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Santa Cruz Flat Price Auto Shipping and Long Distance Moving

Flat Prices for Santa Cruz Auto Shipping and Cross Country Moving. Guaranteed prices. No hidden fees or surprises.

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Santa Cruz Flat Price Auto Shipping and Long Distance Moving

Flat Prices for Auto transport and Cross Country Moving. Guaranteed prices. No hidden fees or surprises.

Moving from Santa Cruz to Chicago with Flat Price Auto Transport

If you have been thinking about moving from Santa Cruz, you should definitely consider hiring a moving company. By doing so, you will avoid all the unnecessary stress and anxiety that the moving process bares, not the mention the time you will spend packing on your own. Flat Price Auto Transport is here to help, especially when it comes to Santa Cruz car shipping.

We’re a highly experienced Santa Cruz auto shipping company. We’ve been helping people move for many years now and we are proud to say that we are very reliable and affordable. We’ve faced all the possible obstacles which may interfere during long distance relocations.

The services we offer are:

We specialize in car shipping. Our Santa Cruz auto shipping company is at your disposal. We provide services of auto transport all across the United States. You only have to choose between having an open trailer car shipping and having a closed trailer car shipping for your car. The open trailer option is cheaper but it will leave your car exposed to winds, rain, storms and other debris. This does not imply that your car will be damaged during the transportation, but it will be dirtier when it arrives. Having a closed trailer will protect your car from possible harsh weather conditions during the shipping.

You can also choose between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery. Door-to-door delivery is a time saver. Your car will be picked up by Santa Cruz auto shipping and it will be delivered to your new garage in Chicago. Terminal-to-terminal auto transport is the option to go with in case you want to save some money, but you will have to drop off your car at Santa Cruz auto shipping and you will have to pick it up in Chicago at one of our depots.

Santa Cruz Auto Shipping

We are one of the best moving companies in the US and will provide moving checklists, moving tips and moving supplies which will help our customers organize their move and make it more efficient. We also provide high-quality moving services to help you relocate to and from anywhere in the country. The moving services we provide are residential and corporate moving services, professional packing services, and storage units.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable auto shipping company, make sure you visit our website. You can also give us a call and our staff will provide you with all the necessary information.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States. Chicago is the birthplace of skyscrapers and home of the Chicago Bulls. It is served by O’Hare International Airport, which is the second-busiest airport in the world. The city also has the largest number of U.S highways going through it, so you will definitely need your car with you. The traffic in Chicago can be tricky. You will, without a doubt, need a GPS device installed in your car, at least for the first few months. Rush hours in Chicago are in the morning between 7AM and 9AM and in the afternoon between 4PM and 7PM. With patience, you will master the streets of Chicago in no time. For more information about the street ways of Chicago, click here.

We encourage you to contact Santa Cruz auto shipping company. If you need more information about our prices, make sure you give us a call. Our staff will provide you with a free moving cost estimate. They will also gladly answer any of your questions and can provide you with moving tips as well. We’re one of the best moving companies in the business, and you won’t regret giving us a chance.

Automobile Transport

With Flat Price Moving, ship your automobile from the US to many destinations worldwide, open trailer or enclosed.

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Whether you decide to ship your goods with our standard service or full service, Flat Price Moving can handle all your moving needs.

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Our moving trucks are equipped with all the necessary equipment to pack everything you need. Even if you decide to add items in the last minute – we’ll have you covered.

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We offer storage for your household goods, including 30 days of free of charge. Our high standards mean your belongings is secure in a safe storage space.

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What We Offer

Flat Price Auto Transport is an international moving company offering shipping services from air and freight shipping to custom crates and free boxes. Traveling is an exciting time in one’s life, allowing you the opportunity to explore a new country and culture as well as grow as a person.

The packing and planning aspect can cause a bit of anxiety but with the assistance of our professional international moving company, transitioning overseas has never been so simple. Rely on the trusted and reputable overseas moving team at Flat Price Auto Transport. Call on us for a free in-home estimate.

Automobile Transport

With Flat Price Moving, ship your automobile from the US to many destinations worldwide, open trailer or enclosed.

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Whether you decide to ship your goods with our standard service or full service, Flat Price Moving can handle all your moving needs.

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Our moving trucks are equipped with all the necessary equipment to pack everything you need. Even if you decide to add items in the last minute – we’ll have you covered.

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We offer storage for your household goods, including 30 days of free of charge. Our high standards mean your belongings is secure in a safe storage space.

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What Our San Francisco Customers Say

  • John J. Avatar
    John J.
    5 star rating

    Okay so I don't really understand what's all those negative tips are all about. I experienced stellar customer service  and I greatly appreciate them for  understanding their customer's situation. My car wasn't in good shape and On the day of drop off, disaster struck and I was stranded on highway... read more

    Jennifer H. Avatar
    Jennifer H.
    5 star rating

    Great communication with sales and with the driver.  Very pleasant experience.  Competitive with all the other quotes I received but the difference was allowing 100# cargo rather than 50#.  I didn't utilize the cargo amount permitted, but it was nice to have the option.   I recommended these folks!

  • Janet K. Avatar
    Janet K.
    5 star rating

    The auto shipping process was painless, which I greatly appreciate! The pick up and drop off times were both a day earlier than expected, but I appreciate that. The communication went well, and expectations were set appropriately.

    The car looks like it was taken care of, and there was no damage...
    read more

    Syed A. Avatar
    Syed A.
    5 star rating

    Great Service! Car Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Will use Flat Price again

  • Noelia N. Avatar
    Noelia N.
    5 star rating

    I will recommend this company to anybody with my eyes close! They were really nice to talk to! Very helpful and straightforward, every time I will call they will always pick up there phone and answer any question!! They were one day ahead with there pick up. My car arrive... read more

    Shuhan L. Avatar
    Shuhan L.
    5 star rating

    I will definitely rate 6 stars if I could.I shipped my car from Northern California to Seattle. I have never imaged that I was able to get my car within 24 hours. They have a perfect customer service. John even cared about if there is any problems with my car... read more

  • David N. Avatar
    David N.
    5 star rating

    Had my car shipped from the Bay Area to San Diego.  Everything was easy and Bob was a pleasure to deal with.  The truck driver even called about an hour and a half before the pick up and drop-off to let me know he was near each time.  Next time... read more

    Abishek R. Avatar
    Abishek R.
    4 star rating

    Great communication and customer service. Driver was giving periodic updates during the shipping process. I was little nervous since it was my first time. The vehicle reached Seattle without a single damage. Only drawback i found was the price was higher than all the other shipping companies. Yet, i opted... read more

  • E C. Avatar
    E C.
    5 star rating

    I move a lot for work, mostly out of state or at least over 200 miles away. I've used other companies before I found Flat Price. I recently moved from CA to MA. The move included furniture as well as car. There a no words to truly express my appreciation... read more

    T C. Avatar
    T C.
    5 star rating

    We shipped a car this week.  They contacted me quickly and were able to arrange pick up after just a couple of days.  Pick up was on a large street near our house which would have been difficult to manage with their trailer.  My daughter got the car after just... read more

  • John F. Avatar
    John F.
    5 star rating

    Just an excellent service from start to end. Transport took place in a timely manner and the highlight for me was the equally timely and frequent contact by the dispatcher  as the transport was progressing. Was very concerned that there would be a glitch at the receiving end as I... read more

    Simanta D. Avatar
    Simanta D.
    5 star rating

    Excellent customer service from start to finish. We had a slight trouble with the pickup but they were able to work on it and solve it. Car shipped from CA to MO in about a week.

  • Matt J. Avatar
    Matt J.
    5 star rating

    Excellent communication and customer service.

    Within 24 hours a rep from Flat Price, Hank, contacted me to give me a quote and talk me through the shipping process.  I was nervous as the auto shipping landscape is littered with horror stories, and he calmly talked me through every step and was...
    read more

    Jake D. Avatar
    Jake D.
    5 star rating

    This was the first time I had shipped a vehicle through a company like Flat Price and I couldn't be happier with my experience. Kyle answered my many questions and worked with me to make me confident with their process. We were kept up to date throughout the entire move... read more

  • debra a. Avatar
    debra a.
    5 star rating

    What a wonderful company!  From booking to scheduling and delivery, each of the employees that I dealt with was sincere and professional.  The driver and dispatch communicated as they scheduled for pick up and delivery.  I really appreciated their care, concern, support and help as my car was difficult to... read more

    Michael A. Avatar
    Michael A.
    5 star rating

    Very pleased with this shipping company. Transported vehicle from North Carolina to Sonoma County California. Arrived on time with daily check ins to know that car was on route. Car arrived with a very courteous driver who went over entire vehicle to assure no scratches or damages. I also like... read more

  • Todd W. Avatar
    Todd W.
    5 star rating

    We shipped two cars with Flat Price Moving from CA to MI. I saw good reviews online and I called them. Their rep was polite and responded back quickly with a good price.  They were prompt, even offering to take both cars earlier than originally promised.  Both cars were delivered... read more

    Serge M. Avatar
    Serge M.
    5 star rating

    I shipped my car from CA to TX. Excellent service. Prompt pick up and delivery. Five stars!

  • Amy N. Avatar
    Amy N.
    5 star rating

    We shipped a car with Flat Price Moving & Auto Shipping from California to Kansas. They were very professional - driver was on time with pickup and delivery, and was even able to deliver the car earlier than the scheduled delivery date! I highly recommend Flat Price Moving & Auto Shipping.

    Shouvanik H. Avatar
    Shouvanik H.
    5 star rating

    I loved the professional service.
    Very friendly and accomodative.

    The guy was on time, and he was able to walk me through the process, and loading unloading was done so well.

    He was very friendly and I had no issue with the move. It was very smooth

  • John P. Avatar
    John P.
    5 star rating

    Flat price did an amazing job moving our car. They were reasonably priced an moved the car halfway across the country very quickly and safely. They have excellent customer service and I would recommend them without hesitation.

    Celeste S. Avatar
    Celeste S.
    5 star rating

    Excellent experience. I needed to ship a new car from CA to WA. I got several quotes from different companies. The quotes were all within ten dollars of each other. I choose Flat Price because of how friendly, attentive, and detail oriented the scheduler, Nick, was. The actual driver was... read more

  • Naris V. Avatar
    Naris V.
    4 star rating

    Fast and quick service.  Car was delivered with out issue EXCPET they told me they could deliver at a certain since I would not be available between certain hours.  When they came to deliver, it was during the time I was unavailable, so not sure how they promised one thing... read more

    Ge F. Avatar
    Ge F.
    5 star rating

    I recently moved from California to Missouri and I found Flat Price Moving. I was a little bit nervous about this car shipping because it was my first time to ship a car, and I was shipping the car on behalf of one of my friends.

    Flat Price Moving's customer service...
    read more

  • Zhiwei Y. Avatar
    Zhiwei Y.
    5 star rating

    I've recently transported my car from CA to VA. The whole process is smooth, and the shipping time was actually less than what I expected. The driver is friendly and helpful. More importantly, the cost was indeed less than other companies. It was definitely a good experience. I would recommend... read more

    David C. Avatar
    David C.
    5 star rating

    I moved from the Austin area (Georgetown) TX to Mountain View this past February. I spent several days researching a company to ship my wife's car and after calling Flat Price and speaking with them (I can't remember his name) I decided to go with them. They were not the... read more

  • Emily C. Avatar
    Emily C.
    4 star rating

    I am happy I chose to ship my Jeep Grand Cherokee through Flat Price Moving. I shipped my car from Lafayette, CA to Fort Worth, TX on a Friday morning and received it on a Monday afternoon. Bill, the gentleman who guided me through the entire process, was an excellent... read more

    Chuanqi Z. Avatar
    Chuanqi Z.
    5 star rating

    The service was on time. The driver was very friendly. Definitely will choose them again.

  • Gil Y. Avatar
    Gil Y.
    4 star rating

    Frank was very easy to work with. The process was simple. Flat Price quoted me a what seemed to be a reasonable price for a cross-country auto move ($1400) and then contacted someone else who actually did the shipping. They paid that guy ($1000) and took a cut for making... read more

    Alan H. Avatar
    Alan H.
    5 star rating

    From setting up, to picking up a vehicle in New Mexico, and delivering that vehicle to Sacramento California, everything went perfect! Frank, who set this up for me was always in contact and was very professional. The couple that transported the vehicle were very professional, very nice, and were concerned... read more

  • Fanny T. Avatar
    Fanny T.
    5 star rating

    We just moved from bay area in California to Austin, Texas. Shipping our van with Flat Price has lifted a big headache away from us.

    The quote includes everything. No last minute change or tips being asked.

    They gave me a three-day window to pick up the van. Closer to...
    read more

    Charlotte X. Avatar
    Charlotte X.
    5 star rating

    I moved from San Francisco Bay Area to Boston for work. To ship my car to Boston I reached out to Flat Price Auto. The price was very competitive and the car specialist, Bill Parano who helped me was very responsive, approachable and flexible with any changes I had to... read more

  • Pamela Y. Avatar
    Pamela Y.
    5 star rating

    My car got to the east coast from California in 4 and a half days! The best part of the moving company was the communication with Nick. He was very responsive to any questions I had about the move via phone and email.

    Malini P. Avatar
    Malini P.
    5 star rating

    Couldn't have asked for an easier transaction.  I was moving from Chicago to NJ for a new job, and while work offered to pay for the auto relocation, their preferred moving companies were giving me 2 week delivery windows.  I found Flat Price moving through some yelp searching and was... read more

  • Sara M. Avatar
    Sara M.
    5 star rating

    This review is LONG over due!!! Where do I start? I had the absolute best experience with these movers, start to finish. And it all was because of Michael!

    My husband and I moved from California to Georgia and had no idea what to expect when it came to moving...
    read more

    Welaine C. Avatar
    Welaine C.
    5 star rating

    I have decided that after several long years of living in the same, old house, it was time for a change. I knew that I wanted to relocate but I just didn't know where to. So I started searching for new locations which would be suitable for me, a very... read more

  • Jamal B. Avatar
    Jamal B.
    5 star rating

    The guys at Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping made the entire process of our home moving so much easier, I cannot thank them enough. They did pretty much everything, from packing and providing moving boxes, to transportation, to shipping our car. Yes, they even did the unpacking as well.... read more

    Cherry M. Avatar
    Cherry M.
    5 star rating

    I was referred to Flat Price by another company, which tells you that this company must be good at what they do. I was not disappointed.  I spoke with Hank Lombardi who was very professional and good at what he does.  I needed to transport my car with short notice... read more

  • Mike G. Avatar
    Mike G.
    5 star rating

    Po'oi and his team were extremely nice, professional and FAST!

    I highly recommend their services. Price was great and transparent too.

    All around A+ for moving my car and my entire apartment across the country from San Francisco to Atlanta.

    Alyssa B. Avatar
    Alyssa B.
    5 star rating

    A huge thank you to Bill Parano for helping me through the process of shipping my car from Washington state to New Jersey. He was easy to deal with, very informative, and made the move easy for me. I will most definitely recommend this company. Cant thank Bill enough.

San Francisco Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping

San Francisco Flat Price Moving Review


You said 3 days and it was delivered in 3 days! Nothing was missing and car delivered without scratches! Great Service definitely will use again! Thank you!!!

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