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Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic – How to Do It Safely

October 11, 2021 / Posted in How-to
Kaitlyn Bradley

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Moving during Coronavirus may significantly differ from usual cross-country moving conditions. Since there are many rules, both on the federal and state levels, that regulate the relocation process, learning how moving during covid-19 functions is of the utmost importance. The limited number of cross-country movers to manage the move and enhanced hygiene are only a few of the numerous rules that apply during the spread of the virus. Here are some essential details to keep in mind when organizing a relocation.

cross-country movers wearing a mask during cross-country moving
Official government websites and direct contact with the company in charge of your relocation are reliable sources of information to help you organize the move

First Things First – the Most Common Questions Related to Moving During the Pandemic

Although the pandemic has been going on for months, relocations are still happening. Millions of Americans moved during 2020, in spite of all the difficulties and changed plans. Before we start dealing with rules, let’s answer the most common questions these days – is it safe and possible to move in the age of Coronavirus.

Can I Move During Coronavirus?

Due to the whole situation, many people started to wonder if relocations are even allowed. Luckily, the answer is – yes. It’s possible to organize every aspect of relocation with slight changes since movers are essential workers. Even in the lockdown, there are no restrictions related to relocations, so once you schedule the date, you can start preparing for movers.

Is It Safe to Move During Covid-19?

Health is definitely the most valuable asset we all have, and understandably people have many safety-related concerns that make relocation even more stressful, especially if they are relocating while pregnant or with kids.

Since there are no restrictions at the federal or local level related to relocations, we may say that moving during covid-19 is still safe to perform. Of course, precaution is always desired, so ensure to hire movers that are likely to respect the rules.

Responsible relocation companies will insist on following all the rules regarding health issues because, this way, the chances of someone getting infected are reduced to the minimum. Still, when organizing the move, ensure to check what your health insurance covers when relocating to another state and how the coronavirus is treated in this case.

Nevertheless, to make the whole process as safe as possible, don’t forget that you also have responsibilities. In case you or any family member of yours gets infected before the scheduled relocation, you’re obliged to contact the company and reschedule. It’s the best thing you can do in this situation.


Check How Companies Have Adjusted to the Covid-19 Pandemic Situation

The easiest way to organize moving during lockdown is to hire professional long-distance movers to handle the whole process. For that reason, choosing a relocation company is of the utmost importance to move as efficiently as possible.

How to Choose the Right Specialist to Handle Your Relocation Among Hundreds of Companies?

The first step, as expected, is checking if a relocating company is legitimate through USDOT and MC numbers. Reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers is also another useful relocating tip because those could point to potential relocation scams. But even if the company passes the initial screening, moving during covid requires an additional step – having a list of questions to ask movers. Here are some questions you should not forget to ask that can help you decide more easily among various companies.

Do Movers Practise Social Distancing?

Social distancing has proven to be one of the most effective measures in the suppression of the virus. It implies being at least 6ft away from each other when talking or working with someone. Also, learning how many movers are in charge of relocation and will be present at the house/apartment is another essential question to ask because of the limited number of people in the room. Usually, two or three people are enough to manage the process, so you don’t need to worry about too many people in your house.

What Measures Are Used to Protect the Health of Their Employees?

The answer to this question will indicate if the team takes the whole situation seriously. If their reply implies the examples mentioned below, you can be sure you’re dealing with professionals who care not only about their customers but personnel too. It’s of the utmost importance to find out if they practice the following:

  • Measuring the temperature of all employees daily,
  • Limiting the number of employees in indoor spaces,
  • Wearing masks,
  • Enhanced hygiene both of employees and the working area, as well as the trucks and storage units, or
  • Minimizing personal contacts.

Are There Any Alternatives to In-Person Home Estimations?

Thanks to technology, performing home estimates using video surveys has become reality. However, only a few advanced companies enable this possibility. If your aim is to minimize the social distance at the maximum, then using a specially designed app for virtual home estimations is the right choice. Using your smartphone camera and app, you’ll be able to screen all the household items and estimate the value of household goods. What an effective and advanced feature, isn’t it?

Do They Accept Contactless Payments?

Contactless payments are another effective solution to reduce any unnecessary contact and touching money that is easily contaminated, and many companies go for this solution. If you want to avoid paying in cash, ask the representatives if they provide cashless payment options. In case you’ve decided to book the relocation with them, ensure to remind your designated agent of your preferred payment method.

What Are the Rescheduling and Cancelling Policy Valid When Moving During the Pandemic?

Even without the spread of the virus, rescheduling or canceling the relocation is usually allowed. However, the company can keep the deposit you’ve paid. Still, due to the unpredictability of the virus and difficult business circumstances in the current times, the rules may be slightly different. They are more frequently willing to enable a deposit-free move or even give a money-back guarantee in case of unpredicted circumstances. So don’t forget to check the policy and agree on these details too when booking the move.

How Often Are Storage Units Disinfected?

Storage units are real hives. Hundreds of boxes, employees running all over the place to handle them, and people who want to take their belongings are a common picture in storage facilities. However, all this has changed a little bit now in terms of limited working hours, the number of people allowed to be indoors, enhanced hygiene practices, sanitation, access pads, and more. Also, the new practice implies the disinfection of all boxes delivered into the storage. If the designated agent is explaining all this in detail, it means the team is really professional and devoted to the safety of its customers and employees.

Professional mover handling boxes for long-distance moving
Create a list of questions in advance and ask twice if something is unclear

Ask What the Price of an Interstate Move Would Be

The essential thing to resolve with your mover is what the total cost of an interstate move would be. To get a quote, the first step is to conduct a home estimate and decide which long-distance moving services you will book. Of course, comparing a few quotes provided by different companies is necessary, so don’t go for the first one you see in the neighborhood.

Finding a relocation specialist able to provide you with all the needed services that also operates as an auto transport company is definitely the best solution. This way, you’ll be able to have all your goods delivered to the new home and transport your car from state to state if you want so. Having such support is especially important if you’re relocating to a city alone.

Create a budget for long-distance moving
Always ask for a cost estimate and learn what is included in the price before signing the contract

Check Out These Practical Tips on How to Move During Coronavirus

Getting organized to move during these times means you will have to take care of many details that usually wouldn’t be a problem. However, because of limited working hours and lockdowns, simple tasks can become pretty difficult. So don’t forget to plan in advance the following!

Prepare the House for a Move – Make a Packing Zone

One of the top priorities on your relocation to-do list, in order to meet all the safety rules, is to prepare your house for movers. This means putting disinfection pads at the door entrance, providing them with enough sanitization products, and ensuring that all the hallways are in perfect order so they can freely move through the house. Another helpful hack is to designate only one room for packed boxes, so the relocation specialists don’t have to go all around the house. This way, the house will be clean, and the whole process of relocation to a new home will be much faster.

Buy More Packing Materials

Just imagine being in the middle of the packing process, surrounded by hundreds of boxes, and suddenly you run off the packing supplies. How frustrating, isn’t it? Unfortunately, this will be a problem if the state you live in is under lockdown, all stores are closed, and you’re left without an option to buy additional supplies like boxes or paper. This is the reason why you should buy everything you need, plus a little bit more just in case, to avoid any unnecessary stress. Of course, online shopping is another effective solution, so consider it too.

If You Plan to Donate Unwanted Items, Check the Current Procedures at Donation Sites

Donating unwanted items is one of the best ways to get rid of all unnecessary things once you decide to move to a new home. Not only will you give a second chance to many things like old appliances, clothes, furniture, or even food, but you will also help people in need.

However, the process might have slightly changed if you’re moving during a pandemic. This is why checking the websites of local charities or sending them an email to ask about the procedures is a must. In some cases, the organization may ask you to schedule your donation in advance in order to reduce contacts, or they can even offer that their volunteers come and pick them up, so ensure you understand all the rules.

Check All Your Travel Details Before You Head to the Airport

Canceled flights because of the lack of passengers or suddenly introduced restrictions is something you can expect nowadays. To try to avoid this unpleasant situation (although this information can surprise you at the airport), make sure to double-check the flight schedule. In case the flight has been canceled, remember to cancel or reschedule details like the hotel, Airbnb, or rent-a-car reservations, and avoid paying unnecessary costs.

a girl browsing the internet and preparing for long-distance moving
Things that were simple before could be a real challenge now, so organize everything in advance

Still Wondering How to Move During Covid?

If you still have any doubts, list all the dilemmas you have and resolve them with the relocation and car shipping company you choose. Also, try to book all the services you need ahead of time, and don’t hesitate to consult the relocation specialist you’ve hired regarding any uncertainties you may have.

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