all know how relocation is stressful. The first days after relocation are crucial, and having a list of things to do when you move can keep you organized. People tend to forget tasks, so one of the best tips you can get is to create a checklist of everything you should do.

There are some things you forget to do when you move, and the best way to stay organized is to create a to-do list. If you had to handle a last-minute move, you know that organization is essential for a stress-free relocation. So, to avoid stressful situations after relocation, you’ll need a checklist, as well. It is not just about the unpacking and arranging of your items in the future apartment. There is a lot of work to be done, so creating a list of tasks that will keep you on track with everything will make your life easier.


Check out Every Corner of Your Future House After Moving

The first thing on your list should be inspecting the apartment or house. Make sure you check every corner because, if there is any damage or a pipe leaking, you’ll have to get it fixed before the professional movers unload your items out of the truck.

Another essential thing is to check any furniture that the place came with. Can you use it or should you bring the stuff from the previous apartment? These are the questions you need to answer so you can plan your next steps. Additionally, this is an excellent way to get a clearer picture of how to arrange the furniture and decorate your apartment.

Man and woman carrying a couch overlay
Take a picture of your apartment before you set the furniture

What to Do After Moving In? Contact the Post Office and Change Your Address

How early should you change your address when moving? It is better to do it before the relocation day comes, but if you forgot about this among all the other relocation mistakes you tried to avoid, put this task as one of the first items on your after-moving checklist.

You can do it in person or by applying for a change of address online on the Post Office website.

It is an important step because you still want to get your mail and stop getting the main for previous residents once you settle in your future home.

Update Your Info for the Voter’s Registration

After every relocation, you have to change your address and your personal information for the voter registration. Each state has its voting rules, including how to update voter registration. You can do it in person by going to your nearest town hall or simply applying online.

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You should update your address and personal info after the move

Renew the Driver’s License and Register Your Car

If you are a passionate driver, you have probably found an auto transport company with a car shipping service that made sure your vehicle was transported safely. Once you learned what the cheapest way to ship your car is, now you should register it. The process depends on the state you relocated to, but in most cases, you have to update your driver’s license as well. It is best to search for the needed documentation and do it right away. You’ll probably want to get all the things you need for your first apartment, and a car would be an essential step in that task.

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Make sure you renew your driver's license and register the car

Don’t Forget to Turn on the Utilities in Your Home

Before you start unpacking the boxes, check first if the utilities have all been turned on. This is a crucial step because you don’t want to end up in a home without running water or heating, especially if you’re relocating in winter. Contact your utility providers and ask them for help.

Another thing to think about is the internet and phone. Make sure you have everything working once you move in. The first impression of your future home is the most important, so ensure you get everything done right after the move.

Get Your Home Cleaned for a Fresh Start

Before arranging your items in the future home, it’s good to have everything cleaned before. No matter if you’re relocating to a brand new apartment or to an old house, it is crucial for it to be clean and ready for all the furniture and other bulky stuff. You know how dirty boxes can get during the whole process, so ensure all the dust and dirt are cleaned. If you aren’t relocating on a budget, you can hire a cleaning company to bring all the supplies and do it for you.

Adjust Your House for Kids and Pets

If you have toddlers or you’re relocating while pregnant, you should baby-proof the apartment, and you can do it after you settle and make sure everything is ready for the big arrival. On the other hand, if you move with pets, you should ensure that they have everything they need in the first few days after relocation. This change affects them as well, so be patient at the beginning and give them more attention than you would normally do.

Watch the video below and learn more about baby-proofing your apartment:

A Task You Can’t Avoid – Unpack the Boxes

Once professional long-distance movers unload the truck with all of your belongings, you might think the tedious work is over. We all know how the packing process can be overwhelming when you don’t know the easiest way to pack for a move. You have to remember what the most commonly forgotten items are and decide what not to pack, which isn’t easy at all. However, you have to unpack as well, and a good way to start is to go room by room and take your time. Organize the boxes and sort each of them into the right room, and you’ll be more efficient and faster. If you are relocating for a job, it can be a challenging task, but you should ask your employer for a day off. That way, you can stay focused and deal with this process calmly.

If you haven’t decluttered before the move, now is a good moment to do it. Set aside all the stuff you don’t use anymore and donate unwanted items. Not only will you have more free space in the house, but you’ll also do a good thing donating your stuff to others.

Save the Environment and Recycle the Packing Materials

When the unpacking is done, you’ll be left with a bunch of materials you won’t be needing any time soon, and they will only take up your precious free space. The best thing is to donate or recycle it. You can check the FreeCycle website and give away all the materials you won’t use. Whatever you decide, don’t throw out any box or any other material without recycling.

Review the Household Inventory List Once You Finish the Unpacking Process

So, the unpacking went smoothly because you organized well before you even started with this exhausting task. Now the good thing would be to review your inventory list and check if everything you wanted to bring is there. If you can’t find a place for some bulky items in your new home, you can always check with the cross-country movers for the storage service. Many professional companies offer free storage in the first period, so it would be best to check with their service support.

Getting It Done With Partners is Easier

When thinking about what to do after moving to a new state and how to adjust to the big change, unpacking probably isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind. However, you eventually have to get your clothes and other items out of the boxes and deal with this time-consuming process. If you’re relocating for a relationship, then do it together with your partner. You’ll be unpacked in no time, and you’ll spend some quality moments with your loved one.

Woman and man with furniture overlay
Unpacking will be much easier if you do it with your partner

One of the Things to Do After You Move Is Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Handling a relocation isn’t so easy to do. Among packing services and all other long-distance moving services you had to find, meeting new neighbors might seem like something you won’t have time for. But it will be a good idea to go out and meet the people in your new environment. That way, you’ll adjust more easily to the future neighborhood and to the big change in your life. Explore what your future place can offer you. What are the landmarks you must visit, museums, theaters, and parks with beautiful greenery, and all the fun stuff you can do? And in the end, don’t forget to pass your positive experience on to other people who are looking for reliable relocation companies.

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