Things to Know When Moving to a Big City From a Small Town

August 20, 2021 / Posted in Moving Basics
Daisy Wilson

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When moving to a big city from a small town, you will have to adequately prepare in order to have a smooth transition and the best adjustment possible. Aside from preparations for cross-country moving, you will have to be prepared for this step emotionally, as well. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Stay tuned and get all the necessary information you need when relocating to a metropolis.

Girl in New York City
There is a suburbia in every urban area - you just have to know how to discover it

It doesn’t matter if you are relocating to a new town alone or with family. You will have to organize your move, find a place to live, get a job before you move, and on top of all to figure out everything about living in a metropolis. What are the easiest ways of commuting to work? Where are the best restaurants? Which school should your kids go to? And many other things. That is why it is crucial to get to know your metropolis before you relocate there, and your adjustment will be faster and smoother. And all you have to worry about is how to overcome cultural differences and the way of living in the busy urban hive.

Reasons to Live In a Big City – Why You Should Move to Metropolis

People choose to relocate to urban centers for many reasons, and if you’re thinking about taking this step, you probably have your own reasons to move. But the most common reasons are better job opportunities and better access to education. Aside from those, cultural diversity and plenty of possibilities in all aspects of life are awaiting you.

You Will Meet New People

Probably one of the hardest things in every relocation is that you have to move away from your friends. Once you reach a certain age, making friends becomes especially hard, and one of the misconceptions about large cities is that meeting new friends is difficult. But that can not be farther from the truth. The good thing about every metropolis is that you can hardly ever be alone and meeting people is easy as long as you are open to it, from meeting your new neighbors to talking to a complete stranger at the bar.

One of the true benefits of relocating to a metropolis is that you can find many people interested in the same stuff as you. As a matter of fact, you can even find people in the same position as you are and make friends with them.

There Are Plenty of Job Opportunities

As we mentioned above, one of the pros of relocating to a metropolis is plenty of job opportunities. And yes, while you can find many companies and employers in urban areas, that doesn’t mean you will actually get a job that easily. The competition is huge, and you’ll have to be prepared for some rejections. On the bright side, since there are a lot of companies, you’ll find more options and opportunities. But getting employment in an unfamiliar urban area requires some preparations.

Don’t wait until you relocate to start your hunt. Search online for companies and send resumes to everyone appealing to you. Sign up to job platforms and see what the offers on the market are. And last but not least, make a Linkedin profile and try to reach your new employer there. Here is a list of the other best platforms for employment seekers:

You Will Grow Up Fast And Be More Independent

Once you say goodbye to your friends and family and relocate to an urban area, you will likely be shocked at first. A fast and chaotic way of life will probably make you depressed and nostalgic in the first couple of months. But even if you fight it, large cities have a tendency to lure you into their vibe and charms imperceptibly. That happens from the moment you set your foot there.

Finding a place to live and figuring out where to find the cheapest restaurant may seem like a nightmare to you, but once you manage to survive the first couple of days and learn to get around, you will feel more confident and independent than ever. Independence and freedom are what get under your skin. The world will be in your palm, and everything will become possible and not to mention that your personal life will change drastically.

Girl at the bar after a cross-country moving
You will meet people in no time

All You Need to Know Before Moving to a Big City – Steps to Take

In order to have an efficient move, you will have to plan every step. But first, you will have to decide where to live, find a car shipping company, long-distance movers, a place to live, and many other things. But the most important part is probably choosing the urban area and neighborhood. And one of the most important factors will probably be the cost of living in that particular area. You can go on the website Numbeo and compare some basic expenditures in every town in America. That will help you make your relocation budget as well. It would be good to save money for living expenditures for at least three months, and on this website, you can calculate how much money that is.


Find Best Neighborhood in Your Metropolis of Choice

When long-distance moving, finding a neighborhood can be tricky because you are not familiar with the area and don’t know how to choose the best one for you. You can start by deciding what features your neighborhood has to have and go from there. Is it proximity to the economic core? Or maybe it has to be in an area with the best schools? Do you want to live in a nice family quarter or where all the fun of nightlife is happening?

Luckily, in order to decide, you don’t need to go to your metropolis of choice, even if it would be recommendable – you can gather all pieces of information online. For example, visit websites such as Niche or Areavibes and find out everything about neighborhoods in the desired town. Aside from neighborhood ratings and descriptions, you can read people’s reviews and see their opinion about that area.

Make Living Arrangements

Aside from finding and hiring cross-country movers, you will need to find a home. And that can be a risky thing to do if it’s not done in person. So it would be good if you could go to your metropolis of choice and find a home. Start the search and the whole process a couple of months before you book movers for long-distance moving services. As you know, no matter if you are renting or buying a home, this process will take a minimum of one month. But if you are in the process of last-minute relocating and need a quick solution, you can find apartments online. Here are some of the best websites for house hunting:

  • Craigslist,
  • Apartments,
  • Zillow,
  • Zumper.

But if you are really in a hurry, you can always leave your belongings at storage facilities, hit Airbnb, and find a place once you relocate.

How to Move to a Big City Alone? Should I Take a Roommate?

If you are relocating for the first time and are short on cash, you should consider renting a home with someone else. This way, you may even afford an apartment downtown or some bigger place near the downtown. There are websites where you can sign up and search for a roommate. Or you can see if a friend of a friend is in the same position as you. Either way, cohabitating with someone is probably the best for faster adjustment.

roommates eating pizza after cross-country moving
Get a roommate and share the struggles

How Do You Move to a Big City?

Now that you picked where you will live and found accommodation, it is time to start organizing your move. From finding the best movers and auto transport company to buying packing materials, a lot of things must be done. And if you plan ahead, you will have a stress-free relocation in no time. And if you did your calculations correctly, you will have enough money to hire the best professionals to assist you. And do not think that you will not need this kind of help. Cross-country moving is complicated, and you will have a hard time organizing everything by yourself.

Find Long Distance Moving Company

The first step is to find the best company for the most affordable price. Go online and search for movers that are registered and legit. Check if they have USDOT numbers to avoid relocation scams. Ask for a free quote from at least three companies and then decide who to hire. The best relocation hack is to book movers that can provide all the services you need, from auto transportation to disassembling and reassembling your furniture. Especially if you are relocating from the East Coast to West Coast, you will need this kind of company.

Your Place Will Likely Be Small so Pack Lightly and Declutter

Even if you just go down the street when relocating to a new house, a bit of decluttering is always recommendable. This rule especially applies when you’re relocating to an urban area. And if you are relocating from house to apartment, a much larger downsizing is awaiting you. You will probably end up in a smaller cramped space, so make sure to only bring the belongings you truly need. And best of all, when packing lightly, getting a packing service will not be that expensive.

So if you plan to move a piano, think twice before doing so, except if you’re buying a large house. Only bring items you will actually need and use the opportunity to get rid of everything you’ve been hoarding and hoping to wear or use one day. You can sell or donate unwanted items and make some money along the way.

Box and suitcase on a bad prepared for long-distance moving
Only bring items you truly need

Is It Better to Live In a Big or Small City?

You probably wonder is it hard to live in a big city, especially if you’re relocating from a small town. To be honest, it will be hard at the beginning, but you will soon get used to a busy, chaotic life. And to refer to the first question even better, it all depends on your mood at this point in your life. If you are thinking of settling down and starting a family, a better solution would probably be a small town or suburban part of a metropolis. But if you are seeking to build a career or want to explore all there is to explore and live to the fullest, then urban areas are what you need. And best of all – there is anonymity in a metropolis, so you can live without others judging. Check out this video and see the differences you will encounter:

Feel the Life in the Metropolis and Enjoy It

So what happens when you move to a big city? Even with the initial cultural and emotional shock, you will soon embrace all that metropolis has to offer. Vibrant nightlife, new folks, and adventures will be at your doorstep every day. You will meet people from all over the world and learn and grow on a personal level in ways you never thought possible. Your horizons will expand, and soon you will call yourself the citizen of the world.

If you are still thinking about doing this, stop thinking and jump into an unfamiliar chapter of your future, and you will not regret it. After all, you can always go back home if anything goes south.

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