Your Guide to Relocating in the Age of Coronavirus – the Dos and Don’ts

March 21, 2020 / Posted in Moving Basics
Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus, known as COVID-19, made us question a lot of things, including our relocation. Is relocating in the age of coronavirus the right thing to do, and even more importantly, is it safe? Since the situation is so unpredictable, there are no correct and simple answers to those burning questions, but we are going to try and help you make the right decision for you and your family.

girl wearing a protective face mask
Everyone knows that relocation can be stressful, but no one expected such an obstacle on their way to a new home.

COVID-19 Important Information

Since the period of incubation can last from 2 to 14 days, no one can accurately know who is infected without proper testing. Therefore, you have to take care of your health and hygiene, but the best prevention is to self-isolate at home and practice social distancing. If that is not possible for you right now, follow these guidelines:

  • Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water
  • Use only hand sanitizers with no less than 60% of alcohol
  • Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • It is recommended to wear a face mask and gloves when around people
  • If you have symptoms such as cough, fever, or shortness of breath, call your doctor
person washing hands
Washing your hands regularly is the best you can do, besides staying at home and keeping your distance.

Things to do When Relocating in the Age of Coronavirus

A lot of people who are in this situation right now do not really have a lot of options if their relocation is due in a few days or weeks. Canceling everything and paying extra for cancellation fees, storage, and finding a place to stay might be too complicated if there’s a job waiting for you, or you already canceled your current flat.

Now might not be the best time to move, but in case you have to (and there are no objective reasons that would prevent it), there is a way. Let’s see what steps you should take to successfully carry out your relocation in the safest way possible for everybody involved.


Make Sure Your Stuff is Clean and Disinfected

You should not be jeopardizing yourself or the movers, and for that reason, you need to make sure that everything is clean and disinfected. Cleaning and disinfecting are two different things, but they are both mandatory. Since movers will be coming inside, packing your belongings and moving stuff, you need to ensure everything is safe and clean.

Contact Your Moving Company to Get All the Latest Information

Instead of worrying about if your relocation will be canceled or not, call your moving service providers to check what’s going on. Many companies are changing their business policies to adjust to the current situation and cater to the needs of their clients.

If you booked your move with us and expect it to happen in the next couple of days or weeks, you can rest assured that it will go through unless there are objective obstacles in the form of mandatory restrictions on movement. Even in that case, keep in mind that our company decided to waive its cancellation fee as a sign of solidarity with our clients especially affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

And when there are no legal obstacles to complete your move, know that we will do everything in our power to ensure a safe and efficient moving experience. Some of the preventive measures that we have introduced as a response to the ongoing situation include:

  • disinfecting our trucks and equipment on a daily level
  • all our movers wear protective masks and gloves and respect the practice of social distancing
  • mandatory leave for movers that are not feeling well 
  • possibility of “no contact moving” – only the crew boss will meet customers and discuss moving plans. Customers can decide to leave home and let movers perform the move, without the need for any close contact.

Prepare for Relocation During the Isolation

If you are in home isolation, and you are moving in the summer, you don’t have a lot of reason to panic, but you can use this time to prepare for your relocation. Go house hunting online, estimate the value of your household goods, or make an inventory list of your entire household. With all this unexpected free time on your hands, you can make sure everything is done just right.

Protect Yourself and the Movers

If you choose a good moving company, your movers will come fully equipped and protected, wearing face masks and gloves. And we advise you to do the same. We know that there are so many essential things to do on a moving day, but this should be your priority. Also, do not forget to tip the movers. In times like this, we have to appreciate their hard work and sacrifice more than ever.

person cleaning table because of covid 19
Viruses can survive for hours on surfaces in our home, so make sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect everything.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Moving During the Coronavirus Outbreak

In times like this, you need to be more cautious than ever, and to take all the circumstances into consideration. You are no longer responsible just for yourself, but for others around you as well. If you are relocating in the following days or weeks, here are some tips on things you shouldn’t do.

Don’t Postpone Your Relocation for the Summer

Although the situation is far more complicated than moving during the holidays, just imagine how many people will try to book their relocation once this all is over. So many people have already canceled, even though many moving companies are working regularly and taking all the steps to protect movers and clients. Some of them are even offering discounts if you decide to book a move right now.

Once this crisis is over, there will be so many requests for relocation that there will certainly be waiting lists and higher prices.

Don’t Panic

Panicking is the worst thing you can do. Yes, we can all be infected and spread the virus without having a clue about it. And we understand that stress-free moving now is almost impossible. But it is essential to stay calm, think clearly, and look at all the circumstances. The new coronavirus is not spreading equally fast in all states and cities. There are still places that are relatively safe.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

The situation is changing fast, and there is new information every second, but you still shouldn’t believe everything you find online. Check out the official CDC website to get all the latest and valid information about the COVID-19 situation and health recommendations. Other reliable resources include the World Health Organization and the US Department of State.

couple with happy face masks protecting themselves from covid 19
Try to stay positive and take all aspects into consideration.

What If My Relocation Gets Canceled Due to Coronavirus?

Unfortunately, this is the risk you are facing right now. No one can predict how the situation will unfold, and therefore many companies, including our own, will continue working as long as they can. We have seen examples in Asia and Europe where entire cities are under lockdown. In that case, you have to understand the situation and be sure that our company will do everything it can to accommodate its clients.

people keeping social distance during covid 19 pandemic
Unfortunately, we cannot control some things. If your move cannot be executed, it is because it is not safe, and you have to accept that.

The Bottom Line

It is never easy to make a decision to change your place of residence, whether it is another street or state. Circumstances like this one don’t ease the process at all, but the best you can do is stay informed, track the situation in your current and future place of residence, and consult your relocation company if you have any doubts. Meanwhile, while waiting for your relocation, try to stay at home as much as possible.

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