How to Move a Washing Machine Across the Country

April 20, 2023 / Posted in How-to
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Long-distance moving can be a challenging and tedious process, especially if you don’t know how to move a washing machine. It’s a task you should be geared up for, and that probably requires an additional pair of hands. Track our blog to find out what you need to know about boxing up your sensitive belongings.

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Relocating a washing machine is tricky - let's look at how to get through it efficiently

Some of the heavy items can’t be just wrapped and loaded onto the truck. Many need a lot of preparation before cross-country moving. That is why it is important to get organized for a move, especially if you’re relocating out of state. When it comes to moving a washing machine, be sure to drain the hose and let it completely dry before the power and the water supply are disconnected. You should also place the transit bolts correctly so you can carry it carefully with the dolly and secure it with the necessary gear.

How to Move a Washing Machine by Yourself

Assuming your washer is not the only utensil you are taking with you, be sure to plan everything thoroughly and learn how to do it the right way. Check if the new station can fit any of your old devices before you start preparing them for a transfer. Measure your utensils, the truck you are renting, and the doorway in both places, so everything can go through if you relocate to a smaller home.

You will quickly find out that doing it all as a lone soldier is not the smartest choice. Even if you are not hiring a long-distance moving company, you should educate yourself on how to fit all these bulky items into the back of a truck to avoid anything being damaged during transport. Be ready to ask friends and family for help. Make sure you enlist the aid that can lift heavy and bulky objects.

Get Reliable Moving and Car Shipping Services Get A Quote

While you’re still debating on getting long-distance moving services, know that your initial quote will probably include packaging heavy furniture and utensils, so you won’t even have to pay more for packing services. Just remember to ask the company, “Will movers disconnect the washing machine?” when preparing for the move.

Declutter and Check if Any of Your Appliances are Move Worthy

Before you begin to organize packing for the move and gather the essential supplies, get some packing tips for moving. Try to learn how to use bubble wrap, boxes, tape, and packing paper, and attempt to get rid of any extra clutter and large household objects. This will save you time, materials, room in the truck, nerves, and, most likely, money.

If some appliances are not worthy of relocating to your new home, give them to charities such as Habitat for Humanity ReStore or community thrift stores. You can also organize a successful garage sale or sell items online. Keep in mind that this way, you might be able to afford professional assistance and award yourself with stress-free moving.

Imagine going through all the trouble and preparation just to arrive at the new address and learn that the washer is useless. Because of this, it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect all of your household goods, especially when you are moving furniture or some of the bulkier kitchen items. Examine all the switches, indicator lights, wires, and filters to see if the doors are completely closing and the drum is balanced.

Take a snapshot of the condition of your products so you have documented proof if anything is damaged in transit. Hiring an expert company is a smart decision because they would be in charge of paying for the device’s repair or replacement in such an instance.

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Hire cross-country movers for a stress-free transition

How to Prepare a Washing Machine for Moving?

Having the proper plan, equipment, and materials is crucial when transporting huge objects. Try to educate yourself by reading the user handbook that is included, or look it up online if you have misplaced it, as it has all the information you require to prepare and transport your utensil correctly. If anything goes wrong, ready your warranty information as well. These are the things to think about.

The First Step Is to Run the Cleaning Cycle

Many of the more recent smart devices come with this program pre-installed on their roster or with a smart connect feature you can access via an app on your phone. Try to learn how to wash your appliance yourself with water, vinegar, and baking soda if you don’t have any of these alternatives available. Run the procedure a few days before the move, and utilize a cleaner pack or pills created just for this purpose. Keep the door open and use towels to dry it out completely.

Choose the Right Equipment

It doesn’t matter if you hired cross-country movers – you should have all the necessary tools and do some of the work yourself. Gloves, transporting straps, blankets, a dolly, towels, a vacuum cleaner, a wrench, pliers, cleaning products, and tape are necessary tools and supplies for moving a washer.

Cut off the Machine's Power Supply

By turning off the switch on your home’s main electrical panel, you will cut all the electricity flowing to the appliance. After that, you can safely unplug it from the wall. Cable lines should be wrapped, bundled, or taped to the side of the device.

Learn How to Drain a Washing Machine for Moving

Close the outlets you can see behind the device. After being turned off with wrenches or pliers, the cold and hot water hoses should be removed from the wall and drained. Pour any residual liquid into a nearby container. Use a towel to properly dry the inside of the drum. Keep in mind that when moving a front-load washer, you must drain all of the water from it before removing the siphon or risk drenching your floor and yourself.

Install the Shipping Bolts on Your Washer

You most likely became aware of your drum’s immobility when you purchased a new device. If you hired a professional to install your utensil, they most likely gave you a few longer bolts and instructed you to store them in case you are relocating or it has to be transported for servicing.

Now that you are relocating, you should reinstall those bolts to keep your drum from turning in transport. Lightly tighten them clockwise to prevent anything from being damaged or ripped by the drums’ complete immobility.

Here is the video to help you set up your device in the new place and how to remove transit bolts safely.

Check How to Prepare Your Dryer for the Move

How do movers move a washer and a dryer?” is one of the more frequently asked questions movers receive. We covered the washers, so here is the list of steps on how to disconnect your dryer safely before you wrap it up.

  • Cut off the power – check if you have an electric or gas dryer. On an electric one, you can cut off power by flipping a switch on the breaker box. On the back of the gas one, you should turn the valve to cut the gas flow.
  • Unplug it – all that is required to secure an electric dryer is to unplug it and tape the cord along the back of the utensil.
  • Disconnect the gas – If you are unsure what to do, consider calling a professional to turn off the gas. As you remove the gas line from the wall, be aware of any odd odors or hissing noises. After a successful maneuver, put the hose that has been wrapped inside the device.
  • Clean the lint filter – The dryer should be cleaned with the same care as the other device. To stop lint from accumulating and ultimately starting a fire, vacuum your filter or submerge it in water.
  • Clean the hose – It is safer to get a new one if the old one is loaded with lint. If not, take it out of the wall and device, bag it up, and put it inside the device.

How to Pack a Washing Machine for Moving – Gather the Necessary Materials

It’s understandable if you decided to go for a professional company by now – disassembling, packing, and moving larger items can be hard on anyone. You need to know what materials are required. Should you go for bubble wrap or packing paper? Keep in mind that most of them don’t just lie down around your house. Get these different packing materials before you start:

  • Plastic and bubble wrap,
  • Tape,
  • Moving blanket,
  • Rope or straps,
  • Dolly.

On the other hand, if you are hiring movers, you don’t have to purchase or rent everything from the packing list above. Professionals will bring everything you need so that they can get to work right away and save you some time.

Pack Your Washer With a Moving Blanket

To prevent the device from opening, enclose it with a bubble or plastic wrap around the entrance. Seal your utensil with a blanket, then further secure it with a few tape wraps. The movable cart can now be loaded with your device.

How to Move a Washing Machine With a Dolly and Does the Same Apply to the Dryer

Not sure how to move a washer and dryer without using a relocating and car shipping company? It takes a bit of planning and calculating to know how to utilize a transporting cart and fasten your utensils to prevent harm to anyone handing it or damage to any of the devices. Try not to worry, as we are here to assist you with everything and will walk you through it step-by-step.

It will be simpler to balance both devices if you can get a dolly with a larger base than a hand truck can offer. With the assistance of friends, angle each appliance just enough for the cart to fit under its edge. Before making any further movements, secure the machinery using ropes or straps.

Don’t do anything by yourself at the risk of injury. To start with the next phase, lean the cart back slightly against you and glide it carefully to avoid scratching the walls, floor, or doorway. Try to go straight through the door. To maneuver the stairs, use a spotter underneath the device and go slower. Someone should stand on the other side and monitor everything. Try to hold the cart from the top.

It is usually preferable to pack the truck by using the ramp, but if you must do it by yourselves, remember to lift from the knees with a straight back to prevent accidents. Place both utensils in the back and secure them with straps to the side of the van. Avoid laying them on their sides, especially the washer, which can become unbalanced due to road bumps.

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The dolly makes the entire process much easier

Hiring the Long-Distance Movers Will Make Relocating Appliances Safe, Fast, and Easy

Professionals have the experience, equipment, and expertise to handle the relocation of devices efficiently and safely. They will ensure that your belongings arrive at their destination in the same condition as they were before the move. The best solution to all your moving issues is to hire movers because they will handle all the labor-intensive tasks. All you need to do is unwind by taking a seat.

We Can Help You Move Your Machine With Our Excellent Services

Deciding to research and look into moving company recommendations is a vital step in the hiring and relocating process. The assistance of our experienced team and impeccable moving history can offer you strategies for a faster solution to some stages of your transition that you might have overthought or overcomplicated. In order for you to fully grasp what will be covered by the relocation services, Flat Price Auto Transport Company can offer the best advice for packing, storing, and transportation.

Regardless of the specifics of your relocation, you can count on our experts to load anything responsibly and plan everything with competence and knowledge for a stress-free move. We provide versatile options that make normally complex transitions simple. Contact Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving for effortless transport of your bulkier items and devices to your new place.

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