Best Mountain Towns to Raise a Family

September 24, 2019 / Posted in Before the Move
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Ever wondered what the best mountain towns to raise a family are? If you’ve been thinking about moving to the mountains to raise your children for some time now, we’ve got some suggestions. And we can’t say we blame you for your decision – there is no better way to grow up than surrounded by beautiful unspoiled nature.

view of the mountain town
Mountain towns are peaceful and family friendly

How to Choose the Best Mountain Towns to Raise a Family

What a good place to raise children is, depends largely on your personal preferences. So before you start packing your bags for moving, take the time to look at the criteria you should pay attention to when choosing where to move.

From California Through Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho, All the Way to Vermont

If you’re planning on moving to the mountains to raise a family, you’ll be happy to learn that your options are plentiful. Our country has more than sixty national parks, almost 500 ski resorts, and countless hiking trails. Pretty much any state you choose to move to with your children, you’ll be able to find a quiet mountain location to call your new home. Imagine how enriched with hygge, a feeling a coziness, your life could be!


Costs of Living in a Mountain City and Your Budget

Of course, one of the most important things you should do is make sure that you can actually afford to live in the place you’ve picked for yourself and your children. Write down your monthly household income (or what you estimate it will be with a new job in a different state) and compare it to the average monthly costs of goods and services in the state you’re moving to. If your budget won’t cover much, perhaps you should opt for another more affordable destination for you and your children.

All the Amenities You Need

Since you’re moving in order to raise a family in a more natural environment, one of your top priorities should be the amenities that the place provides. In other words, you’ll want to have access to a good daycare and schools. In addition to this, other amenities and general characteristics of the place are just as important.

For example, will you be able to find a new job there in your field? Does the community offer activities and hobbies suitable for you and your children? For example, if you like skiing, is there a ski resort nearby? Can you try out some new landscaping ideas without having problems? Write down everything you need and the services you are looking for, but be prepared for some compromises when moving.

Now that you know exactly what you’re looking for, let’s take a closer look at some of our top picks.

a house in the mountains at night
There are many criteria you should consider when picking the new residence

Homer, Alaska, is A Pristine Nature Retreat for Families

What better place to connect with nature than Alaska? Homer, a cozy home to only several thousand residents, is a true national treasure when it comes to nature. Despite that, it is also home to a handful of good schools your kids could go to, as well as one college campus and affordable public transport. Although it is located on the coast, you will rarely see temperatures high enough to enjoy a swim in the sea. On the other hand, the average winter here sees around 50 inches of snow – your children are sure to have a great time.

Start Planning Your Family’s Move to Homer’s Natural Haven ASAP

Relocating to a colder climate means being prepared for anything. To make the whole process easier, consider hiring professional long-distance movers to help you with the grunt work.

For example, the expertise of the Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving crew will ensure a smooth and stress-free transition to your new home. We will help you pack up all winter clothes, and all of your furniture. You won’t have to worry about a thing with our crew by your side. While we are doing the work, you can prepare for the colder climate.

Boat in Homer Alaska
The area has a beautiful picturesque scenery

South Lake Tahoe, California, is a Place Where Cozy Meets Adventure

This popular cozy Californian town is located on the lake with the same name. There are four elementary schools and a community college in the vicinity of South Lake Tahoe. It is a town that will truly bring a whole new meaning to the word hygge. With snowy winters and warm summers, it offers the best of both worlds. It is truly a great place to raise kids.

Hire Professionals to Make Your Move to South Lake Tahoe Easy

Planning a move to South Lake Tahoe? Make it a breeze by hiring professionals. With their expertise, you can navigate the logistics effortlessly, from packing to transportation. This approach ensures your relocation to this scenic town is smooth, letting you focus on settling into your new home. Embrace the excitement of moving to a place that promises a balance of cozy winters and warm summers, ideal for family life.

South Lake Tahoe, California
Warm summers are ideal for enjoying the outdoors

Telluride, Colorado, is A Historic Gem Turned Ski Paradise for Families

The most populous town of San Miguel County used to be a nationally renowned mining camp. Today, it is a small cozy, prospering community. Due to great ski opportunities, Telluride has a pretty developed tourism industry. While the options for education here aren’t too plentiful, there are several K-12 schools you could send your kids to. Moving here is definitely a good idea.

Simplify Your Move to Telluride and Embrace a Unique Ski Town Lifestyle

Moving to Telluride, Colorado, is an opportunity to embrace a lifestyle unlike any other. Here, you’ll join a thriving community where the spirit of its mining past meets the excitement of a ski resort town.

With Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving, your transition to Telluride will be smooth, allowing you to quickly start enjoying the unique blend of historical charm and outdoor adventures that this ski town offers.

five person walking on hanging bridge
In Telluride you get to enjoy the nature all day long

Taos, New Mexico, is A Sunny Haven with Rich Cultural Roots for Families

Unlike most other places on our list, Taos enjoys a warm climate most of the time. It will have you unpacking your summer clothes as soon as you get here. The cozy town abounds with national historical sites and museums. It is home to a number of grade schools, charter schools, academies, and universities. With its relatively affordable costs of living, it is definitely a great place to raise kids.

Ease into Taos’ Sun-Kissed Lifestyle

Imagine a relocation that’s as sunny and inviting as Taos itself. This enchanting New Mexican town is more than a destination. It’s a lifestyle change. With its warm climate, rich cultural heritage, and diverse educational opportunities, Taos is an ideal place for families seeking a vibrant and affordable community. Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving is here to ensure your family’s move to Taos is as seamless and enjoyable as the town’s sunny days.

Mural in Taos in New Mexico
Taos is rich with culture

Asheville, North Carolina, is A Vibrant Educational Hub in the Heart of Nature

Significantly larger than all the other places on our list, Asheville has a population of around 90,000. It enjoys a humid subtropical climate, although it is moderated most of the time by its high elevation. Two school systems operate in the area, and there are more than ten colleges as well.

Start Your New Chapter in Asheville’s Dynamic Landscape

Embrace the unique blend of urban and natural living by moving to Asheville, North Carolina. This city, larger than most mountain towns, offers a rich educational environment with its variety of schools and colleges, all set within a beautiful subtropical setting. Optimize your family’s move with Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving, and transition smoothly into Asheville’s vibrant community, where education and nature coalesce.

Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville is peaceful and lovely spot

Park City, Utah, is A Winter Sports Haven with Educational Access to Salt Lake

Park City, located just southeast of Salt Lake City,  is one of the most popular and most visited ski destinations in the country. If you enjoy outdoor activities and winter sports such as skiing, this is definitely the place for you.

You might also be interested to learn that the local International Mountain Bicycling Association has won prestigious awards. However, aside from Park City High School, education opportunities are relatively scarce in Park City, but this is made up for with schools in Salt Lake.

Seamlessly Settle in Park City

Transitioning to Park City, Utah, means joining a community passionate about winter sports and outdoor adventures. While educational options in the town might be limited, the proximity to Salt Lake City expands your choices significantly.

Trust Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving to help you and your family make a smooth move to Park City, where the thrill of the slopes and the promise of quality education are just a stone’s throw away.

Park City, Utah
Park City is excellent ski destination.

Stowe, Vermont, is A Tranquil Nature Sanctuary with Educational Excellence

Discover Stowe, Vermont, a serene mountain retreat, perfect for families seeking a blend of educational excellence and a nature-rich lifestyle. In this family-friendly community, less than 5,000 residents enjoy close connections with both nature and neighbors.

Stowe’s commitment to education is evident in its range of schools, from public institutions to specialized academies, catering to diverse learning needs. Embrace the tranquility of small-town living in Stowe, where every day is an opportunity to connect with the great outdoors and foster educational growth.

Stowe, Vermont
Stowe is small and cozy location

Whitefish, Montana, is A Perfect Blend of Outdoor Adventure and Academic Achievement

This cozy little town has a population of only 6,000. A number of schools are located in the area, and they boast some great athletic results. Whitefish is fairly affordable and enjoys a humid continental climate, which means that summers are warm, while winters are pretty cold. In other words, it offers great opportunities for outdoor activities both for winter sports lovers and those who enjoy the summer more.

Hire Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving for a Smooth Transition to Whitefish

Planning your move to Whitefish, Montana, means stepping into a world where educational opportunities meet outdoor adventures. This small town, with its impressive schools and a climate perfect for both winter and summer activities, is ideal for families who love an active lifestyle.

Let Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving facilitate your move, ensuring a seamless transition to this vibrant community where every season brings new experiences.

Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving truck
Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving will help you relocate anywhere

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