The Ultimate Guide to Moving Large Items Across the Country

March 25, 2022 / Posted in Before the Move
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Moving large items can seem a daunting task when relocating, and rightfully so. If you have decided to relocate your furniture pieces and appliances without professional help, adequate knowledge is essential. The key is to minimize physical effort, and with the right tools and appropriate techniques, that is absolutely possible.

A long distance movers lifting a sofa
You should always look to ease the lifting of large objects

When moving large items across the country, the most important thing to realize is that you are putting yourself at risk of injuries. Therefore, take the following tips seriously. It often seems that there is not much to it. You probably think that it is no big deal to lift a big sofa and load it into a truck. But, it is not like that in reality. At the very least, you will end up with severe back pain if you approach this issue carelessly.

Moving Large Items Is Not a Laughing Matter. You Must Be Serious About It

If you have decided to move to another state, then a great part of your new apartment checklist will be comprised of large objects. However, if you have decided to relocate alone, without the help of qualified cross-country movers, then relocating tips will be an invaluable asset. Let us see what shall be discussed in the following paragraphs:

You will want to pack everything as efficiently as possible when relocating to a new home. Furthermore, when relocating out of state on a budget, you will be able to save money with relocating hacks such as the ones in this article.

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When Relocating Heavy Objects Like Furniture, Preparation Is the Key

If you ask any long-distance movers what is the best approach to relocating furniture, you will mostly get the same answer. They will most certainly tell you that having a clear plan is the key to an efficient relocation. When lifting begins, everything has to go smoothly. This will ensure the safety of both you and your possessions. Making relocation as stress-free as possible should always be the aim.

When Moving Furniture, You Have to Know the Exact Measurements of Space Where the Item Will Pass

Imagine you have relocated to another state, only to find out that your sofa cannot pass through the hallway of your new apartment. Certainly not a situation that you want to be in. Therefore, measure everything carefully before any actual relocation can begin. That means that you will make sure that all entries are perfectly accessible when carrying such large objects.

All Professional Movers Will First Clear the Path Along Which They Have to Carry Large Objects

When you pick up an object, you will want to carry it to the designated location as fast as possible. That means that the route has to be cleared of any obstructions. By obstructions we mean literally any household objects like chairs, coffee tables, or flowerpots by obstructions. Such smaller objects can prove to be huge obstacles when you are carrying a 200-pound item.

A man drawing a draft with a pencil
Measure everything before you start the actual relocation

Disassemble Bigger Objects Into Smaller Parts if It Is Possible

One of the most frequent relocating mistakes that people make is not dismantling the removable parts. You should aim to reduce the weight of the objects as much as possible. And, a lot of objects, especially pieces of furniture, can be completely dismantled, which makes them much easier for relocation. A qualified cross-country moving crew will never lift an entire sofa if it can be disassembled beforehand.

Relocation Is Always Easier With the Assistance of Friends

When wondering how to move something heavy, always keep in mind that it will be much easier if there are more people. Therefore, before saying bye to your friends, contact them for assistance if you have decided not to hire a long-distance moving company. Almost all large objects require at least two people for lifting, and assistance is particularly important if you have to descend stairs. Finally, is there a better way to relocate away from your friends than drinking a cold one with them after a hard day’s work?

Two guys carrying a sofa, and one guy carrying boxes
Everything is easier when you have friends beside you

Always Use Protective Equipment When Relocating Large Objects

Suppose you will have to carry a table through a tight hallway in your home. Balance can easily be lost when lifting. Hence, you can damage both the walls and the item that you are carrying. However, there is a solution to this problem, and it is called protective materials. For heavier objects, there are a few different packing materials that you can use:

  • Protective blankets,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • If these two are not available, any type of cloth can do the job.

It is always best to have objects covered with these protective materials as they can absorb any potential bumps and collisions during lifting and transportation. Furthermore, they will provide protection if they have to be placed in storage units. And, remember that, if you hire long-distance moving services, their offer usually includes professional packing services and, if needed, storage facilities as well.

Relocating Tools Are Highly Advisable When Lifting Weighty Objects

It is highly recommended that you have appropriate tools by your side in this situation for a safer move. The good news is that if you desire to save on relocation costs, there is no need to buy them. You can rent these tools from one of your local storage facilities. Let us see now what are the most common tools used in this situation:

  • Sliders – There are two types of sliders according to the surface across which you will push the objects. For surfaces covered with carpets, there are plastic sliders. For surfaces made of hardwood or laminate, there are sliders with soft cushions. These tools are quite important as they prevent the floor from being scratched. You will just need to insert them underneath the corners of the object. Therefore it is best to have someone lift one side a bit and then quickly place the sliders underneath.
  • Lifting straps – With this tool, a person is able to lift much bigger weights than one can with raw strength. The straps are placed underneath the object and then across your shoulders. What happens is that straps employ much more muscle groups of your body and lower the object’s center of gravity. Nonetheless, at least two people are usually required for lifting with straps.
  • Dollies – Dollies are basically carts with two or four wheels onto which objects can be stacked and pushed. You have certainly seen the two-wheeled dollies that are usually used for moving boxes and luggage on bus stations or airports. However, there are also four-wheeled versions that can support even greater weights. Nonetheless, these tools are specifically designed for pushing large objects, and they preserve your stamina considerably.
  • Ramps – Ramps are extremely important when using a dolly or pushing with sliders. Any sort of doorstep should be covered with a ramp as it can be a huge obstacle when carrying something weighty. Furthermore, ramps are extremely important if you have to push a dolly up or down the stairs. Nonetheless, staircases can be extremely dangerous with or without ramps, so be extremely cautious if you are in such a situation.
  • Mattress slings – Another tool that may come in handy when relocating is the mattress sling. Mattresses can be quite bulky, and with this tool, you can easily lift a large mattress. The sling functions similarly to lifting straps. You basically just cover one side with it and, with the assistance of another person, lift the mattress using the sling’s handles.

It Is Possible to Do the Lifting Without the Tools

If you are saving money for the move, it is possible to bypass these tools. And while that is not recommended, if you still decide to do so, it is necessary to know the proper lifting techniques. You can easily hurt yourself, and often these injuries can be quite severe. Therefore, carefully consider the following points:

  • The most important rule when lifting large objects is to distribute the weight evenly across your body. That means that you should lift from the squatting position. By doing so, you will relieve the pressure on your lower back and shift the weight more to your arms and legs. Never try to lift something heavier while you are leaning forward.
  • When carrying something bulky, always try to use your body as support. This means that you should place the weight against the upper part of the body. This takes the pressure off your arms, especially your forearms.
  • Never make sudden movements or changes of pace when carrying something bulky. As mentioned before, you should always have a clear path through your home that you will follow. However, if you have to make a turn, for example, always begin the movement by rotating your hips. Your legs should follow the movements of your hips and not the other way around.

You Can Save On Sliders and Protective Materials as Well if You Need To

There are also substitutions for sliders and protective blankets. If you do not have sliders, the best thing to do is take fragments of your old carpets and place them underneath. In most cases, they will work just as well as the sliders. As mentioned above, blankets and bubble wrap can be replaced with any type of cloth. So if you have old bed linen, shirts, or any textile fabric for that matter, you can use this as a protective covering for your objects.

A man lifting an armchair
Be extremely careful when lifting something heavier - you can end up severely injured

Always Consider Hiring Professional Movers if You Have the Means

It is always best to have qualified people do this work for you. If you have the means, there is no need to expose yourself to any risk. Moreover, do not forget that you will need a truck for transportation. When hiring an auto transport company, you will not have to worry about this issue – they will ensure safe transportation for your possessions. Moreover, do not forget that probably the heaviest object that you will have to transport is your vehicle, and there is no better way to do that than to contact a car shipping company. Here is a useful video on how to find a reliable relocating company.

Relocation Is Not an Easy Process, and Tips Like These Can Help You a Lot

Relocating can be quite stressful, and when you realize that you have to move a 300-pound sofa, the anxiety about relocation can get even worse. But that is all normal. Changing your home address is a huge decision to make, and you need to invest a lot of mental and physical effort. However, as you can see, help is available both in the form of advice and qualified service. Therefore, think about it carefully and go for what suits you best.

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