Moving During the Holidays

Generally, moving during the holidays is difficult to organize. Even though you have enough time to pack and relocate and relatively lower moving prices, you will face enormous traffic jams, bad weather conditions and a bunch of nervous people. However, if you have no other option, there are some tips you can follow if you want to make your holiday relocation less stressful for you and your family.

Moving During the HolidaysPick the Right Time for Moving During the Holidays

The right moment for relocation during the festive season may differ depending on the climate you are currently living in and the one you are going to. However, there are certain dates you should really avoid. If you hire professional movers, you should avoid the busiest days of the season, which is, for example, the weekend before Christmas Day, or even the whole Christmas week. Just imagine having to drive through all that traffic and bad weather just to buy some boxes and other packing supplies

If you are going by plane, then avoid traveling at least two or three weeks before Christmas. Weekends are especially busy, so we recommend you listen to one of the most common tips and travel on workdays when the prices may be lower. The same goes for professional movers. If you want to save a few much-needed bucks, it’s best to book your dates mid-week when there is less demand for moving services.

Pick the Right Time for Moving During the Holidays

Holiday Season and What to Expect

The good thing is you will probably have a break from work and your children will be away from school for the holidays, so you will all be able to take your share of responsibility when it comes to packing and preparing for the move. 

Relocation is a long process, so it is prudent to start planning well in advance and pack properly. Consider your budget, get proper supplies and take into account the weather conditions during the move. Next, set aside the things you do not need on an everyday basis first.

If you are obliged to move over the weekends, you can expect the rush of holiday shoppers and travelers, so prepare to be patient. And if you hire professional movers, make sure that they can approach your house. 

This is also a period known for home intrusions and robberies, as houses and apartments are left empty for a while. So, set up an alarm system before or immediately after settling in. That means you have to schedule installing the security system a few weeks before relocating.

Holiday Season and What to Expect

This Time of Year Can Be Expensive

Just as all other prices rise during the holiday season, you can expect the moving prices to jump as well due to unfavorable weather conditions. In addition, remember that movers are also having their holidays so they may be understaffed during this period. They have to face heavy traffic and icy roads and pay their workers more for having to ship your car and belongings instead of being with their families at home. So remember to give them generous tips as a sign of appreciation.

Moving Instead of Celebrating

Obviously, another disadvantage of changing addresses during the holidays is having to pack and unpack, load and unload and do a lot of cleaning and assembling, instead of celebrating. You miss the joy of gathering with your friends and family at your home to celebrate and relax. But try to find a way to cope with leaving your friends behind since it may pay off in the long run. You get to start the new year and life in a brand new home.

Moving Instead of Celebrating

It Will Be Harder to Contact Help

Due to the increased risk of accidents and various problems during the holiday season, you may assume that all emergency services will be extremely busy. And there is a bunch of things that can go wrong with relocation, so plan carefully and move safely. If you’re re planning on transporting your car to your new address, explore all the possibilities and take all necessary precautions.

Pack Your Belongings According to Categories

Unpacking will be easier if you packed your stuff according to specific categories. Start with the decorative items and paintings, as you will definitely not need them until you move and certainly not as soon as you arrive at your new destination. Think about what you need first, such as toiletries and basic kitchenware, a bed and bedsheets, a change of clothes, basic food and drinks. That should be packed separately in boxes to be opened first. So, logically, pack them last. Also, if you want to experience at least a bit of festive feeling, pack the Christmas decorations and presents separately and load them with the essentials.

Pack Your Belongings According to Categories

Organize Your Budget

Moving during the holiday season can leave a big dent in your budget. It is a costly activity anyway, and with holiday prices usually raised insanely, you may easily experience a lack of cash soon enough. So plan your budget and start saving in advance.

To reduce the costs, you can consider relocating on your own by renting a truck and getting boxes for free at the stores. But you will still have to buy some specialized boxes for electronics and other delicate items. You can also use alternative packing supplies, such as crumpled newspaper, blankets, towels and other clothing as padding. However, do not use newspapers to wrap items directly as they may leave traces of lead. You can use portable containers as storage for the stuff that won’t go into your home right away.

However, depending on the situation, it may be cheaper to hire professional movers. As we already mentioned, opt for mid-week relocation and avoid weekends. And finally, you can also save some money by buying presents in advance, before the prices jump.

Payment Methods and Extra Services Organize Your Budget

Some Tips to Help You

Obviously, the first thing to think about when moving during the holidays is the weather. So one of the most important tips we can give you is to prepare well for the harsh weather conditions. You need to be properly equipped for potential icy roads and snowfall and protect your belongings from moisture by using plastic containers and baskets and garbage bags instead of cardboard boxes. 

Also, dress appropriately. Arrange for utilities at your future home, and make sure that the heating is turned on in advance.

Some Tips to Help You

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

Relocating is a huge change. So instead of despairing when the first problems arise, give yourself time to blend in. Help your family adjust, as well. Children need a lot of support when changing their routines, and this is especially true during the festive period. Prepare their health documents and school records in advance. An advantage is they will be on a Christmas break in their new school and will have more time to settle in.