6 Things to Know When Moving During the Fall

November 16, 2022 / Posted in Moving Tips
Maya Brown

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You may be wondering – Is the fall a good time to move? And the answer is: absolutely! You might be confused about this question because most people book their move during spring or summer. But that’s exactly why moving during the fall is a great idea. So, if the timing works for you, let’s talk about some things you should know if you decide to move during this period.

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If you're wondering, "how do you move in the fall?" we've got tips for you

Why Is Moving During the Fall a Good Idea?

What is the most common time of the year to move? What is the best month of the year to move? These are the questions on everyone’s mind when it comes to relocating. Most people would assume that spring and summer are ideal periods for your move because of the nice and predictable weather. But when you’re relocating in the fall, you can count on cooler days suitable for this strenuous activity, and you won’t have to worry about certain things like heat exhaustion.

One thing’s for sure, no one is cross-country moving during the winter unless they absolutely have to. Still, if you plan on relocating during the fall, there’s a lot to consider, both good and bad. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things you need to know before deciding to move during this period.

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#1 Relocating in the Fall Is Cost-Efficient

Relocating in the summer is what most people opt for, and because of that, it’s the peak season for cross-country movers. Seeing as they’re the most active during these months, their prices can be much higher, and it can be a nightmare to schedule your move according to what works best for you. That’s why relocating during this period can be a great idea – you will generally be offered lower prices and be able to create a schedule perfect for every one of your needs. You might even be able to get certain holiday specials that will help you in lowering your costs. So, help yourself by waiting for the fall to arrive because it will surely help your relocation budget.

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Relocate during the fall for a cheaper deal

#2 Fall Is the Perfect Season for a Flexible Relocation Plan

As we already mentioned, you will be offered lower prices during the fall. But in the off-season, you will not only be able to get an affordable price but also create a good and flexible plan that works best for you, as well as a comprehensive to-do list that meets your every need. You can also rest easy and not stress about appointments because you won’t need to book them that much in advance.

Your chosen company won’t be so busy, and they will be able to properly meet your schedule and respond to the things you need. That means you can organize your relocation efficiently, as it won’t take too much of a strain on your regular daily routine. You don’t even have to worry about the shortage of supplies, packing materials, or truck rentals, as everything will be accounted for.

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Move during the fall and get yourself on a schedule that works for you

#3 Relocating in the Fall Means Having More Choices

When you have multiple options that fall within your budget, you will surely have a dilemma on how to choose the right company. But you shouldn’t look at having more options as a stressful thing. It’s actually the opposite! Having more options prepares you for a smooth and stress-free relocation experience because you will be able to accommodate your every specific need.

In the fall, you will not simply choose a company depending on the budget you’re working with. You will also be able to check if the company’s legitimate and reputable. You can think about what kind of moving services fit your needs or whether you should rent storage to keep your items safe by booking a storage service. If you need your vehicle shipped, you can hire an auto-transport company.

Best Time for Moving During the Fall

As we’ve discussed, you don’t need to book that much in advance if you’re going for a fall relocation. Booking around two weeks before the move is an acceptable option, in comparison to the four weeks or more when relocating during the busier months. Even if you schedule your relocation only ten days in advance, it won’t seem like a last-minute move because you’ll be able to get quality long-distance moving services that will ensure a successful and smooth trip.

By deciding on a fall relocation plan, you will be more likely to get a weekend appointment, and that is perfect if your workdays are too busy. Keep in mind that you should schedule your move after September because a lot of students are relocating during this month. You also don’t want to move during the holidays, as this can be a pretty stressful ordeal. Once you’ve decided on the date, it’s best to schedule as early in the month as possible. Also, you should arrange the loading and unloading earlier in the day because the daylight hours are reduced during the fall.

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Move during the fall, and you will be able to prepare your home for the festivities

#4 If You Have a Child, You’ll Be Changing Their School Mid-Year

Now that we’ve covered the main reasons someone would want to move during the fall, it’s time to talk about certain things that can complicate the relocation. If you’re relocating with kids, the most obvious downside of doing this during the fall is missing the start of a new school year.

During the summer, kids are on a school break, so you don’t have to worry about them changing schools mid-year. That’s why most families move then, so they’re able to settle before the academic year begins. By relocating in the fall, your child might miss the start of school, which can create more anxiety about the big move.

This transition can be especially hard for children because it means leaving their old friends and entering an unknown environment, which is often scary. That’s why you should plan ahead and communicate with your child as much as possible to make this transition easier. Try to answer any questions they may have, as doing will surely soothe their worries. You can even show them this interesting video with additional advice for being the new kid in school:

How to Prepare Your Kid for Relocation

Besides talking about the big move and all of the changes that come with it, there are plenty of ways to prepare your child for relocation:

  • Contact the school – get in touch with your child’s school and ask about the teachers and the curriculum,
  • Request the material in advance – work through the lessons and the homework together, or hire a private teacher to help,
  • Visit the school – if possible, visit the school with your child and meet the teachers and the rest of the school staff,
  • Meet your neighbors, especially if they have children – it will show your kids that relocating doesn’t have to be such a scary thing and that they will find friends easily,
  • Check out the local parks or other activities – it will show your children that they can have a lot of fun once the relocation is done.

Helping them adjust to the unfamiliar environment of a new school, as well as meeting your neighbors and the area you’ll relocate to will surely ease your child’s transition. It will help them overcome a possible depression after relocation, and maybe even get them excited about the move.

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Talk to your children about the big move and make it easier for them

#5 Fallen Leaves Can Be a Safety Hazard

The number one safety precaution you should take care of when relocating during the fall is clearing the pathway of fallen leaves. Be sure to clear the entirety of the walkway from the truck to the entrance of your home before long-distance movers start loading or unloading your things. Leaves on the ground can be a huge safety hazard, especially when you’re carrying heavy things and furniture.

It’s too easy to slip and fall if the pathway is full of fallen leaves, which could result in your possessions being damaged, or you and the movers getting injured. Avoiding any injury should be a top priority, so it’s an absolute necessity to keep a broom or rake on hand if you’re relocating during the fall.

To be extra careful, you can wear sturdy shoes appropriate for the season. Going in and out of the house can result in a floor covered in mud and leaves, especially if it’s raining. That’s why it’s recommended to put a protective material made of cardboard or plastic on the floor. It will make the whole ordeal a lot less messy.

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Unloading things safely should be your top priority

#6 Work With the Weather – Dress and Pack Accordingly

The mild conditions in the fall can be perfect for relocating. You won’t need to worry about the scorching heat or the dangers of winter frost. However, the weather conditions in the fall can fluctuate a lot, which makes it tricky to plan every single detail. Because of this, it’s a good idea to ask your mover how they handle sudden changes in climate, and whether they’re flexible enough to possibly switch the date in the case of a storm. You should also follow the weather forecast to see what kind of conditions you can expect on your relocation day.

Dress in Layers for a Comfortable Move

Because of the fluctuating temperatures, you should plan to dress in layers and always have a raincoat and umbrella on hand. Comfortable clothing is essential for a move, no matter when it’s done. You should not only be comfortable but also able to keep up with the fluctuating temperature by taking off or putting on layers. Always have extra clothing readily available if you need to change.

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If you pack and dress appropriately, unloading will be a breeze!

Pack for the Season

Having a good order of packing list can save you a lot of trouble and make your move the easiest one yet. Generally, you should start with decluttering your home and getting rid of things you no longer need. You can sell these by organizing a yard sale or simply donate them to a charity such as Goodwill.

When you’re left only with the stuff you want in your new home, you should pack the things you won’t need for a while first. Since you’re relocating in the fall, you should pack your summer clothes first and label the boxes so you know you don’t need to open them immediately. On the other hand, pack winter clothes and label them so you can easily unpack them as the colder months approach. Check out our list of things people usually forget when packing to be sure you’re bringing everything to your new home.

Relocating in the Fall Is a Great Idea if You Can Book a Long-Distance Moving Company

Now that you know the most important things you should be aware of when you’re relocating in the fall, the moment has come to decide whether managing it on your own will be too much of a hassle. If that’s the case, booking professional movers is the way to go because it will make your relocation that much easier.

Think about what kind of packing services would fit your needs the best, or any special arrangements you should cover. If you’re relocating your car or other vehicles, you should hire a car shipping company and check out their auto transport services. Once you’ve booked a mover and learned all the necessary tips for moving during the fall, the entire process will be as breezy as the weather.

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