How to Pack Wine Bottles for Moving

January 13, 2018 / Posted in How-to
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Wine collections are regarded as valuable items, which is why it is important to know how to pack wine bottles for moving with the greatest of care.

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There is a way to pack up fragile belongings

Since wines cost much more to move than most other kitchen and household items and they fall under the expensive perishable goods category, not every moving company will engage in relocation due to the lack of resources to do it properly, especially if you’re moving long-distance. They must be transported in climate-controlled trucks which not every company has. Thus, you need to be careful when choosing the movers for the job.

However, if the collection is small enough to fit in your car, perhaps you can avoid extra costs by moving it yourself, provided you have appraised it and insured it before relocating. Still, you need to handle it with the greatest of care, no matter how far away your future home is. With our tips, it won’t be impossible.


Get Proper Packing Supplies

When it comes to moving valuable items, it is best to avoid cheap supplies if you need to pack your home collection. Get proper wine moving boxes as they are equipped with styrofoam or cardboard dividers and reinforced bottoms for safer transport. They also come in a variety of different sizes for you to choose from. They cost more than any regular box, but in the long run, when your valuable wine collection is at stake, it will pay off.

If money is an issue, be sure to at least get packages with cardboard cell dividers where you can separate the contents and cushion them well with alternative paddings. These boxes are available at lower prices in general stores. In this case, you will also need sheets of protective paper when packing, so check if they have that, too.

Finally, you will need duct tape. After you get all the needed packing materials for the move, you can read through our instructions and tips, and find the easiest way to pack the items from your valuable home collection even without the help from professional movers.

There are a lot of tips to follow on how to get proper supplies for all kinds of moves, from local to cross country, so follow these tips to make sure you have everything you need for packing.

Select Sturdy Boxes

Getting a special moving box is the best solution here. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can also put your collection in cell boxes, provided they are in good condition. If you’re wondering where to get free moving boxes, turn to your local liquor store. Check whether your local liquor store has enough to meet your needs. A good choice for all moves can also be a sturdy plastic box with interlocking lids. Besides being sturdy, it needs to be of proper size. Opt for smaller ones that fit fewer items, because lifting them will be easier.

Also make sure the height of each box you obtained matches the tallest bottle you have, as the boxes need to be closed properly before you load them onto the truck. If you’re using a cardboard box with dividers, bear in mind that the glass containers have to be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap, which adds to their thickness. Add an extra sheet of cardboard at the bottom so the box does not bend or tear once heavy items are placed inside and secure each container well with strong duct tape.

With our tips, you can find useful materials and then use them properly to ensure complete safety for your kitchen and other fragile items.

Best Tips on How to Pack Wine Bottles for Moving

Bottles are prone to breaking, so they need to be properly packed either in a couple of layers of packing paper or bubble wrap. Luckily, there are a few tips to follow that can help you pack your valuable collection, even if you can’t get proper supplies and have to resort to packing without bubble wrap.

Pack each item individually with care by placing it flat on the table and rolling it in the wrapping of your choice, molding the top and securing everything with tape. Once each bottle is packed in the box and taped, turn the box onto the side and label it with “Top” and “Fragile”. It may be best to get down to planning and create an inventory list first, stating the names, vintages, and years, or even photographing them for reference.

Careful planning and organization make even the most intricate moves feel like a breeze, so be sure you follow specific instructions to ensure safety. overlay
Using a divider is crucial if you want to keep your items from breaking.

Tips for Securing the Wine: Tape the Bottom of the Box Before You Pack the Bottles

The bottoms of each box need to be able to endure a lot of weight, which means you need to ensure proper reinforcement with an additional layer of cardboard and tape. Once you place the bottles, carefully lift the box to see if it holds the weight. Shake it gently to check if you need to add more padding before you start taking them out of the kitchen. Do not use a worn and overused box.

Tape the bottom of each box to ensure safety - that way, they will endure the weight and you’ll be sure all the items you pack in them will be delivered intact.

Use Sheets of Packing Paper for Extra Protection

Packing paper is important if you are using alternative containers, especially the ones without cells. Be generous with it, as it will protect your valuable bottles from coming in contact with each other and breaking during shipping.  Add extra cushioning just to be safe. Do not exceed 12 bottles per box, as that standard was established for a reason.

With sheets of paper, you can keep the items from breaking, so check whether you have enough for extra cushioning.

Use a Divider and Position the Bottles Before Moving or Storage

Along with special wine moving packages, cell boxes are the next best option as the dividers will separate the items and prevent them from coming in contact with one another as a result of vibrations in the moving truck, as well as keep them in place while in the storage unit.

Another thing to consider is the right positioning of each bottle, which impacts the quality of the wine. Red and white vintage ones are best positioned on their sides to keep the corks wet and expanded. Keep in mind that dry corks can shrink and let air inside, which causes oxidation and affects the taste and quality.

Positioning them upside down is also not recommended for longer periods because the wine sediments settling in the bottlenecks can spoil the taste. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on keeping your belongings in a storage unit. However, if you are only transporting them somewhere locally, you can position them upside down without any impact on the flavor. Sparkling wines and Champagne need to be packed upright. But even with all the precautionary measures, long-distance transport can cause them to shake, which affects the flavor. To avoid this problem, when you reach your destination and place them in your new kitchen, make sure you leave them unopened for at least seven days for every day spent in transit, allowing them to settle in.

However, if you own a large collection of wines at home, it would be a good idea to get professional moving services and avoid the risk of damaging any bottle. The damage and loss will be much bigger than what you would pay the professional movers to do it safely. They have been trained to handle all kinds of moves properly, so in the long run, it pays off to hire them for the job. All moves are smooth sailing with them in charge.

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