Tips on how to pack a chandelier when moving

chandelierA chandelier can be a beautiful and expensive centerpiece in any home, and the last thing you would want is to see it damaged during a move. The chandelier you own may even carry a lot of sentimental value. Therefore it is essential that you pay extra attention when you are packing your chandelier for moving.

The most challenging part when packing a chandelier is that it is incredibly fragile, so it needs to be really well protected during transportation. You will need the suitable packing material, and you will have to know exactly how to keep your valuable possession from being damaged.

In the article below we have provided you with a few tips which can help you learn how to pack a chandelier when you are relocating.

Get the right materials

Before you can start packing your chandelier, let us take a look at what you should prepare before you begin to pack. You will need a strong box of corrugated cardboard, two extra cardboard boxes, a medium-sized one for any removable parts, and a much smaller one for the light bulbs. You will also need packing paper, bubble wrap,  some furniture blankets, foam padding, packing peanuts, packing tape, cable ties, some plastic zip lock bags, a set of screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, and a ladder. It would also be advisable to have someone else around to help you.

How to remove a chandelier from the ceiling

The first and most important step is to go to the main fuse box and cut off the electricity to the room with the chandelier. Do not skip this step because if you do not shut off the power to the room, you run the risk of electric shock when disconnecting the chandelier.

Use the ladder to reach the base of the chandelier and then disconnect it from the electric network. If you are not sure how to do it, ask someone who does, call the store you bought your chandelier from, or call a certified electrician who can do it for you.

Have someone help you by supporting the chandelier at all times so that its weight does not snap the wires in the ceiling. Then unhook the chandelier and use a screwdriver to remove the wires that go into the ceiling. Finally, have your friend help you take down the freed chandelier and put it gently on the floor.

How to disassemble a chandelier

Bundle all the wires and cables together and use twist ties or rubber bands to keep them in place. Remember that dangling cables can be a health hazard. Remove all the light bulbs, one by one, and put them into their original boxes, if you still have them. If you do not have those boxes, then wrap each bulb in bubble wrap and pack them neatly into a separate small cardboard box. Using a screwdriver, take off any pieces that are detachable such as arms, prisms, candle cups, chains, lampshades, or ornaments. These removable pieces might be attached to the chandelier by wires, hooks, and screws, make sure that you remember how they are connected so that you can reattach them after you move into your new house. Remove all the detachable parts carefully and wrap them individually in packing paper for the more sturdy pieces and bubble wrap for the more delicate pieces. Put each detached chandelier part into the box meant for accessories. The smaller fastening elements like screws, nuts, and hooks should be kept in plastic zip lock bags for safe keeping.

Packing a chandelier for moving

Get a strong corrugated cardboard box that is big enough to fit the chandelier. Reinforce the bottom of the box bottom with high-quality packing tape to make it even stronger and to help prevent possible damage during the haul. The sturdy moving box should be a few inches bigger than your light fixture so that you can place foam cushioning or a large sheet of bubble wrap in the box to protect the fragile chandelier. On the other hand, you can also place one or two furniture blankets on the sides and bottom of the cardboard box to serve as the perfect cushioning.

If you have a crystal chandelier, it will require a bit more effort from you so that your prized possession survives the relocation intact. If you own a crystal chandelier, you must protect each crystal piece individually. Otherwise, they will surely bang against each other during transport, and will most likely get scratched or even break. Wrap them each in soft packing paper then use a tiny amount of packing tape to keep the paper in place. With assistance from the person helping you, put the highly-breakable chandelier upright in your packing box, make sure you do it very slowly and cautiously. Once it is inside, use packing peanuts or pieces of crumpled paper to fill in any empty spaces inside the chandelier’s moving box. Make sure the chandelier won’t move around inside the box, otherwise damage to your precious possession is highly probable.

To check if you have packed it correctly, lift the box carefully and shake it gently, if you feel or hear anything shifting inside the container then you will have to use more padding materials to make sure that no part of the chandelier moves around even slightly. This is an important step you are advised not to skip in your efforts to save time. Place one furniture blanket on the top of the packed chandelier to act as a top cushion during the relocation. You can also use a couple of large sheets of bubble wrap as a final layer of protection to finish the task of packing your chandelier for shipping.

Close the lids of the box and seal them with packing tape. Do the same with your other cardboard boxes such as the small box holding the light bulbs, if you need to, and the larger box where you packed the rest of the detached chandelier parts. For reasons of safety, nothing should be able to shift freely inside any of the packed boxes. Finally mark the contents of the box using works as fragile, this side up and chandelier on the chandelier’s moving box and the boxes that hold its accessories. Label the boxes with a black or red permanent marker on at two of their sides at the very least.


If you are not certain that you can pack your chandelier by yourself, then it is best to leave this delicate job to experts who just know what to do. Flat Price Movers and Auto Transport is just the reliable moving company that can help you to prepare your chandelier and your other belongings for your relocation. If your chandelier is really expensive, then professional packers and movers will use a chandelier moving crate that will help keep your valuable centerpiece perfectly safe during your move.