How to Pack Efficiently When Moving Across the Country

November 2, 2021 / Posted in How-to
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

When it comes to preparing for the move, the most tedious process is probably wrapping up household goods. Did you know that around 70% of entire items an average adult American moves are precisely household goods? So, it’s more than important to understand how to pack efficiently. Considering you’ll need around a week to get everything packed, let’s start right away with some techniques that will help you.

A woman with the headphones folding clothes in a suitcase before long-distance movers come to do their services
You'll need around three to five days to wrap up a three-bedroom apartment

Moving is a process that needs proper planning and time to do it, especially when relocating in the time of Coronavirus. Not only do you have to notify everyone about the move, but you also have to prepare for movers and keep in mind everyone’s safety is the priority. So, tips for packing and having an efficient move are more than welcome.

Why It’s Important to Know How to Pack Efficiently for a Move

When you realize all the benefits of moving and find the perfect place where you’ll live, begin with planning the move. Relocating to a new home requires a lot of nerves because staying calm and organized is the key to a successful move. However, it can be pretty difficult when you don’t know the right approach. As a result, you can feel anxious and like this is an ongoing process.

Relocating to a new city is challenging, and making it easier should be your goal. The less you have to wrap up, the less you’ll have to unpack. So, before you get on to it, decide what you’ll leave behind.

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Make a List of Things You Need to Do and Ease the Wrapping up Process

One thing you can’t go without when it comes to relocating is a to-do list. It will help you with every process of this relocation. It will also keep you updated on every step you need to take, and you won’t have to worry about the most commonly forgotten things to pack.

A checklist is more than needed because if you have to juggle between kids and a job, the whole relocation process can become just too overwhelming.

Don’t Forget to Get Enough Packing Supplies

One of the most frustrating things in the relocation process is not getting enough supplies. Imagine you begin with this tedious process, and in the middle of it, you realize you’re out of boxes or tape. That’s why creating a list of all supplies needed will be quite in handy. Let’s see what should be on that list:

  • Boxes,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Packing paper,
  • Blankets and furniture pads,
  • Tape,
  • Sticky notes,
  • Markers.

If you’re relocating on a budget, the good idea is to use things from your household to protect other ones. For example, socks are an excellent solution for protecting glassware and other delicate items. The same goes for sheets, pillowcases, and every other soft material. Not only will you cut moving costs, but you’ll have more free space for other items.

Gathered packing supplies for cross-country moving
You'll need one 100-foot roll of bubble wrap to protect your belongings

Start as Soon as You Decide to Move and Get Rid of the Clutter

When you decide it’s time to move, continue right away with the organization. Think about what you should do first, how to do it, and stuff like that. The process that will require most of your time is undoubtedly wrapping up. So, getting organized to move in most cases means how to downsize for a move.

Of course, one of the first things to do is find reliable long-distance moving services that will help you with storage facilities if needed. Also, don’t forget about your four-wheeler. The relocation that is an auto transport company too is just what you need.

After finding the relocation crew, let’s share some of the best tips for decluttering and packing.

Packing Room by Room Is the Most Efficient Way After You Get Rid of the Clutter

Getting ready to travel and for a trip, no matter the destination, it’s good to know how to pack for a move efficiently. So, start first with decluttering each room in your home. That way, you won’t deal with unnecessary stuff and lose precious time. And it will make it easier to  prepare for cross-country movers.

Make three piles: donate, sell and toss. In the first pile, there should be all things you won’t wear or use. Check local charities and organizations online on the Goodwill website. The sell pile should contain some stuff in good condition that could quickly be sold. And in the toss pile should be items that can’t be repaired or reused.

The same way you did declutter, start with wrapping up – room by room. That way, you’ll label bags, suitcases, and boxes much more effortlessly. And once you begin unpacking, you’ll see it will be a breeze.

Besides our relocation hacks, check out helpful advice on decluttering in the video below.

Use Some of the Best Packing Tips and Mix Them Up

When you know how to wrap up the stuff like an expert, all other tasks will be a breeze. Starting a new chapter in your life isn’t easy at all, and you should do everything to make it easier. So, we’ll share some ideas for the easiest way to wrap up things for a move:

  • Make an essential bag – this bag will be a lifesaver in the first few days after the move. Put some snacks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and some clean towels inside.
  • Get the right bag for the trip – decide what type of bag is right for your move. The one that goes over your shoulder is easier to carry, or you prefer a backpack on both shoulders. Suitcases can be better organized but harder to carry.
  • Arrange stuff in luggage by importance – put things that have lower priority like extra pairs of trousers and T-shirts on the bottom.
  • Put fragile belongings in the center of a bag – putting fragile things in the center of the case will be less likely to break during the trip.
  • Plastic bags for shoes – you don’t have to clean sneakers just for the move. Instead, put them in plastic wraps.

Pack Travel-Size Toiletries

Even travel experts can have some difficulties when it comes to preparing clothes and other stuff for relocating. The unnecessary number of luggage can complicate the whole move and trip. To avoid this kind of problem, you should bring travel-size toiletries to your new home. Yes, many of us want to avoid spending money on new shampoo and conditioner, for example, when you already have full bottles. Instead, you can purchase empty travel-size bottles that will take less room in suitcases or boxes.

Travel-size cosmetic bottles people use before car shipping company comes to do their services
Use smaller bottles for shampoo, toothpaste, and other cosmetic products

Prepare Your Clothes for a Bag and Suitcase With Some of the Best Techniques

If you’ve never thought about maximizing the space of your suitcase, then it’s the right time to do it. Also, you’ll have to stay organized during the trip to make it successful. We all know you can’t get your home packed in just one suitcase, but the fewer bags and boxes you have, the more efficient packing and unpacking. So, think well about what works best for you – two or three suitcases or more boxes. Also, don’t forget you’ll have to unpack after the move, as well. It will be easier unpacking a few suitcases than numerous boxes, right?

The ultimate rule when it comes to making more room in your suitcases and luggage is to pack light. It can get quite impossible to do it in some cases – some stuff you just have to bring. Deciding what to keep when moving isn’t a simple task. Right at that moment of deciding, you feel like everything in your closet will be worn, but deep down, you know that’s not true.

Probably the most difficult decision you have to make is when you have to decide will all of your wardrobe will go with you. Even though you’ve already decluttered your closet, some jackets, jeans, and other pieces remain. And now you realize it’s making a huge problem because some of those pieces can’t fit in the luggage. If that’s the case, and you’re relocating during winter, you won’t mind wearing some extra layers.

Put aside all those layers and check the techniques we’ll share in the following text.

With Smaller Bags You’ll Organize Better

If you have more than two suitcases and all family members share them, then you should consider packing cubes. They are the zipped fabric containers that will increase the space in the cases. Also, the organization with them will be on a high level, too. So, if you think that having less bulky luggage and keeping the organization isn’t possible, think twice and check out these smaller containers you’ll put inside the case.

The Most Used Method Is to Roll Your Clothes

Although it’s the simplest tip, rolling your clothes is also the most effective way of fitting fabrics into suitcases or boxes. Some people would say that folding fabrics makes more sense, but think twice. You’ll dubble save the space with rolling. Begin with larger pieces of clothing, such as outerwear and jeans, and finish with shirts and tops. Share this tip with family and friends and ease their next travel process..

Put Things Inside Shoes and Save Some Room

This can sound strange, and not just to those who are moving out for the first time, but putting things inside your shoes will actually save you a lot of room. Whether you’ll put jewelry or socks, it’s the perfect solution for stuff you think can’t fit in a box. Squeeze similar things into a pair of sneakers, and you’ll get additional space for other stuff you might need for the travel.

A woman preparing black shoes before long-distance moving
Put some smaller things into your shoes

When You Wrap Everything up Efficiently, Let the Reliable Long-Distance Moving Company Do the Rest

Many people wonder why relocating is so stressful. The wrapping up process is one of the biggest reasons why that Is. If you include a fear of the unknown and the fact that you’ll have to adjust to the future environment. However, keeping in mind the reasons for this move can help you a lot. Also, don’t forget that one of the most important things in this process is having a reliable moving crew by your side with packing services if needed, which will make this experience to remember.

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