Everything You Need to Know About Renting an Apartment

Moving to a new home is exciting. However, the actual process of renting an apartment is not that much fun. Not only is it tiring, but it can be quite challenging and daunting, too. There might be all kinds of requirements that you need to meet to become an eligible renter.

You probably have so many questions running through your head, such as Can anyone rent apartments? How do you pay rent for apartments? Can I get a flat with a 500 credit score? Worry no more because we are here to answer all these questions and tell you a bit more about flat rentals, lease and rental agreements, and everything else you need to know to find the right place.

Start Looking for an Apartment to Rent at Least a Month in Advance

While you probably already have an idea of your ideal place, finding something that will fit that notion might be tricky. Thus, it’s of crucial importance that you start looking for a flat early enough. For instance, larger apartments are particularly tricky to find, so if you’re looking for one, be sure you have enough time to actually find it. Here are some steps you should keep in mind when you begin your quest.

Start looking through the ads early to have enough time to find a place of your dreams

Step 1 – Decide What You Need in an Apartment and What Suits You Best

Before you start looking for your future home, you need to know exactly what you want and need. Depending on whether you’re moving with kids or you’re single, determine how big a place you need – a studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom flat? If you’re moving for a job, consider how close you need your place to be to your work. Are there any grocery shops nearby? Would you like to donate old appliances and find a place that comes with all the appliances you need? You are about to start a new life there, so be sure you have everything you need.

Step 2 – Determine How Much Money You Can Allocate for Rent

Consider your monthly income and calculate how much money you’re going to need and plan your budget wisely. Ideally, you shouldn’t spend more than a third of your income on rent. Keep in mind that you might be required to pay a deposit and first rent right away, so you’ll need even more money at the start. Thus, you should also take into consideration the cost of interstate moving as it will affect your budget, too.

Narrow Your Choice Down, Visit Potential Apartments and Get Answers to All Questions

When you first go through the ads, there will probably seem to be quite a few places for you, but don’t get your hopes up too soon. Once you go into more details on what each landlord has to offer and what you’re required to get the rental, the number of potential apartments will decrease. That’s good – it means you’re narrowing your choices down and getting closer to what you really need. Once you’re left with a couple of places, schedule a visit and use that opportunity to ask the owner all the questions that are of vital importance to know what you need to rent an apartment. Here are some of the questions you should cover.

Make sure you get all the answers about renting an apartment before you go down that road

Do You Need to Pay a Deposit?

One of the first questions to answer is whether you have to pay a security deposit. If you do, ask how much money it is and whether you’ll get it back if you leave the flat in good condition.

Check How Rent Is Paid – Do You Need to Pay in Cash or Credit Cards Are Acceptable?

Some landlords have specific requirements about how you pay the rent. Check whether you’re supposed to do so in cash, or your landlord is alright with cheques or credit cards.

Are You Responsible for All Utilities?

Some landlords cover all utilities, some none, and some decide to include certain utilities in the rent and leave the rest to you as a renter to pay. Be sure you know precisely what your responsibilities are regarding utilities before you accept the offer.

Is Subletting Allowed?

Not all landlords allow renters to sublet their flat. More precisely, most prohibit it, so even if it’s convenient for you to sublet the place while you’re absent for a month or two, for instance, check whether you’re allowed to do it.

Are Pets Allowed?

If you’re relocating your pets, too, it is of crucial importance to check whether your furry friend is welcome. If you’re allowed to take your pet, ask if there are any size restrictions and whether you’re supposed to pay some extra money per month for your animal companion.

Are You Allowed to Make Alterations?

If you don’t like the color of the walls or you’d like to replace the counters, ask for permission. Some landlords will allow you to make any alterations you want as long as you leave the place in the same condition as you found it, but some are more strict when it comes to even the slightest changes. You need to ask.

Before Renting an Apartment, Make a Comparison and Choose the Best Offer

Before you hire packing services, you need to be sure you’ve found a place that fits all your requirements. Thus, it is advisable to compare several apartments and weigh the pros and cons of choosing each of them to be sure you have made the right decision. Once you put your name on the dotted line, there’s no turning back. Pick the best offer to be happy in your new home and then you can start developing packing strategies for moving and start looking for boxes and packing supplies.

Before you put your name on the dotted line, be sure you’ve chosen the best possible offer

Before Filling out the Rental Application, Check Your Own Credit History

Just like you want a good place and a decent landlord, your future landlord will want to be sure that you’re the right person to live in their flat. Not anyone is an eligible applicant. Know that some communities are rather strict about credit score requirements. Thus, it might be difficult to get a place with, say, a 500 credit score, but it’s still not impossible. One of the most common solutions in this situation is to get a cosigner. Positive references from old landlords can also help you a lot. Just don’t forget that your landlord will check your credit history to be sure you’re an eligible applicant, so you might as well check it yourself and do what you can to make it better before applying for a place.

The Difference Between Rental and Lease Agreement

To make sure you know what you’re signing, you need to know the difference between rental and lease agreement. The main thing to keep in mind is that rental agreements are usually signed month-to-month, while lease agreement lasts for a longer period of time. Lease agreements are convenient if you find a perfect place that will get your money’s worth and you know you don’t want to leave it anytime soon. So, depending on how long you’re planning to stay in your chosen flat, make a deal with the landlord and sign what you find more convenient.


Follow every step of this guide to find the right place and do everything right when renting your dream flat. Hire professional moving services to be able to focus on getting all the things you need for your first apartment. Let experts take care of auto transport and ship your stuff for you and take time to find your new home and get everything ready for moving in.