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      Moving to or from Pasadena

      Are you looking to move from Pasadena, California? If you are and can’t decide where you want to move to, then let us suggest you consider New York City, New York. An interstate move such as this can be quite difficult, stressful, and very tedious. What you need is a professional and dependable long distance moving company that will help make your move easier, Pasadena auto shipping included. Fortunately, Flat Price Movers is just the top quality moving company to help you move to and from anywhere in the country. Our trained employees will help you plan your long distance move, provide you with moving tips, moving checklists, packing guides, and free moving estimates. We also offer a wide range of moving services which include:

      –Residential moving services
      –Commercial moving services
      –Car shipping services
      –Professional packing and unpacking services
      –Storage units

      As for Pasadena auto shipping, you can rest assured your vehicle is in safe hands with us. Whether you pick open or enclosed car shipping, we will make sure your car is protected during transport. However, if you opt for open carrier, do remember that your four-wheeler will be exposed to rain and dust, so it might get dirty. When it comes to delivery, you can choose between door to door and terminal to terminal service – whichever is more convenient for you. If you can’t seem to make up your mind on your own, call us for more details about Pasadena auto shipping.

      Pasadena Auto Shipping
      Our spokespersons at Flat Price Movers are at your disposal at any time, should you need them. They can provide you with a full list of our moving services, as well as answer any questions that you have for them. So, you can relax and read on to learn a little bit more about your future home.

      About New York City, New York

      New York City is the most populous city in the United States with 8.5 million residents. Being one of the world’s largest ports, it is the primary gateway for legal immigration into the US across the Atlantic. It is made up of five boroughs: Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan which consolidated in 1898 into a single city.

      Economy in New York City

      New York City has a diverse job market with lots of opportunities for job seekers. Whether you’re a mid-career applicant seeking a change in your profession or a young graduate looking to start your career, you will be able to accomplish this in New York City, with a bit of work. When it comes to employment, New York’s largest industry is advertising, which has experienced an increase in hiring and is currently making as much as 20 percent of the nation’s advertising income.

      Climate in New York City

      New York City has four distinct seasons. In spring you can see the trees and flowers bloom and enjoy the pleasant temperature in the 50s. In summer the temperature is in the 70s, and you can see people outside enjoying themselves in the sun. In autumn the temperatures are cool and enjoyable while winters have temperatures in the 30s and experience several inches of snow.

      What there is to do in New York City

      There are a lot of things to do in New York City, and you are sure never to be bored with so much to do. No matter what you are looking for, New York City is sure to have it. We couldn’t possibly name all of these great places, so we will provide you with a short list of our top choices. The places you should visit are:

      The Museum of Modern Art
      Victorian Gardens
      Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
      Gabriel Kreuther
      Per Se
      If you want to make New York City your new home, then get in touch with Flat Price Movers and our representatives will help you schedule your moving date and select the moving services that you want. After you have finished with the planning, just relax and wait for your things to arrive.

      Why Choose Us?

      We are Professional

      Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping is home to some of the best professional movers in the business. They are experts in their fields of work, which include car shipping, residential and corporate relocations, packing, storage, and so on. They have all had training in the minutest details of their work, so you can rest assured that your relocation will be handled professionally.

      We are Country-Wide

      Our car shipping networks cover all major cities in the country, as well as a number of other locations. Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida, Indiana… Regardless of where you are and where you want to go, we will gladly ship your car and/or your household belongings. Check out the ‘Cities Served’ section on our website for a more comprehensive list of locations we cover.

      We are Reliable

      Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping employs a unique and convenient pricing system that is unlike anything other companies use. This basically means that the price we offer is what you pay. There will be no extra charges, no “unexpected” expenses, or additional costs. Feel free to contact our customer service and ask for the price of your relocation or car shipment.

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