Sacramento is the capital city of California

Fun Things to Do in Sacramento for Couples – Try These Romantic Activities

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      If you are moving to California capital for love or need a fresh start with your significant other, you may be interested in fun things to do in Sacramento for couples. Even though the so-called Big Tomato, City of Trees, Sactown, or simply Sac, is not as famous nor big as San Francisco or Los Angeles, it’s a place perfect for getting into that cheerful and romantic mood.

      couple dancing outside
      Sacramento has a lot to offer to lovebirds

      There are a lot of romantic getaway destinations in Sac – you can enjoy a wide range of exciting spots for dining out, outdoor activities, cultural events, and ideal evenings out on the town. If you’re looking for best neighborhoods in Sacramento with great options to spend quality time with your soulmate (or find one), search no more. Sactown is one of the best areas to start from scratch and improve your love life, and we’d like to offer a few suggestions on where to start with reinventing your love life.


      Fun Things to Do in Sacramento for Couples – Choose to Your Liking

      Due to its attractive districts, a thriving art community, fantastic hotels, fine restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, Sac has become much more than just a travel destination or a dull state capital. It has a bit of everything for everyone and can satisfy the needs of even the pickiest individuals. Whether you’re single and looking for your match, or moving for a relationship, Sactown has it all. From romantic venues by the river to family-friendly spots, it’s a city you shouldn’t miss.

      We’ve put together a list of the unique things to do in Sacramento for you and your special someone – keep reading and pick your preferred destination.

      A Visit to the Theatre Is Perfect for Deepening Your Relationship

      Going on a first date to the theatre might be risky. However, if a couple who has been dating for a long time decides to spend several hours enjoying a quality play, that can do wonders for their romance. Luckily, if you’re moving to Sacramento, this area is rich with great local theaters offering spectacles for every age and interest, such as Crest Theatre or the Eagle Theatre.

      The Art Deco Interior of Crest Theatre Is One of Those Places Where the Magic Happens

      One of the unique downtown spots located at 1013 K Street, just blocks away from the State Capitol, the new Sacramento Kings basketball arena, and the Convention Center, is the Crest Theater. Founded in 1912 as the Empress Theatre, it got its current look in 1949, when it was completely remodeled in Art Deco style. During the 1950s and 1960s, this place was one of the original first-run movie palaces in the City of Trees (another nickname of this city).

      Today, it can boast its glittery 1940s appearance thanks to a restoration carried out in 1995. That’s why it is the favorite place among couples – sitting with your partner in this elegant setting makes you both happy, satisfied, and excited during the play. If you’re a newbie in Sac, don’t miss this venue – it’s magical.

      Love and Education in The Eagle Theatre

      As the first permanent theater in the state of California, it was built in 1849 out of a wooden frame and a canvas-covered roof. A replica was constructed in 1974 and placed within the Old Sacramento Historic State Park. Today, it offers docent and video programs on the history of Old Sac.

      The Eagle Theater has a fascinating history, including certain stories that claim it is haunted. If you and your significant other are adventurous spirits, consider this site as a place worth visiting, especially in December when Santa comes here to greet people and children.

      Old Town, Situated by the River, Is Romantic by Itself

      Old Sacramento is the historic riverfront district with a wide range of activities to spend some quality time. If you decide to bring your soulmate here, you can visit Gold Rush-era buildings, enjoy driving in horse-drawn carriages, and strolling through the cobblestone streets. Also, there are a lot of souvenir shops, a few bars, top-notch hotels, and some of the best restaurants in Sacramento. To mention just a few:

      • The Firehouse Restaurant
      • Rio City Cafe
      • La Terrazza
      • The Pilothouse

      This district boasts numerous museums, including the Sacramento History Museum and the State Railroad Museum – there are multiple tours and excursion train rides. If you are a fan of museums and American history, you’ll love our next suggestion.

      couple holding hands
      When strolling through Old Sac's streets, you can enjoy beautiful architecture

      Learn a Lot About Native History With Your Significant Other in California State Indian Museum

      How would you like to spend a day with someone who makes you happy  surrounded by themes from Indian life, spirit, family, and nature? The museum is crammed with artifacts and photos that show how Native Americans lived in California for thousands of years. Here you can find many examples of arrowheads, basketry, and other stuff used by the people who inhabited this land long before you. Don’t miss the tiny, cute gift shop, and buy white sage for your sweetheart at a reasonable price – $10 or less. The museum is situated next to Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park, which can be a great spot for strolling around after a great exhibition.

      people in the museum
      Museum exhibits can be great fun

      Take Your Loved One to a (Water)Park

      If you want to feel like a child again, you should definitely pay a visit to Raging Waters. It features over 25 pools, slides, and water rides. Since it’s located in the very heart of Sac, you can move on to the family-friendly eateries or just enjoy being in the center of all the action after a thrilling water adventure.

      If having fun in the water is not quite up your alley, don’t worry. One of Sac’s many nicknames is the City of Trees because it has an abundance of charming parks full of different types of trees – palm trees, eucalyptus trees, and verdant archways over midtown’s streets. If you would like to spend a pleasant afternoon in a peaceful natural environment, you can choose some of these venues:

      • McKinley Park – offers free yoga classes, with the possibility to use swimming and wading pool
      • Southside Park – boasts a lake with fishing piers and rubber surfaced play area for kids under the age of 2
      • North Natomas Regional Park – has over 2 acres of parks land, farmers market, bike paths
      • Cameron Park – situated at Christa McAuliffe Park, it is open seven days a week, with the option to skate for free. However, helmets are mandatory.

      According to Locals, State Capitol Garden Is the Best Place in California

      Do you like flowers? If so, the Capitol Garden is a perfect place to come and visit, especially if you’re planning a surprise for your better half. You can stroll between different trees and lovely roses, which might turn into a dreamy experience. Being in a tranquil place surrounded by a rose garden in the middle of crowded Sactown can provide you with much-needed moments of joy and intimacy with your loved one.

      Organize Your Wedding in McKinley Park Rose Garden

      This park features more than 1,000 rose bushes, tree roses, and blooming annuals. McKinley Rose Garden is Sacramentans’ most cherished place for outdoor seasonal events and weddings. It’s a perfect place to come and explore for at least an hour and enjoy some special moments with your soulmate.

      Wondering What Is There to Do in Sacramento on a Date Night? Try Some of the Many Romantic Restaurants

      As we’ve mentioned, Sac is so often in the shadow of its more famous fellow Californian cities. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it’s inland. Secondly, it’s flat and smaller in size compared to SF or LA.  Still, Sac is a must-visit town for anyone who loves food. It is the hub of America’s most plentiful agricultural region and has access to more ingredients than any other urban area. The widespread expression “farm-to-table restaurants” in Sac means that quite literally. Simply put, the culinary scene here is flourishing, and you’ll find not only high-class decor but also mouth-watering food to accompany the quality of ambiance.

      Beautiful and Cozy – the Kitchen

      Have you ever had a meal outside your family kitchen and still felt at home? At the Kitchen Restaurant, your dining out gets a whole new meaning. This romantic spot has an authentic and cozy feel. And it’s not only about its vibe and hospitality. The owners were awarded a Michelin Star in 2019, so visiting this foodie spot will impress you and your partner in every sense.

      couple on a romantic dinner date
      Is there anything more romantic than a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere

      Where Can I Go on a Fun Date? The Answer: Visit Apple Hill

      Located between Sactown and Lake Tahoe, nestled on the outskirts of the historic town of Placerville, Apple Hill is well-known for countless things to do and see year-round. But, autumn is the most popular time to come here and enjoy the apple harvest. Whichever month you choose, one thing is sure – you won’t leave disappointed. Events and tours are offered here throughout the year, and some of the most famous are:

      • Egg hunts
      • Berry festivals
      • Pumpkin patches
      • Picking a Christmas tree in winter
      Apple picking
      Apple harvest is an excellent opportunity to refresh your relationship

      Ocean Water Can Inspire You to Be More Connected and Passionate in Love

      Are you longing for a summer romance somewhere by the sea? Summertime and ocean typically mean lazy days, vacations, and flings which can sometimes transform into much deeper emotions. If you and your significant other like to spend days in exotic places, there is no better spot to get closer than beautiful California beaches.

      And since you’re here already, visit the California Delta, which is just 60 miles away from Sacramento. This place is perfect for camping, fishing, boating, wine tasting, and sightseeing.

      Enjoy Different Things at the Beaches of San Francisco Bay

      As a popular tourist destination not far away from the state capital, San Francisco has something for everyone, including breathtaking beaches. Some of them are located near the ocean, while others lie along the shore. With stunning views and staggering cliffs, San Francisco’s beaches are more renowned for their natural beauty than for sunbathing or swimming. Consider some of these if you would like to experience some unforgettable moments:

      • Baker Beach
      • China Beach
      • Fort Funston Beach
      • Sutro Baths
      • Rodeo Beach
      couple walking in the park
      Is there a more romantic place than a beach?

      Try the Best Local Tomato at a Farmer’s Market

      In Sacramento, there are never too many tomatoes. According to the locals, at least. Living in Sac’s agriculturally productive region has its advantages – one of them is being able to eat fresh produce every day, mainly thanks to the farmer’s markets, most of which are open year-round. You can bring your partner with you to pick some best samples for Sunday lunch. And the choice is very abundant: tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, herbs, sweet Bronx grapes, mandarines, pomegranates – you name it.

      happy couple smiling
      Find perfect ingredients on farmer's markets and cook a romantic home dinner together

      What Is There to Do in Sacramento for Free?

      When you’re low on funds, there are plenty of fun things to do in Sacramento for couples for free. So, let’s take a look at some exciting suggestions that can bring more excitement into your life if your plan is living in Sacramento for good:

      • Free Museum Day which includes the Sac Zoo
      • Tour around Jelly Belly Factory
      • Every second Saturday art galleries organize tours inviting guests to view their pieces for free
      • American River Bike Trail
      • Folsom Lake offers the most diverse array of recreational activities

      With this short guide, your relocation to Sacramento will be a piece of cake. After you do some research about the cost of living in Sacramento and pick a few of the most appealing sites to visit after settling down, consider getting professional moving services to make your plans come true. And don’t forget to pack lighter pieces of clothes to enjoy hot summers and mild winters in your new home after moving in with your significant other.

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