Moving Day Tips – Let’s Make Your Last-Minute Prep Easy!

August 20, 2018 / Posted in Moving Basics
Steven Rogers

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After all the time has passed and all the things you’ve done, the big moment is finally around the corner. The moment of the move has come. Alas, there are many more things to be done and tasks to be tackled, so here are a few moving day tips to aid you in staying on top of it all.

happy couple packing in the living room
There are a few ways you can avoid being stressed

Moving Day Tips and Tricks In One Place

We’ll assume here that you’re not going through a case of last-minute moving, for that’s another pair of shoes altogether. Let’s say you organized in time, booked moving services, made sure that all your belongings are prepared for transport, and labeled the crates. It seems that the only thing that remains is to haul the packages to the truck, and you’re off the hook until you arrive at your new home. Well, not quite.

The first useful general advice would be to wake up early on the day of the relocation. Next, you should make sure that your bag with essentials (snacks, water, toothpaste, etc.) is packed and ready and that your phone is fully charged. You might also want to wear light clothes that you’re comfortable in since a lot of tasks await.

A useful tip is to be in contact with the movers all along so that you can learn what should be done, how it should be done and in which order. What are the best-sized boxes, for example. And, of course, when they will arrive.


Don’t Lose Your Checklist

You may be utterly sick of it by now, but your checklist is still your best friend in this process. Run through it once more, and make sure that the “every I is dotted and every T crossed.” If that’s not the case, the early start might allow you to do it a bit more leisurely.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s get on to the more detailed stuff.

couple packing boxes
Get up early to finish packing and other things

Spare the Kids and Pets From All the Fuss

With all the rush and excitement about relocation, all the boxes lying around and impeding every step, and mostly everything stashed away, it’s no small wonder that you’re freaked out. So you can only imagine how your kids and/or pets are feeling. With their life routine disrupted for a while now, and unable to do what they like the way they’re used to, you might be in for additional problems, because the moving day is just the tip of the iceberg of the whole stressful process.

So consider leaving children and furry friends with your friends or family members, or hiring a sitter to spend time with them and entertain them until all the ado is over.

family boxing up items
Be sure that kids and pets are taken care of

Wrap Up Your Home – Pack the Forgotten Stuff

The moment has now come for one final tour around your old home and some last-minute packing. Something inevitably escaped your attention in previous days and weeks. So sift through the rooms, for you’d be surprised what things are commonly forgotten when people pack. Yes, personal documents are among them.

House-Related Phase – Take Pictures

In case you’re renting a home, we guess that you’d want your deposit back. So during the final tour around, photograph everything to avoid any subsequent troubles with your landlord. Your word may be sound, but pictures speak a thousand words if any claim is made that a large dent in the wall is of your making, when in reality, it’s not.

Other candidates for the photoshoot should be utility meters. That way you’ll have irrefutable proof in case your bills come to steep.

parents and kid in unpacked room
Be sure to do a tour around the home before moving out

Call Friends to Help You With Boxes

Invite your friends to help you with the move. Not only can you delegate some of the work, but you’ll also get to spend some more time with them before going away. After all, your relocation means that you’ll have to say bye to friends.

So arm yourself with a reasonably good mood, but also with favorite snacks and that Gatorade with a new flavor that you never got to taste together properly. Arrange everything so that your last experience before going away is a memorable one.

a couple carrying a couch
Friends can help you out a lot

Make Yourself Useful When the Experts Arrive

When the movers get to your place, all should be set for loading into the truck. Now is the moment for the most important questions to ask movers that you maybe forgot to ask before.

Make sure that they do all the heavy lifting, and also the handling of fragile stuff. If the need arises, you might even get moving boxes from them. You may do the carrying of lighter crates (that’s where the comfortable clothes advice kicks in). Listen to the professionals, though. If anybody knows how to pack a moving truck, it’s them. With everything packed and stacked, you’re all set for a trip to the new place.

Actual Moving Day Tips – Appreciate the Movers

There’s just one thing that remains, and it’s what more and more people are asking – how to tip movers? It would be best if you did it, without hesitation. It’s becoming a standard in the industry to give each mover a few dozen bucks as an appreciation of a job well done.

girl holding a to do list next to a pile of boxes
Be sure all is ready for a new place

Consider Professional Packing Services

So there you are, ready to travel to a new home. Finally, when hiring a company to help you move, it might be a good idea to opt for one that offers services of packing, just in case you run into problems with this item or that. Storage should also be on the table, as well as auto transport. Take all details into account when choosing the right mover for you.

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