Sacramento is the capital city of California

The Ultimate 2022 Guide to Moving to Sacramento

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      Truth to be told, moving to Sacramento probably isn’t everybody’s first idea about relocation to California. There are places more glitzy, hipper, and more trendy. Or at least sounding like it. Since Sactown is all of that, and more, you can expect only the best from California capital.

      Sacramento bridge during the sunset
      Living in Sactown would be a great experience for years to come, and our guide will show you why

      Sactown had its chance to break onto the big stage of celebrities at the start of the new millennium. However, Robert Horry’s buzzer-beater in Game 4 of Conference Finals 2002 took that away in a fierce fashion, and things went pretty much south for the Kings from that day. So Sacramento had to rely on its other qualities to attract newcomers. Well, are people moving to Sacramento then, you ask. Yes, they are, we answer. Living in Sacramento area nowadays means diversity, relaxed vibe, and fast growth. It also means meeting folks from all over the world since around one-fifth of residents came from outside of the US.

      Where You’ll Be Heading

      As every decent guide should, we’ll start by telling you a thing or two about the city. Founded in 1839, the Sacramento Valley region and the town itself became an important hub during the Gold Rush. Soon after, it was proclaimed the state capital. The population never stopped growing, so today, it can get a bit cramped up. On the plus side there, a quarter of the residents are minors, so in case the kids are among your reasons for moving, you can rest assured that they’ll make friends quite fast.

      What makes it perfect for a home, especially if you’re an outdoorsy type, is its location. Sacramento sits on a confluence of rivers, so there’s an opportunity for rafting, rowing, or jet skiing. Bay Area and San Francisco are some two hours drive away, as are Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe. Basically, wherever you turn, there are opportunities for a great weekend out or even a full vacation.

      What it shares with its coastal counterparts is the climate. It has scorching summers and mild winters. Humidity is usually much lower, though. There is also one more, not at all insignificant difference. Unlike in coastal regions, you don’t have to worry about earthquakes in Sacramento.

      The only big downside to Sactown is pollen. Thanks to it, the place has been put among the worst American cities for people suffering from allergies.

      The city hit breaking news in 1975 when there was an unsuccessful attempt on President Ford’s life.

      Establishing a new home and living in the city of Sacramento, California, will be like a dream come true for nature lovers.

      Where to Search for a Job After Moving to Sacramento

      Now that we got geography out of the way, let’s turn to the question of earning money. The smart thing would be to learn how to get a job before you move. The biggest employers are administration and healthcare institutions. Tech company Intel also has a strong presence, employing more than six thousand people in the area. That should definitely be among the things to consider when relocating for a job. Wherever you go, IT skills are highly valued.

      And who knows, if you go on an adventure and are extremely lucky, you may even hit a gold vein somewhere around.


      What You’ll Want to Know Before Moving to Sacramento

      What may be of interest to you is that the average annual salary in Sactown stands at 70 grand. You can earn more than that as a project manager, software engineer, mechanical engineer, and other engineer or managerial positions. But is it enough? Is it expensive to live in Sacramento, California?

      You won't make as much money as if you live in San Francisco, but it'll be more than enough for every next year.

      A Short Guide to the Cost of Living

      California is ranked high among the most desirable US states year after year. And with everything top-notch, come higher prices. Still, the cost of living in Sacramento is much more affordable than Los Angeles or Bay Area cities, such as San Francisco, in all relevant categories.

      Let’s start with housing. It’s still quite easy to find a decent home for an equally reasonable price, as was for many many years. With construction and gentrification, it seems that those days are close to an end, however. So if you ask when is the best time to move, 2020 may be the last train, so to speak. For now, 10,7 sq ft in the city’s center can be acquired for, on average, 3,575 USD, according to the latest data gathered by specialized website Outside downtown, the same square footage can be bought for around 2,180 USD.

      Rent in the downtown areas stands at an average of 1,500 USD for smaller apartments and 2,500 USD for larger ones. If you plan to settle outside the center, or you’re moving to the suburbs, the respective rents are 1,250 and 1,900 USD. A monthly bill for essential utilities, such as electricity, water, garbage, and heating, amounts to an average of 180 bucks.

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      You don’t have to worry about groceries too much, either. Also, stores and shopping centers are filled with things you need for your first apartment at reasonable and affordable prices.
      A basic medical examination stands at about 115 dollars.

      A Few More Financial Questions

      If there’s something nobody likes, it’s taxes. But since the IRS comes for its own like a clockwork, we have to spare a few words for them.
      First, the sales tax. It stands at a combined rate of 8.25 percent, including state, county, and city rates. Property tax is quite low, at 0.84 percent.
      On the other hand, income tax is at 9.3 percent, more than double the US average.

      Cost of living in Sactown is affordable, so more and more people choose to come every year to make a home and live there.

      What Are the Best Areas to Search for a Home

      When you ask yourself, “Where should I move in Sacramento?” there’s one thing you can be sure about. You might not know this, but Sactown is also the City of Trees. If there is a place on Earth with more trees per resident, we would love to hear about it. So we’ll hold on to our own. The best thing in the hot summer days is the shadow provided by a leafy treetop. So when we speak about the best neighborhoods in Sacramento, we have to begin with East Sacramento, where every street is lined up with trees. It is also close to the next picks, downtown and midtown.

      Both of them are great, whether you’re moving to a city alone or moving for a relationship. There are plenty of good places to walk or ride a bicycle, combined with cozy joints to have a cup of coffee and eat while surrounded by marvelous architecture. They are also suitable for raising a family since they are safe and with good schools.

      Among the family-friendly areas is the Land Park, perfect if you’re interested in moving from an apartment to a house. There are a couple of children theme parks, Zoo, and the namesake park. It can be suitable for taking your family and even your furry friend, in case you’re moving with pets.

      Our last pick would be Tahoe Park, an affordable part of town with beautiful, big houses.

      Like every other place, Sactown has its bad seeds, too, with more crime and less lucrative job offerings. If possible, try to stay away from North Highlands, Del Paso Heights, Florin, or Rio Landa.

      Transportation In Sactown

      Here we have to pay attention to the traffic and transportation options. First, obviously, is shipping a car cross country. Once there, you can take your time to get to know new surroundings. Now we have to clear one thing up. Sacramentans will tell you that traffic is awful. Even insist on that. While it has its downsides, it is paradise when compared to… well, any other bigger city. It is all a matter of perspective, in a way.

      Still, not everybody wants to drive or hire an auto transport service. For them, there is a public system of buses and light rail. One of the three rail lines was recently extended to Folsom. Yes, that Folsom, country lovers. Speaking of unique things to do in Sacramento

      If you wish to go further, Sacramento International Airport is nearby, and airports in the Bay Area, those in San Francisco, Oakland, or Santa Rosa, are within driving distance.

      Aerial panorama of planned development and neighborhoods
      Neighborhoods may change with years, but the trees will always be there.

      Take Some or All of the Opportunities That California’s Capital Offers

      As Sactown grew over the years, the number of things to do and see also grew. Every person will find something for him- or herself. For example, if you’re moving in with your significant other, you two may take a walk around Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park, or visit Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, or walk across Tower Bridge. And there’s the city’s Masonic Temple, an attraction by itself. But outdoors is where most of the action takes place. You just got to know where to look for it.

      It would be a shame if we began with anything other than Lake Tahoe. This natural gem is located on the border between California and Nevada and provides endless fun things to do in Sacramento for couples. Around the lake, there are more than a dozen ski resorts and seven areas for walking, jogging, or simply enjoying nature.

      If you have doubts about the extent of the landscape’s beauty, just watch Godfather 2. A lot of the Michael Corleone scenes were shot at the locations on Tahoe.

      Since Sactown is on the rivers, you may try out hiking, fishing, boating, or rafting on Sacramento River, American River Parkway, or Folsom Lake. Or you may simply go and watch Kings play.

      Where to Send Your Kid to College

      If you arrive with children, you’ll wish just the best education for them. Sactown got you covered in that department, too. The local population is quite well educated, with more people holding a bachelor’s degree than the national average.

      Among many colleges and universities throughout Sactown, those that stand out are California State College, California State University in Sacramento, and Cosumnes River College.

      Best Bars and Restaurants in Town

      What’s the town without a proper joint or two? Luckily, there are many. But that tale begins and ends with tacos. Whichever flavor you prefer, there is a restaurant, truck, or stand that sells it. Sacramentans simply love tacos.
      And there, in between taco joints, lie other best restaurants in Sacramento.

      There is, for example, Masullo Pizza (obviously Italian), South (again self-explanatory), or Shady Lady Saloon (essentially speakeasy from the Prohibition era). Or you can go to Frank Fat’s, winner of four James Beard Awards. All in all, wherever you turn, you’ll be in for a new discovery and a chance to meet new neighbors.

      Panoramic image of South Lake Tahoe
      Lake Tahoe is a great place throughout the year, and it's just outside of Sactown

      So Is Sacramento a Good Place to Live in 2020? Hell Yeah!

      There you have it. All ups and downs of Sactown. Yet, before you call Sacramento long-distance movers and ask for their cross-country moving services, it’s natural to ask: Is Sacramento a good place to live in 2020? We can proudly say yes. Whether you’re moving from a small town to a big city or vice versa, you’ll find your niche in Sactown and build a life you’ll like and enjoy.

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