Are Movers Essential Workers – What Has Covid Pandemic Taught Us

August 11, 2021 / Posted in Before the Move
Gemma Collins

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In these confusing times, the question of is moving essential arises very often. Some would say that it can wait, but what if there are those who require an immediate change for whatever reason? And in those cases, are movers essential workers? There’s a lot to learn about long-distance movers during this time.

one of the cross-country movers carrying boxes with his mask on overlay
Can, and should we, consider relocation companies essential businesses?

What are Covid-19 and Social Distancing?

If you’re still not entirely sure about the nature of Covid-19, which is also known as the coronavirus, the official statement of the World Health Organization about it is:

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.

Every country in the world got swept by this virus, which also caused a number of complications for their economies and health systems. Many businesses had to close temporarily or switch to remote work during the most active period of the disease, while some had to close their doors for good. The consequences of the pandemic are active even after a year.

People are advised to stay at home as much as possible. If you can’t, ensure you take the time to check the current regulations and statistics about the spread of the disease on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website (CDC). The CDC functions on a federal level, but each state has its own legislative body that calls the shots in its domain. Life has resumed more or less for everyone, but there’s no harm in staying safe a little longer and avoiding contact with large groups of people.

The Rules and Regulations of Social Distancing

The basic regulations for reducing the spread of the virus are known as social distancing measures. Besides keeping a distance of at least six feet from others, face masks that cover the mouth and the nose are mandatory in all public places, especially closed areas.

Every company that worked during the peak times of the virus infections still maintains regulations within their business for the sake of the employees and customers. Disinfecting the hands and having a hand sanitizer wherever you go is highly recommended, as the virus spreads with contact and vicinity.

If you’re relocating from a small town to a big city, you’ll have to comply with the regulations as ordered by the state and local authorities. If you want to move out of the big city and live in one of the best mountain towns to raise a family, you may be ahead of the curve by doing that. If you intend on relocating to a new city alone, it may be safe for you to organize a move; however, if you plan on relocating while pregnant, that could be riskier.

 two people wearing masks and sanitizing their hands before meeting long-distance movers overlay
Wearing masks, sanitizing, and not making contact with large crowds are just some of the vital rules of social distancing

Does the Coronavirus Prevent You From Moving?

In times like these, we wonder – is moving considered essential? While some people would say yes, others will disagree. We all know that we can hire cross-country movers for any occasion, whether it’s relocating at the last minute or finally deciding to move in with your significant other. But will a long-distance relocation company accept work during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Getting assistance from movers is possible during the coronavirus, and it doesn’t essentially prevent anyone from moving whenever they want. For some people, relocation is necessary, such as those who need to move their elderly parents to a safe area or to be closer to the more vulnerable people in their lives. For them, relocation experts are vital workers, and their relocation services, such as using storage units and getting packing options, are still very important. Otherwise, if you don’t have to move right away, press pause on saying goodbye to friends for now.


The Good News: Covid-19 Doesn’t Stay on Surfaces

If you need help estimating the value of household goods before moving out, you can count on employees of relocation companies to give you that information. For situations such as relocating to the suburbs and even to your first apartment, you can call the nearest cross-country moving company to help you out. However, in all these situations, you may wonder if there’s a risk of getting sick when so many people touch the furniture and make contact with each other while being in one home.

There’s good news and bad news: coronavirus doesn’t stay on surfaces, and you can’t get infected by touching furniture and other household objects. However, the team that comes to your home to help you relocate could be smaller than regular, which could, in turn, make the move last longer. The reason for this is that some states have a regulation that bans more than six people from being in the same space at once, and many relocation companies have a new policy of not making direct contact with the customers.

a mover from a long-distance moving company wearing protective gear and holding a box overlay
The virus doesn't stay on surfaces, but there need to be fewer employees involved in the move

How Can Movers Be Essential Workers During this Period?

How are movers considered essential services, and where exactly does it say they are? On a federal level, every long-distance moving company is a vital service. It can provide help to anyone in need, as long as they follow the distancing guidelines (wearing masks and gloves, not being in direct contact with customers, and such.)

However, some states haven’t accepted federal regulations but instead made their own, so getting organized to move will most likely depend on the state you live in. Technically, if you have to move and it’s absolutely necessary, relocation companies are vital workers for you. Some people plan to move months ahead, and if the pandemic strikes right in the middle of their relocation period, delaying it and getting refunds becomes almost impossible. Moving is vital for anyone in this situation.

You may want to reconsider relocating during the holidays, too. If the relocation business in your state works under federal guidelines, they may still take the holiday period off and rest. Otherwise, relocation companies are there for their customers all year long. Since they’re considered vital to the economy and the transportation industry, you’re safe to change your home during this period as long as the safety measures are followed and respected by both sides.

Movers Take Necessary Precautions from the Coronavirus and Ensure Everything’s Safe

Whether you need a relocation service to assist you in moving out of state on a budget or going all out on the expenses to get to your new home, you can rely on the employees of the long-distance relocation company of your choice to help you get all of that done. They know all the rules of the relocation business and how to make the costs of interstate relocation affordable for their customers.

It only makes sense that, being disciplined as they already are, they’d also know how to handle a pandemic. There are several questions you can ask movers about any part of the relocation, and those include matters of safety amid the spread of the virus. You can be sure that they frequently sanitize their storage units, transportation trucks and have sanitizer and basic protective equipment on them at all times.

Other Types of Essential Workers

If you’re unaware of all workers vital for economy and business, they are:

  • Medical workers,
  • Child care laborers,
  • Water and energy sectors,
  • Agriculture and food producers,
  • Grocery stores, hardware stores, mechanics,
  • Construction workers, electricians, plumbers, and other vital trades,
  • Transportation workers,
  • Nonprofit and social service organizations.

This is an almost complete list of critical workers, but something important to remember is that these sectors are ones that federally regulated and self-regulated states have in common; there may be other potentially vital laborers in other states but aren’t on this list. Relocation companies and their services fall under the transportation category, so they’re considered necessary. You can check the video below and see exactly which types of workers are vital for business.

Long-Distance Moving Services Can Still Function During the Pandemic – That Answers are Movers Essential Workers

Long-distance moving is an integral part of the transport industry, and so is every auto transport company. In addition to being the cheapest way to move out of state, relocation services also provide the easiest way to pack for a move. When it comes to auto transport, you can protect your vehicle and yourself by opting for enclosed auto transport, where the car would be shipped safely in an enclosed trailer.

There aren’t any new relocation options while the virus is out there, except for increased safety between employees and customers. Everything you read online is still available as a full service. However, customers can also be sure that whatever worries them can be double and triple checked and taken care of, including respecting health measures during the move and in their own home.

Moving Companies Will Ensure the Safety of Everyone Involved, But So Should You

If you decide this year that cross-country moving is necessary for you, then you’ll get the services you require. Most businesses do their best to respect their old and new customers and their wishes. If you want to hire a car shipping company, that’s available to you, too. If you’re going to put your stuff in storage units and keep it there for a while – you can.

However, as a customer, you have to respect the measures yourself. While it’s mandatory for workers to follow the rules of social distancing, wearing face masks and gloves, and sanitizing everything, you should take care of those things, too. Staying safe during a large-scale health crisis is an effort everyone has to make to keep everybody healthy and protected. So, each service you get would be good to repay with some care from your side, too.

Understandably, there are difficult times ahead when you’re relocating – moving away from friends can be very stressful. Learning how to get a job before you move can become harder than the relocation itself. However, some things, like our health, should never be risked and taken for granted. Yes, relocation businesses may be a vital part of the economy, but they have people who work for them and require protection, too. We only ask that you think about the bigger picture and take appropriate actions whenever necessary.

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