How to Decide Where to Live – What to Consider When Choosing a Future Place

June 30, 2021 / Posted in Before the Move
Eva Johnson

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If you’re ready for change and want to start all over again, then the question of how to decide where to live will be the most actual one. There are multiple factors to revise before you decide on a place to relocate. Depending on your lifestyle, age, and family situation, choosing where to live will differ. Here is the list of ultimate factors to consider before deciding where to move.

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Before making a decision where to move, ensure that the new location will meet your needs and expectations

How Do I Decide What City to Move To?

There are a variety of reasons to move to another location. Whether you’re relocating across the country for love or you’re looking for another job opportunity, moving from a small town to a big city is never an easy decision to make. According to the latest research, the top reasons why people move are:

  • 40% of respondents moved due to housing-related reasons,
  • 27% of survey participants relocated due to family-related reasons,
  • 24% of people said they want a fresh start,
  • 21% of respondents relocated due to work-related reasons,
  • 12% of people moved because their significant one got a new job or wanted to pursue education.

Getting organized to move means that you should explore many details prior to choosing a place to live. For example, exploring all the possibilities on how to get a job before you move, and the job market overall, or what is the best neighborhood to settle down, are some fundamental questions to revise before you answer the question: where should I move to start over? High quality of life, traffic, transportation, housing options and prices, cost of living, and many other factors should be considered before making a final choice.

So, if you want to attain stress-free relocation, and save yourself from unnecessary unpleasant situations, then – pick wisely. Always remember that relocations are emotional roller coasters, so the last thing you want when you’re moving out for the first time or when you’re about to start all over again is picking the city where your potentials can not come to the fore. For that reason, we present you with the ultimate strategy on how to choose where to live and pick the place that will meet your needs and expectations.

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Pick the place that will provide you with plenty of good opportunities

The Most Significant Factor to Help You on How to Decide Where to Live Is Exploring the Job Market

Since our income is the greatest generator of our quality of life, it becomes clear why one of the top reasons to move is work-related. For millennials, this is the most important factor that affects their decision to move to another state or city. So, knowing where the jobs are and the business climate of the city you plan to relocate to is vital. Making thorough research of top companies within the area you’d like to relocate, what positions they are looking for, and acknowledging the median income is the best way to help you on the quest of how to pick a place to live.

This research is especially useful to undertake if you want to start your own business and look for an innovative business community to support your endeavors by beneficial conditions in terms of lower taxes or women empowerment programs. No matter what is your plan for relocation, just make sure you’ve explored all your options and picked the right surroundings to support your aims.

However, there are some things to consider when relocating for a job, and an in-detail explanation comes in a second!

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Don't change the location before you check what is the job market, or opportunities for starting your own business

Cost of Living Is Another Crucial Factor to Research On Before Taking a Cross-Country Moving

No matter how beneficial work opportunities are in the city you consider, if the costs of living are so high you start doubting whether you can cover it, think twice if there is an actual point to organizing a long-distance moving. Creating an estimate of monthly expenses means you will include everything in the cost scheme, from the maintenance of the house to paying for taxes, utilities, insurance, mortgage or rent, cleaning services, or any other expense related to the home.


Don’t Forget to List Lifestyle-Related Expenses In Your Budget.

Aside from house-related, there are other costs. The first on the list are food, transportation, and healthcare (extremely important to include in the cost scheme if you’re moving while pregnant.) Also, there are some more details to include in the cost scheme list, like hairdresser, cosmetician, gym, hobbies, or dining. Although those lifestyle-related expenses might seem insignificant, they are definitely something you should consider when trying to learn how to pick where to live. For that reason, exploring the cities that are the most affordable places for life in the US and the most expensive, too, will be of tremendous help.

These States Will Pay You Money to Relocate There!

Believe it or not, Alaska and Kansas will give you thousands of dollars if you only show up there! If you choose to buy a home in Topeka, Kansas, you’ll get $15,000 for relocation and be reimbursed 50% of relocation costs.

When it comes to Alaska, there are also very beneficial conditions. Aside from multiple tax incentives, there is no state or sales tax. Alaska Government is providing monthly checks that go up to $1,600 for all citizens as a fair share of the state’s oil revenue. It looks like the question of how to choose a place to live is not so difficult anymore.

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Making an in detailed cost of living estimation can indicate if you can sustain paying for those expenses

Consider the New Area Vibe and Quality of Life Before Making a Final Decision

When deciding upon the ideal location for your new home, make sure to match all your needs, whether you’re a retiree, college student, employed, or want a fresh new start. The place you choose can tremendously influence your entire life, from career opportunities to overall life quality. For that reason, visiting the area you’d like to relocate to and explore it in detail will be a great idea that will help you feel the vibe of new surroundings, community and make a realistic estimate of livability. Here are some things to consider when you evaluate the potential location.

Explore the Climate and Whether You Can Stand It

Life in California and Idaho is just not the same. It is scientifically proven that weather and climate conditions may affect well-being, so before you choose where to live, make sure you’re ready for them. This is especially important if you have asthma, for example, because living in wet areas will be impossible for you.

If you simply enjoy the sun’s abundance and strive for beach life, then just stay more south and choose oceanfront cities that will provide you with a laid-back atmosphere.

Size of the Town Plays Important Role When Deciding Where You Want to Live

Another crucial detail is related to the size of the city. In many cases, the infrastructure a specific area provides is a defining reason why people choose to relocate there or not. Crowded cities mean pollution, poor traffic, and public transportation, and for some folks, even great job opportunities or affordable housing options simply aren’t enough to compensate for other disadvantages.

If you want a quiet, family-friendly, small town, staying away from metropolitan areas is the right solution for you. The greatest advantage of small towns is they are walkable, and since you will not stay in a traffic jam for hours, shipping a car cross country is a good option. So, if you’re relocating to a small city, start to prepare a car for shipping, and make sure to organize important documents related to your four-wheeler. Finding a reliable car shipping company that can provide you with all the auto transport services you need is the next step, so ensure you book it in advance.

Safety is Another Important Detail to Delve Into When Learning How Do I Decide Where to Live

Another useful moving interstate tip is to check the crime rates and overall safety report for the town and specifically the neighborhood you’re relocating to. Although the majority of the US cities have pretty high safety standards, there are still some neighborhoods to pass, especially if you’re relocating to another state alone.

One of the best indicators that the district has a crime problem is cheap housing, so always ask all the questions that could provide you with the right information.

Understand the Local Area, Entertainment, and Outdoor Activities that Will Suit You Best

If you’re one of those who want to spend free time outdoors, then choosing a location that provides various options for this kind of activity is a must-do. For that reason, picking a neighborhood that is close to green areas, parks, and all other amenities is the best option for you. If you’re relocating with pets, the vicinity of dog parks will be another requirement to include in your list since you will definitely need to dedicate some time to your pets. And if you want to know how experienced travelers decide where to live, ensure to check the video below and find additional tips on how to make that final choice.

Want to Buy a House or Rent an Apartment? Check the Prices of Real Estate Market

Another factor that could influence how to decide where to move is the affordability of housing options in the area you wish to relocate to. Prices of realties will range differently depending on the location – is the realty centrally located or you’ll be comfortable with relocating to the suburbs. And there’s the size of the property. If you’re moving in with your significant other, you will definitely need some bigger space and set aside a little bit higher amount. However, the comfort you’ll get is worth it, and once you move from apartment to house, you will undoubtedly spot the difference.

So, one of the best house hunting tips we could share with you is to consult a real estate agent whether you want to buy or rent a house. It will help you narrow the choice and find the realty matching all your needs in a record time.

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Affordable housing market is a major factor in your decision to relocate

The Very First Step After You Decide Where to Live Is to Start Organizing the Relocation. Here Is How to Do It

So, once you’ve done all the research and you made up your mind about the place to start your new life chapter, it is the right time to get on with organizing the relocation.  Explore what long-distance moving company is trustworthy and can provide you with all long-distance moving services to help you move efficiently.

Book all the assistance in advance with your chosen cross-country movers, and don’t forget to indicate which packing services you’ll need because this is the easiest way to pack the whole household and move seamlessly. Also, try to find the long-distance movers who also run an auto-transport company, so you can ship your car with them too, and schedule the whole move using the services of one company.

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