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Unique Things to Do in Sacramento – A Guide for Newcomers

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      As every newcomer, you would like to know about the unique things to do in Sacramento. Whether you are moving alone or with the family, Sactown will not disappoint you. It will offer you so many activities that it will be hard to decide what to do first.

      This place has it all, from museums and theatres to farmers’ markets and a lot of green space that will make you fall in love, both with the city and outdoor activities.

      Sacramento bridge during the sunset
      A community famous for being the home of politics and farming.

      With a population of half a million residents, this is the fourth largest city in the state and its capital. Though it’s famous for politics and farming, it has so much more to offer.

      Maybe it is not as popular as San Francisco and LA, but there is a saying in Sactown -‘California begins here.’ So, here is the list of activities you can do as a newcomer (some of them will become your everyday routine, trust us).


      Find a Favorite Museum

      When moving to a city alone, some activities will help you adapt to the unknown environment and get to know it. The capital of California is famous for its museums, so it will take you some time to visit each one, but you will not regret it. Visiting museums is a great way to get to know the history of your new community.

      Sacramento History Museum

      There’s no better way to get a good overview of the Gold Rush era than by visiting the Sacramento History Museum. Besides being sat on the site of the original City Hall building from 1854, it has also been reconstructed to look the way it did in the 19th century.

      Crocker Art Museum

      Founded in 1885, it is the oldest such establishment west of Mississippi. Though the main focus is on California art, it is also possible to view art from all over the world, such as Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Also, it has one of the largest international ceramics collections in the US.

      California Automobile Museum

      If you consider yourself a car enthusiast, by paying the entry price of $10, you will get the chance to see over 150 muscle cars, race cars, and classic cars. Once you are inside, besides seeing the collection of vehicles, you can get a free docent-led tour to learn more about the displayed cars.

      California State Railroad Museum

      All exhibits tell a story about how the state was connected to the rest of the continental US. Also, it shows how the railroad connection affected its growth.

      Maybe the most interesting thing about it is that it offers scenic train rides from April through September. You can experience the revival of railroad history just by hopping on a train. Amazing, right?

      The Polar Express Train is also quite popular. During the holidays, museums offer rides on this train as well. The bad side is that it is sold months in advance, so you should be quick in booking the seat.

      Aerospace Museum

      Over 40 types of aircraft are on display, both military and civilian planes. There are also flight zone simulators, and if you have school-age kids, they could enjoy various educational STEM activities.

      State Indian Museum

      For those interested in learning about the indigenous people of California, the State Indian Museum is the right place. Coming here, you will learn about the daily life, culture, and art of Native Americans.

      Art as a guide to get to know the new hometown.

      What Sactown is Best Known for: Visit the Old Historic District

      Living in Sacramento gives you the chance to feel the real Wild West vibe by visiting the Old Sacramento State Historic Park. You’ll find everything here, from stores decorated in the old western movie style and joke shops filled with old fashioned ice cream, salt water taffy, milkshakes, and random items.

      Most of the historical buildings, including the Eagle Theater, were built during the Gold Rush. The restoration of this area started in the 1960s. Since then, it has become a popular tourist attraction.

      Sacramento skyline at night
      Most historical buildings were built during the Gold Rush.

      What Can You Do in Sacramento for Free?

      When moving to Sacramento, you have to think about how to manage costs. That’s why many people have to reorganize their budget after the relocation so that they could cover the cost of living in Sacramento. However, when you relocate to a new place, it is helpful to explore the area, and luckily, a lot of activities of this sort are for free, especially in Sactown.

      Free Walking Tours in Sactown

      The American River Bike Trail

      is one of the most popular free activities to do. For 32 miles, the trail wraps around the American River, from Folsom to Old Town. Non-motorized form of transportation is allowed on the trail. You can walk, inline skate, horseback ride, jog, or bike. It is also ideal for locals who like picnics and spending all day outdoors. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature without having to leave the urban jungle.

      RiverWalk Park and Trail

      are where you are going to find peace and quiet. If you would like to take in the river and views of the bridges and Old Town from a less crowded spot, walk through the Riverwalk Park and along the trail, especially around sunset time.

      Sacramento Heritage self-guided walking tours

      are for all those who consider themselves independent travelers, but still want some sort of a guide to learn more about the area they came to. Even when you move here, you can be a tourist for a day. For this adventure, you will need the Free Heritage Walking Tours. These tours are self-guided and can be downloaded from an app.

      Mural Hunt

      Most people, when talking about the City of Trees, think about politics. That’s why it might come as a surprise how much street art is present here. Colorful murals can be found all around, and there’s even an annual mural festival called Wide Open Walls. If you are interested to see some of the most famous murals, you should check out The Wishing Wall – 819 19th St, Iker Muro/Murone – 555 Capitol Mall parking garage, Innocent Universe – 1301 R Street and It Was Only a Dream – 730 R St.

      Other Great Things You Can Do for Free in Sactown

      Tower Bridge

      is the most iconic structure and the historic art deco lift bridge that is a sticking yellow gold. You can walk across the bridge to get a view of the Sacramento River, or you can take it along the Riverwalk Trail or from a historic river cruise. Tower Bridge has become a significant symbol, and it is a sight worth seeing up close.

      The California State Library

      founded in 1850, is still the official research library of the government. You can go on docent-led tours, read a book, and even view the historical exhibits at your own pace.

      Governor's Mansion

      is another landmark, and it is a historic three-story building, featuring 33 rooms and Victorian decor and architecture.

      Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

      is a church right in the heart of downtown you should see even if you are not religious. The colorful interior, stunning stained glass windows, detailed architecture, and historic paintings will take your breath away. If you want to visit it as a tourist, the best part of the day is in the afternoon when there is no service.

      There are a lot of activities you can do for free.

      Travel Through Time by Experiencing the Old-Fashioned Eagle Theatre

      Can you imagine, instead of going to big corporate movie theatres, you go to a small, independent movie house, decorated in a way cinemas looked back in the days when Hollywood started winning the hearts of people all over the world?

      When you move here, you’ll have the chance to experience movie art in a whole new old-fashioned way. The community has a long history of cherishing theaters, from the Eagle Theatre, built in the 1800s, to a few other historic independent theaters, including Crest Theatre (1912), Guild Theater (1915), and Towel Theatre (1938).

      The Eagle Theatre

      Built in 1849, Eagle Theatre is the first permanent theater in the country. It was constructed with a wooden frame and a canvas-covered roof. Today, the replica of the theater is on the Historical Landmark Register, and it is owned by the Cali Department of Parks and Recreation.

      The Crest Theatre

      The theater was opened in 1912 under the name Empress Theatre. Nowadays, regular events take place here, including live shows, classic or specialty films. The annual summer event called the Trash Film Orgy is a yearly event during which the visitors can watch cult cinema and local movies.

      movie date night
      You will enjoy watching movies in an old fashioned way.

      Do Things Like a Local in the Capital of California State

      Regardless of your reasons for moving, the fact is that you’re becoming a local. That’s why, when you choose one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento and meet new neighbors, ask what their favorite activities are. Here are our picks:

      B Street Theatre was initially opened as a theater company for children but has evolved to putting on the original productions for adults and comedy shows. When you are looking for some date ideas, or you would want to check out some of the best entertainment, the B Street Theatre is the right place for you.

      Second Saturday Art Walk is one of the most popular activities locals do, and it is also for free. It all happens on the second Saturday of every month when a lot of Midtown art galleries are open for visitors. The event usually starts at 6 or 7 pm and goes until 9 pm.

      For those in love with art, galleries offer everything, from modern art and photography to handmade artisan goods. Sometimes, visitors can see a fire dancing show and listen to live music.

      Two Things You Should Not Miss When You Relocate to the Capital of California

      Going to a farmers’ market is the first thing you should incorporate into your routine when you move here. The area is a rich agricultural region, so it is not surprising that markets are so important to the locals. Some of the most favorite ones are Cesar Chavez Plaza Market, Midtown Market, and Capitol Mall Market.

      If you would like to have lunch, go to the Capitol Mall Farmers Market, and explore some of the best restaurants in Sacramento. You’ll be amazed by the number and selection of local mobile restaurants. On the other hand, if you want to find fresh products and tasty local food in one place, go to the Cesar Chavez Market.

      However, the Midtown Market is a huge market with 90 stands, cooking demos, regular events, and live bands that perform every fourth Saturday of the month. The Midtown Market is the only year-round farmers’ market here. Cesar Chavez and the Capital Mall Market are open from May to the end of September or October.

      Yoga in the Park – A lot of green spaces and parks earned the town a nickname – the City of Trees. You should use these advantages and enjoy outdoor activities, such as free yoga classes in some of the parks during the nicer months.

      After reading about all the fun things to do in Sacramento, we are sure that you can’t wait to relocate here. So, find the easiest way to pack for a move, or better, hire the professionals that provide moving and packing services. The City of Trees is waiting for you.

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